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24: 11PM - 12AM: Jack Goes Rogue

11PM - 12AM

I like how the show has done a complete 360 from saving the world from terrorists to revenge on the Chinese. The writers are struggling this season.

Anway, the episode starts with the military taking control of the bombs. And i'm jumping ahead a little bit here, but I could have sworn that Bill tells Jack that the military is taking over the bombs and the president has authorized it, but it's not until 10 minutes later that Palmer even finds out about the securing of the bombs. Am I going crazy or did they screw up the timeline? Jumping back into the sequence though, Jack takes one of the dead terrorists cell phones and calls Cheng. He tells Jack that Audrey went to Bejjing to look for him against the protests of her family and friends. Cheng wants some chip from the suitcase nukes that will basically give them all of Russia's nuclear secrets, or else Audrey dies. Jack tells him that they are under military security and Cheng tells him he has an hour and he'll find a way. Before Cheng hangs up he puts Audrey on the phone and Jack swears to her that he will save her.

Tom tries to convince Palmer to go see the doctor because he is looking worse and worse. Palmer tells him that if he looks like he is weak that Daniels will try and steal the presidency again from him. Tom tells him this isn't the case because he has some damning evidence again him and Lisa. Palmer wants to know what it is and Tom tells him he has a tape of Daniels and Lisa conspiring to commit purgery to get Daniels into the Presidential position. Karen comes in to tell Palmer about the nukes and that they are now secure and that Fayed is dead. Palmer wants to make a statement and he wants to do it outside of the bunker.

Bill starts to make an extremely long winded speech to the CTU staff about how proud he is of them. Jack calls Chloe and tells her that Audrey is still alive and how Cheng wants the nuke info. He asks Chloe to pull up the schematics from Morris's computer. At first Chloe is adamant about not doing it she eventually gives in because you know, she's in love with Jack (who isn't). She gets it downloaded to Jack's phone right before Morris walks back to his desk. Palmer meets with Daniels and tells him that he still disagrees with bombing the "country", but that it did give him the idea for the bluff. However, he wants Daniels resignation because he cannot worry about Daniels constantly trying to steal his toys. Daniels tells him no, and Palmer pulls out the bitch card and tells Daniels that he has some very interesting blackmail material on him. Palmer gives him a week to resign. STUPID. That's not going to come back and bite you in the ass or anything.

Morris tells Chloe that someone has hacked into his computer. Morris you see, set up a hacker alert. You would think everyone in CTU would have one of those. Anyway, Chloe finally comes clean about the phone call with Jack. Morris gets pissed and tells her that she has to tell Bill or he will. He will not be responsible for anymore deaths. Chloe finally tells him that she will tell Bill. Chloe walks into Bills office and tells him "i'm sorry, but there is something I have to tell you". Cut to Jack who walks up to the Marines and tells them that he has orders to take the circuit board from the nukes. He threatens to turn in the marines in if they don't let him pass. They do (mostly because they do not need an embarrassing ass kicking by Jack Bauer) and Jack takes out the circuit board. Doyle the new hero in town tells Jack that he is under arrest. They have a standoff until a marine hits Jack over the head with his rifle. Jack passes out and Doyle tells him he is under arrest. I'm pretty sure miranda rights are null and void if the person is unconscious. Doyle calls Bill and tell him that he has Jack. Jack has woken up and speaks with Bill and tells him that he should trust him that he would have never have given the board to the Chinese. He just needs to get Audrey back. Bill rejects the idea, and Jack wants to speak with Palmer.

Jack gets on the phone with Palmer and tells him about his plan. Palmer tells him this cannot happen because the Russians would not be happy if their technology fell into Chinese hands. Jack assures him that he will destroy the circuit board with C-4 once Audrey is safe. Palmer tells him that by doing that he would take out anyone within 30 feet. Palmer suddenly realizes that Jack plans on sacraficing himself for Audrey. Palmer doesn't like the idea of Jack killing himself, but Jack remiinds him that earlier that morning, Palmer had no problem sending Jack to his death. He tells the president that he owes him and Palmer agrees. Doyle gets shot down again when he finds out that Jack is a free man. But Jack asks for his help in getting Audrey. He tells Doyle that he will destroy the circuit board and kill Cheng.

Morris seems suprised when Chloe tells him that Palmer went along with Jack's plan. Chloe is upset that Morris didn't trust her like the president obviously trusts Jack, and she doesn't plan on forgiving him anytime soon. Doyle calls Milo and asks to be transferred to Nadia, so that Nadia can tell him that the tracking device is working. Milo looks like a sad little puppy. Doyle asks Jack why he is risking so much for "this woman" and Jack tells Doyle that not only does Audrey have a name, but that she risked her life for him and he owes her.

Daniels tells Lisa about having to resign. She apologizes and Daniels tells her that it's okay, because they now will have more time to spend together (i'm not making that up). He has the resignation letter and plans to have it to the president right after the press conference. The press conference starts out well until Palmer starts to lose his memory. He starts fumbling with the questions and passes out on the floor. Daniels tucks that resgination letter into the inside of this jacket. Looks like he will get to play president afteralll. The doctor tells Karen and Tom that Palmer has had a stroke and that he is being transported to the hosiptal. The doc doesn't think he will wake up anytime soon. Daniels gleefully tells Karen and Tom to have the 25th amendment enacted (whatever that is again). Lisa tells him about Jacks plan and Daniles decides that he needs to put a stop to it, because he can. He doesn't care that the hostage is James Heller's daughter (I hope he comes back and gives Daniels a good beatdown). He tells Tom to let CTU know that Jack is to stand down.

Karen tells Tom that Daniels is already overruling Palmers decisions. Tom tells them that they don't have any choce. HELLO! What happened to the tape you recorded????? Why isn't Tom threatening Daniels now. These people are so stupid. Karen calls Bill and tells him to stop Jack, he has the CA hwy patrol set up some roadbloacks to try and stop Jack. He pulls Chloe off the job because she can no longer be trusted. Bill calls Doyle and discreetly tells him what is going down. He tells Doyle to take an exit and disarm Jack. Doyle tells Jack that they have to exit because of a roadblock but Jack is no dummy. He pulls a gun on Doyle and tells him that he has already killed one partner today and he surely doesn't have problem putting a bullet in Doyles head. They pull over and Jack has Doyle get out of the car. As Jack drives away Doyle yells after him that he cannot go against the White House. Considering how lame that statement was, Doyle shouldn't have really expected Jack to stop and give up.

On a sidenote, I feel like the show keeps offering up plotlines and then forgetting about them. What happened to Phillip Bauer? Is Logan still alive? Did Martha got to jail or just OD on some pills? Where is Sandra? It will be interesting to see how the season wraps up over the next few episodes, considering it looks like the prisoner exchange will go down next week from the preview. If that's the case, Audrey will be back working at CTU during the next hour.

Posted by Stacey on April 17, 2007 6:09 PM
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