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24: The Return of Audrey Raines

Before my last recap I had a little rant going about how I thought Audrey was still alive. Well according to IMDB she is alive, or at least in some manner. It looks like she will be rejoining the show starting at 10 PM and appearing in the rest of the episodes for the season. Now just how is she going to come back....

1. The Chinese faked her death and they are holding her hostage with daily sessions of torture.

2. She faked her death to get the Chinese off her trail and anyone else since she was using "back channels" to get Jack free.

3. Jack is going to mull over her autopsy and burnt passport pictures multiple times throughout the rest of the season and Kim Raver decided that she needed to be credited.

4. LOST style flashbacks (like Mac said, they are sharing the boiler room set, why not some flashbacks as well. Perhaps we'll learn that she is also a love child of Jack's daddy)

5. Audrey never died, she never went to China, and it's the best practical joke that CTU has ever come up with to play on Jack.

I guess we'll find out at 10 PM.

Posted by Stacey on March 26, 2007 6:19 PM
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