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24: 6 PM - 7 PM: Jack Gets Rescued

6 PM - 7 PM

Former President Logan arrives at CTU and everyone stares. They are all fully aware that he was one of the men behind David Plamer's assasination. Chloe comes into the observation room where Logan is being held and he wants to know about Jack, but Chloe won't give out any information. Bill introduces everyone to a field agent named Doyle. Bill is going to have Doyle lead a team to take over the Russian consulate. They need to capture Markov in order to find out where Gredenko is. Saving Jack is only a second priority. Milo gets a little miffed at this idea and tells Bill that he doesn't think it's a good idea. Seems Milo and Doyle have some sort of history. Bill tells Milo that it's VP Daniel's decision.

Doyle starts harrassing Milo's team. Milo confronts him and tells him to lay off. Turns out that they worked together in the Denver field office. Milo tells Nadia that he doesn't like Doyle but that he does know what he's doing. Back at the Russian Consulate Jack is getting thrown down a flight of stairs and lands on the dead guy who was trying to call CTU. Markov tells his man to kill Jack and as he raises his gun, Jack somehow manages to pull off the dead guys belt and whip the gun out of the Russian's hand. What can I say, Jack is talented. Jack grabs the gun and shoots the guy. Markov catches the play by play on a monitor and orders some other guys to go after Jack. Markov has the Consulate power and phone lines shut down. Jack is hiding in a supply closet and finds a phone. He goes to call Morris but before he can tell Morris where Gredenko is, the power gets shut off. Jack figures the power in the supply closet needs to be shut off too and slams his gun into the power box. Morris tells Bill that he talked to Jack and that he does know where Gredenko is.

Bill goes to tell Logan that their debriefing will have to wait. Logan wants to know why and Bill tells him it's none of his business. Logan appeals to Bill that he may be able to help. Bill gives in and tells Logan what the deal is with Jack. Logan says he told Jack not to go back in, but that his concerns about Markov are proving true. Logan says that it is not a good idea to storm the consulate because Markov would not be taken alive. Logan tells Bill that maybe he should have Martha try and talk with Suvarov's wife. She can appeal to President Suvarov to have him tell Markov to turn himself in and give up Jack. Logan tells Bill he will have to ask Martha personally for this favor even though Martha is currently not speaking to him. Sounds like Logan has quite the alterior motive.

Doyle starts yelling at Milo's team. He decides to pick a fight with Morris who fires back a smart ass comment. Doyle grabs Morris by the throat and Milo has to intervene. He tells Doyle that if he has a problem with his team that he should come to him. Milo goes to check on Morris and they bond over the fact that they both hate this guy Doyle. Back at the bunker Tom tells Daniel's that for now he will look the other way as far as the assasination attempt because it is in the best interest of the county. But he tells Daniel's that eventually he will come out with the truth about Reed and Carson so that they can be properly punished. Daniel's agrees. Daniel's then tells Tom that he needs him to tell the ambassasor that he saw Assad with the bomb. Tom refuses and this makes Daniel's mad. Daniel's tells his assistant to have Tom cleared of all crimes so that he can be reinstated to Chief of Staff as a lure to get him to go along with the plan. Daniel's wants the amassador to know that America blames his country for the nuclear bombs and the assasination on the president. At the airfield, Fayed arrives with the nuclear bombs.

Bill calls Daniel's and lets him know that Logan is going to get Martha to talk to the Suvarov's. The VP okay's the plan but tells Bill to be ready to invade the consulate. At Meadowcreek, which is a private mental facility, Aaron Pierce enters the bungalow of Martha Logan and brings in her groceries. Martha is looking as crazy as ever and she unloads the groceries. The phone rings and Aaron picks up only to find Logan on the other. end. He tells Aaron that he needs to speak with Martha. At first she gets even crazier and refuses but Aaron tells her it's about the Suvarov's. Martha takes the phone has a breakdown and retreats to her room. Logan gets Aaron to okay his coming there to speak to her. Bill lets Logan know that all of this has to happen in about 20 minutes before the assault on the consulate takes place.

Jack leaves the supply closet and finds a couple of staffers. He holds them at gun point and tells them that he needs a phone. The guy tells Jack that there is a satellite phone upstairs and Jack sends him to get it while he holds the girl hostage. Logan arrives at Meadowcreek and Aaron refuses to shake his hand. Martha finally comes out of her room to talk to Logan. He tells her that he needs her to call Anya Suvarov and convince her to talk to her husband. They need the president to get Markov to surrender because he knows where the bombs are being held. Martha asks Aaron whether or not she should help and he tells her that she should. She finally agrees. Back at the bunker Daniel's is threatening the ambssador with bombing their country if they do not help them find the nukes.

Martha, Logan and Aaron are waiting for the call from Anya. Martha starts to get crazy again and starts stroking Aarons arm. She asks Logan if it bothers him that she is with another man. Logan tells her yes and Martha starts yelling at Logan. Aaron tells her to calm down but she won't. Martha gets up to take the dishes to the kitchen and as she passes Logan she takes the knife and stabs him in what appears to his neck. Logan immediately begins to lose a lot of blood because she convienently hit an artery. Medics are called and Martha screams.

Aaron calls up Bill and let's him know the deal. Bill wants to know if Martha can still talk to Anya, she says that she will. Martha is in handcuffs and Aaron wants to know if she can handle the phone call. Martha tells him that she isn't crazy and of course she can. Martha gets on the phone and Martha tells her about trying to murder her ex-husband. Anya thinks it's delightful. Outside the consulate, Doyle is itching to cause some damage. Apparently Anya was impressed with Martha's murderous rage and tells her husband that he needs to call Markov and get him to surrender. Like the good little boy he is, President Survarov does as he wife says. Suvarov gets on the phone with Markov. Markov refuses to surrender. Suvarov calls up Bill and tells him that he has his permission to take the consulate by force.

The man brings Jack the phone and as he is about to call a guard comes in and shoots the man. Outside Doyle and his team start dropping the Russian Consulate guards. Jack runs out of bullets and as he is about to be shot a grenade drops into the room and he is saved by CTU. Markov gets on the phone with Grendenko and tells him that CTU knows where he is located and he needs to launch now. CTU shoots Markov down. Jack tells Doyle to call Bill and let him know where the nukes are. Bill gets satellite pulled up of the area. Fayed gets the first drone ready to launch. Logan is in the ambulance when he calls out Martha's name and then flatlines.

Posted by Stacey on March 14, 2007 8:42 PM
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