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24: 7 PM - 8 PM: Jack Has Floating Ribs

7 PM - 8 PM

Warning: The following comment is a spoiler for what Jack finds out half way through the episode

Okay, first off, who really believes that Audrey is dead? Yeah me either. This theory might come back to bite me in the ass, but those Chinese who were holding Jack are some shady folks, and since Kim Ravers new show The Nine got cancelled (yes, I'm still bitter about that) seems only fair that Day 7 should find Jack in China and finding out that Audrey's death was faked by the Chinese. Or better yet, maybe setting us up for the 24 movie. An article I read said that they wanted some "global" travel and they wouldn't be restricted to 24 hours. Anywho, that's just my two cents.

We start out this episode with some EMT's looking over the carnage at the Russian Consulate. Jack is being checked out and is told that he has some floating rib fragments that could cause internal bleeding. Jack gives the EMT a "yeah whatever, it's genetically impossible for me to internally bleed" look and tells Doyle that he wants to keep helping out but Doyle shoos him away to CTU. At CTU Bill lets the VP know that there are drones armed with nukes somewhere out in Shadow Valley. Fayed tells Gredenko that he only has one drone ready to go. Gredenko tells him to launch it because CTU now knows where they are located. Fayed gets angry because he knew that Markov would give up their location. Gredenko swats him away and tells him to pack up, that they are leaving. He has his man launch the drone and manually pilot it towards it's destination.

Chloe wanders over to Nadia and Milo and finds Milo reassuringly holding onto Nadia's hand. Chloe makes one of her faces and tells Milo that she knows about him giving Nadia his clearance and that it's a felony. Milo tells her that if she turns them in that they won't be able to help from jail. Nadia tells Chloe that she was being racially profiled and that her access got restricted which was slowing down her work. Chloe tells them to chill out that she is not going to tell on them but if she could find out, then so could anyone else. Morris meanwhile finds the drone that Gredenko has lauched. Bill calls up Andrews Air Force base and tells them to ready their F-16's. Apparently these guys just sit in the air waiting to blow stuff up because they can be ready to intercept in 2 minutes. The drone disapears from the screen and Morris freaks out. Gredenko's man has disabled CTU's satellites which keeps the drone hidden.

VP Daniel's is perplexed as to how the US has the most sophisticated satellite tracking devices in the world and yet they can't find a drone. He tells his assistant Lisa to get the cabinet together because he wants to implement his own nuclear air strike against the Ambassdor's country. I like how they have still not said what country this is. I guess they are going to pick one at random. Based on populations, Chloe lets Bill know that San Fransico, Phoenix and Las Vegas may be a target for the drone.

Jack shows up at CTU and on his way to Medical he sees Marilyn. He goes in and tells her that once this is all done that he will come by and check on her and Josh. She tells him that she always regretted not being with him and that she thinks that he regrets it to. She leans in to plant a wet one and gets de-nied. Jack tells her that he was with someone before he was taken to China and that she doesn't even know that he is alive. Marilyn realizes that he is talking about Audrey and decides to drop the bomb out of pure female jealousy. She tells him that Audrey went to try to look for him and to secure his release but that she was killed in a car accident a few month back. Jack looks aboslutely heart broken, and a little pissed off. Jack rushes over to Chloe's desk and demands to know why Bill didn't tell him about Audrey. Chloe explains that Bill didn't really think it was relevant considering everyone thought Fayed was going to kill him. Chloe mentions that Audrey was using back channels to try and get him released. Sounds like a fake death to me. Jack wants the file.

At the bunker, Lisa tells the VP that Karen will be present for the Cabinet meeting. There was no way to exclude her. Karen runs into Tom and she tells him that she is not going to play anymore games and that she is there to represent Palmer. Tom nods in agreement and sort of apologizes in his own way about how things were handled. During the cabinet meeting Daniels tells everyone that he is excuting a nuclear attack against the "country" responsible for Fayed if another nuke goes off on U.S. soil. Karen tells him that it's a horrible idea and that they could start WW3. The VP dismisses her concerns and tells her the decision has already been made.

