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24 Fodder

24: 10 PM - 11 PM: Jack Gets a Phone Call

10 PM - 11 PM

Seems the producers of the show decided to put a quick end to this whole nuclear bomb threat. Maybe because the ratings have dropped?? Instead they decided to restart the season with the return of a very much alive Audrey Raines. Yep she's alive, and it turns out that CTU was not playing a practical joke on Jack.

The hour starts out with the nuke being launched from the sub at the "country". Tom is desperately tyring to get Palmer to call of the bomb. He reminds him that the ambassador is not sponsering Fayed's little vendetta on the U.S. Palmer holds firm though. Karen calls up Bill and wants to know if there is any info on the suitcase nukes. Bill tells her no, and she lets him know that Palmer let loose a nuke. She wants to know if she can lie to the president and tell him that they have some info on the nukes. Bill tells her no, that he is going to play by the rules this time. Palmer tells Tom that he is not going to wait for Jack to break Fayed. Palmer gets word that the nuke has been picked up by the countries radar. The ambassador call sup Palmer and begs him to call off the attack. He tells Palmer that they have info on a man named Habib who has been working with Fayed and they are picking him up. Palmer calls off the attack with two minutes to go and tells the Ambassador to get his ass down to the white house (I guess the bunker is the new white house) and to get him the intel on Habib. Tom sighs relief and Palmer tells him that he knew all along that the Ambassador was lying to him. He also tells Tom that there was no warhead in the missle, that it was all a bluff to get the Ambassador to play nice. Palmer would never take innocent lives.

Jack continues to beat on Fayed, but the man is not talking. Probably because his face is so swollen and it's impossible. Doyle wants to take a crack at beating up Fayed (he's a sadist afterall), but Jack tells him no, because he likes it too much to let anyone share in the fun. Bill calls Jack and tells him about Habib. He tells Jack to bring Fayed into CTU so that they can try something more drastic. And by drastic he means injecting him with that pain serum. While Jack is on the phone Doyle goes over and tries to psycho babble the info out of Fayed, but Fayed is no dummy and doesn't go along with it. Doyle gets frustrated and puts his gun to Fayed's head but Jack comes over and stops him telling him it's time to go. Back at the bunker, Tom apologizes to Palmer for doubting him and choosing VP Daniels. Palmer wants to know if Tom has something on Daniels that caused him to call off the competition for president, but Tom gives him a vague reply and leaves. Palmer's hand starts to twitch. Where's that doc with the adrenaline.

In the CTU van, Doyle doesn't think the pharmacutical torture technique is real effective, but Jack says he has seen it work (namely on his dead brother). Doyle starts harrassing Fayed again and Jack tells him to stop (Doyle is like a 2 year old). Suddenly an armored van slams into the CTU van and causes it to flip over. Gunman get out and surround the van. Jack tells Doyle to get Fayed out and he will cover him. Doyle gets hit in the chest and goes down. Jack then gets shot and goes down as well. The men grab Fayed and put him the armored car.

Once the car drives off, Jack, Doyle and the downed gunmen suddenly sit up. Seems they played a little prank on Fayed and only pretended to have men rescue him. Bill hopes that Fayed will buy the ruse. In the CTU van Jack notices that Doyle is bleeding and Nadia radios in asking if he needs medical assistance. Doyle thanks her and says that he is fine. Milo gives Nadia a "what the hell" was that look. Chloe patches in the feed from the truck to Jack and Doyle as they follow. The men in the truck tell Fayed that Habib sent them to pick him up. Habib found out about his capture through spies. The men tell Fayed that Habib wants Fayed to take them to the nukes so that they can finish the job. Fayed asks for a gun and tells the men that he will do nothing until he speaks directly to Habib. Bill tells Jack that he will try and see what he can do about Habib. Bill lets Palmer know about the fake rescue for Fayed and that he wants to speak with Habib. Palmer tells him that he will speak witht he ambassador about making it happen. Tom tells Palmer that maybe they should try something else. Palmer tells Tom that if Jack says that Fayed won't break, then he belives him. Palmer gets the shakes again and this time Tom sees it.

Palmer goes to talk with the ambassador and he says that they will not be able to get Habib to play along. Palmer tells him to shoot one of his family members in front of him and that will get him to join in the game. Palmer tells him that this needs this to happen immediately. Bill tells Nadia to translate the phone call. She asks Milo to upload the link because she does not have clearance to do so. He tells her no and wants to know what is going on between her and Doyle. The man tried to kill her a few hours ago and now she is being all concerned for his well being. Nadia gives him a round about answer and he finally gives in to uploading the link. Fayed has the men pull the truck into garage where they will wait for Habib's call.

Habib calls into the cover team and Fayed gets on the phone. Nadia translates the conversation and Habib tells Fayed to go and ready his nukes and that he will call back with the target soon. Fayed seems satifsfied and tells the cover team where to take him. Karen notices that Palmer is not looking so good and Tom comes in and tells him that Jack is being led to the bombs. Palmer suddenly dismisses the ambassador and has Karen escort him out. Palmer falls to the floor and tells Tom to lock the door that know one can know. Nadia goes to Bill and tells him that after reviewing the phone call tapes that Habib might have tipped off Fayed. Habib mentioned someone who he says would have been better at carrying out these attacks, but that person has been dead for two years and Fayed would know that. Bill lets Jack know. Jack calls the team and tries to warn him but his phone call is cut off. CTU loses signal with the armored call when it goes into a tunnel. It doesn't emerge from the other side and Jack and Doyle approach. The team has been shot and one is still alive, and Fayed is gone. Jack tells Doyle to stay with the wounded man and he heads into a boiler room (the writers really like their boiler room sets) to follow Fayed. Jack sees that Fayed has killed a sanitation worker and hijacked his truck. Jack gets under the truck and hangs on to the bottom while Fayed drives them both tp the nukes. He calls Bill to try and tell him but the call is lost. Doyle finds the dead sanitation worker but no Jack.

Palmer is with the doc and wants some more adrenaline. The doc tells him no and that he will put in his resignation if needed. Palmer waives this off and the doc tells him that his blood pressure has dropped and that he has already caused himself damange. Palmer puts his coat back on and tells him that he is going back to work and that he wants updates from CTU. Fayed pulls up to the warehouse and tells him men to get the bombs ready. Jack crawls out from underneath the truck and takes out a man and then sneaks into the warehouse. Jack sees the nukes and starts dropping Fayed's men. Jack and Fayed start to fight hand to hand and Jack manages to wrap a heavy chain around his neck. Jack tells Fayed to say hello to his brother for him and raises the chain, hanging Fayed. Jack experiences some pain as more of his ribs start to float around. Doyle arrives and he calls CTU to let Bill know that the bombs are secured. The world has been saved once again by Jack Bauer and this time he did it in less than 24 hours. Seems that everyone can rest easy and the show can end a few hours early. Or not.....

As Jack is heading to medical, Doyle gets a call on his phone. Turns out it's for Jack (how did this guy get Doyles number anyway?) Jack takes the phone a very familiar voice pleads with Jack to help her. It's AUDREY, and the girl is looking rough. Cheng Zhi (that's going to be a fun name to start typing) gets on the phone and tells Jack that if ever wants to see Audrey alive to call him back on a secure line. Looks like it's time for Jack to get some revenge.

Posted by Stacey on April 10, 2007 4:46 PM
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