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24 Fodder

24: 8 PM - 9 PM: Jack Captures a Terrorist

8 PM - 9 PM

We start out this hour with VP Daniels still wanting to blow up countries. Tom tries to get him to see some reason but the attack will happen within the hour. At the house where the drone was being piloted, Jack wants the pilot to live but he finds out the guy has died. That;s what happens when you shoot someone multiple times. Gredenko gets pissed when his pilot doesn't answer his phone. Fayed is watching the news and says that there is no indication that the bomb went off and therefore CTU must have found the guy. Fayed thinks that the pilot will give up Gredenkos location. Gredenko tells him to quit worying because they still have two more bombs, but Fayed isn't trusting the old Russian general anymore. Gredenko calls up Mark Hauser and tells him that he needs more security access information. Seems that Gredenko has already paid Mark for the info, so he owes him. Mark gets off the phone and goes over to his brother Brady. Turns out Brady is autistic, but not severely. I don't see him winning Mark mutiple hands at blackjack, but he does have some computer skills. Mark has Brady get the security files.

At CTU Nadia is going to be processed as a terrorist, but Milo still thinks that she is innocent. Chloe manages to pick up on the call between Mark and Gredenko, it's scrambled but Chloe learns that he is a security consultant and gets his address to Jack. A Forensic Tech named Johnson finds some magical thingy that allowed the pilot access to CTU. Because of this, it is clear that Nadia had nothing to do with the breach. Johnson tells Doyle that they will make an example out of him because of the way he treated her. Johnson gives Doyle the device and tells him that he owes him one for some shady business while in Denver together.

Karen goes to get Sandra's help in reviving Palmer. She tells Sandra that she needs to okay this because Daniel's is about to blow up some random country and only Palmer can stop it. Sandra has some hestiation but she agrees that bombing the country would be stupid, so she agrees to bring Palmer out of the coma. While in the bomb dropping briefing, Lisa brings in Daniels a note and he excuses himself. He reads the note and learns that Sandra is having Palmer woken up. The VP is not happy and blames it on Karen. He calls up the doctor and all kinds of threatens him but the doctor says he has to abide by the wishes of Sandra.

Jack and the TAC Team raid the Hauser house. Mark gets shot in the process and of course has some arterial bleeding. Brady sits in the corner rocking back and forth while Mark is apprehended. Jack sits down and talks to Brady who tells him that Mark had him get through a firewall. Jack goes to Mark and tells him that his brother is in serious trouble unless Mark gives up Gredenko. Jack tells him that Brady will be protected if Mark gives up the info. Mark agrees and tells Jack that he was getting specs for the Edgemont Nuclear Power Plant. Doyle returns to CTU and wants to know about Nadia, Bill tells him that she is being taken to a holding facility. Jack calls Bill and tells him about his plan to use Brady to get Gredenko. Brady goes to see his brother who tells him to do whatever Jack tells him to do that Jack will take care of him. Mark calls up Gredenko and tells him that he has been called into work and that he must go immediately. He tells him that Brady will meet him with the information that he needs. Grendenko agrees rather stupidly and tells him that he will be there in 20 minutes.

Back at CTU, Johnson goes to Milo and tells him that he found evidence at the scene that will clear Nadia of everything. Milo wants the info, but Johnson slyly tells him that he gave it to Doyle who obviously has not logged it in yet. Milo immediately goes after Doyle accussing him of hiding evidence. Bill holds them apart while Morris runs over and says that he got the chip from Doyle and that he gave it to him 10 minutes ago. Doyle explains that he got it from an unreliable source and he wanted to have it checked out before he logged it into evidence. Morris says that it's legit and Nadia is cleared. Milo apologizes to Doyle and Doyle pats him on the shoulder and tells him that everything is cool. Doyle goes to Johnson and tells him that he has screwed with the wrong person and walks away. Johnson has quite a happy smile on his face.

Bill goes to the holding cell and has Nadia released. He tells her that he knows that her first instinct will be to quit and then sue the hell out of CTU, but he needs her to stay and help. She agrees. Chloe tells Milo it is going to be hard when she comes back because his feelings for her are not that secret. Milo sets up her station as she walks over. He tries to apologize but she walks away. He follows her and she tells him that whatever he thought might happen between the two of them is over. Milo calls BS and grabs her for a kiss and tells her that he is sorry. Chloe sees it happening and looks a little jealous.

The doctor comes in and tells Sandra that there is more swelling and they should put him back in a coma. Sandra refuses because she knows that Palmer would want to stop the VP. Suddenly Palmer flatlines and the med team is called him. Jack works with Brady on what to do during the exchange with Gredenko. He gives him an earpiece and explains that they can talk to one another, but that Brady cannot let Gredenko know that Jack is listening in. Jack seems unsure that Brady can pull this off, but he has no other choice. He sends Brady out to wait for Gredenko. Gredenko pulls up and gets out of the car. The tranq shot is being blocked by Brady. Jack hears Gredenko tell his man to shoot Brady as soon as he gets back in his car. Jack translates and tells Brady to get down on the ground. Brady drops and an agent shoots Gredenko with a tranq dart. His men start shooting but the team take them out. Jack goes to check on Brady who just wants to see his brother. Jack tells him he did a good job and like he promised he can go see Mark now. Gredenko is taken into the house to be prepped for questioning by Jack.

Gredenko tells Jack (must have just been a mild sedative) that he knows who he is. Jack tells him to give up Fayed and then he is being shipped back to Russia where President Suvarov will not be happy with him. Gredenko tells Jack he will help him find Fayed in return for amnesty from the U.S. gov't and that he will not be turned back over to Russia. Jack looks at the man like he is crazy. Gredenko tells him he better make up his mind because if he doesn't call Fayed soon, he will know that something is wrong.

Tom tells Daniel's that Gredenko is in custody and that they can call off the nuclear strike. But Daniel's has got a serious hard on for blowing up this country and decides to go ahead with it. Tom tries to change his mind but Daniel's figures this is one way to teach people not to mess with the U.S. The VP then gets news that the strike has been called off. Daniel's is livid and then gets a call from the very much awake Palmer. He tells the VP that he has called off the strike and that he is resuming his duties as President. Daniel's looks like he is about to murder someone and demands to see the Attorney General and declares that Palmer due to his injuries is unfit to be the President. He needs to be removed from office.

Posted by Stacey on March 27, 2007 4:40 PM
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