Milo starts to suspect Morris is drinking again because his work has improved (yeah I don't get that either). Nadia tells him he's fine but he asks Chloe to check his breath. Chloe goes over and kisses Morris and tells him that she is only checking his breath. He's fine. After the cabinet meeting Karen goes to Tom and tells him that he has to stop this nonsense. She knows that he is against because she could see it in his eyes. Tom tells her that he is there to support the VP and that all of Palmer's decisions have been wrong and look where it got him. Karen still thinks he is hiding something and he never reveals his true feelings.

Chloe realizes that there is a leak in CTU and that someone is helping out the drone pilot. Doyle immediately assumes that it is Nadia because she is Muslim. Milo and him almost come to blows but Bill steps in. It's hard to tell if Milo is genuinely concerned that Nadia is in danger or if they will find out he gave her his access code. Turns out that the leak is coming from Nadia's computer. Chloe can't shut it down without shutting down the entire system. Doyle grabs Nadia and demands to know what is going on. Nadia had no idea what he is talking about and Bill has her sent to holding. Morris gets on her computer and tries to find out where the guy is who is driving the drone. Gredenko gets call from his man letting him know that the drone will detonate over San Fransisco once it crosses a barrier. This will happen in about 20 minutes.

Karen goes to talk to the President's doctor who tells her that they had to induce coma because of the swelling on Palmer's brain. She wants to know if there is anyway that he can be brought of the coma. He tells her that she is crazy and that only immediate family can give that kind of okay. But that it could kill him. Karen looks over and see's Palmer's sister keeping vigile by his bed. Milo seems upset that Nadia could actually be a terrorist. Chloe doesn't know what to think and Milo makes jokes about Doyle. Morris finds a location for the pilot and it is only a few blocks from CTU. Boy, those terrorists are ballsy. Doyle is busy interrogating Nadia who denies knowing anything. He grabs her by the throat and threatens her but Nadia holds her own. She tells him that she read his file and she knows what happened in the Denver office. She knows that he gets off on hurting other people. Milo walks in and tells Doyle to stop because they got the address. Nadia tells Milo that she is innocent but Milo says nothing.

Jack is sitting in medical going over Audrey's file. There are pictures of the car wreck, and a picture with a body covered in a sheet. There is also a copy of her burned passport. But the only identification made was through DNA. The body was too badly burned. Oh yeah, she's still alive, burning a body beyond recognition is the perfect cover. Jack is pulled away from his thoughts when he sees a tac team running towards the door. Jack pulls on a shirt and asks Chloe for a PDA (for once he's not just going randomly find one) and turns to Bill and lets him have it for not telling him about Audrey. Bill tells Jack that he is sorry but that he should get back to medical. Jack tells him that he wants to do this for Audrey and that once this is done, he is going to China and finding the people who killed her. Bill tells him fine and that he is on point.

Jack, Doyle and the team wait outside the house. Jack has some pain and Doyle wants to know if he should take over. Jack tells him no, because there is only one hero per day and that's Jack Bauer. If Doyle doesn't watch out, he is going to end up like Curtis. Chloe tells them where to enter. They enter and take out the guards. The pilot hears them and shoots back. He is set to drop a grenade when Jack shoots him. Jack sits down at the controls and with Chloe's help he manages to turn the drone away from the barrier around San Fransico which prevents it from detonating. He starts to lose control and needs a place to land it. Chloe tells him to land it in an industrial park. The drone sort of crash lands and begins to catch fire. Fire and rescue arrive on the scene and a geiger counter indicates that the core has been cracked and that radioactive material is being leaked.

Bill calls up the VP to give him the good news, but Daniel's doesn't see it that way. Even though the bomb did not explode it is still leaking and will cause the deaths of those who were first on the scene, He says that he is going ahead with the strike. Karen tells him it is a bad idea and Tom comes to her aide stating that they were only going to fire if the nuke went off. Daniel's doesn't care and tells the general to launch the missle. It will be ready within the hour.

Posted by Stacey on March 20, 2007 5:04 PM
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