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24: 5 PM - 6 PM: Jack Gets Caught

5 PM - 6 PM

This episode picked up a little bit of speed in the action department, but not much. We find out that Palmer is alive, but barely. He is rushed into the operating room at the bunker. Meanwhile, Jack is warning Logan that this isn't some pardon and that once he is done talking to Markov, that he is going back to the retreat. Logan seems to be taking these few moments of freedom to heart and starts comparing his house arrest to Jack's stay in China. Jack looks at him like he's idiot, knowing good and well that Logan isn't tortured hourly by being forced to watch teletubbies. During the car ride to the consulate, Bill calls up Jack and lets him know about the assasination attempt on Palmer and how they believe that Assad orchastrated it. He tells Jack that Assad is dead. Jack still doesn't believe that Assad had anything to do with it.

Reed is stalking the president while he's in surgery. As he turns to report the situation to Carson he is confronted by a secret service agent who is looking for Tom. Reed tells him that he is not available and that he is filling in for him. The presidents doctor comes in to let the cabinet know what is going on. VP Daniels is conferenced in from his plane. The doc tells everyone that Palmer took shrapnel to the chest and neck. Daniels wants to know how long it will be until he can resume his duties. Way to play stupid VP. The doctor looks at him like he just asked the question in a language known only to himself. The doctor says that Palmer is lucky to be alive at all. The secretary of defense tells Daniels that he will have to step in for now. Daniels says that he wants to speak with Tom as soon as he lands.

Another agent starts to question Reed about Tom's whereabouts. Reed plays dumb and by doing so, the agents decide to sweep the bunker until they find Tom. Reed hurries to the boiler room and tells Carson that Palmer is not dead, but no longer able to run the country. Carson still wants to kill Tom, but Reed tells him that he will have to kill him as well and that Tom can be reasoned with. Reed rushes over to talk to Tom and tells him that now his security plan can be put into action. He tells Tom that no one will ever believe him even if he does try and rat out Reed and Carson. The bomb was designed to look as though it came from Assad. Tom agrees to cooperate and Reed cuts him free. When the three get into the hallway they are appraoched by one of the agents. Tom looks like he is going to vomit and then tells the agents to arrest Reed and Carson for the attempted assasination of Palmer. Tom tells them to take him into custody as well until he can speak with the attorney general.

Daniel's lands and is greeted by his assistant Lisa who has Bill on the phone for the VP. Daniels wants to know why Palmer granted Logan permission to leave the ranch. Bill tells him that it may be the only way to catch Gredenko. Daniels tells Bill that he wants Logan returned as soon as CTU is done with him. At the consulate, Logan warns Jack that Markov will not tell him anything if Jack is present. Jack says no way, but Logan reassures him that he is not going to try and ask for asylum. He again tells Jack that he really does want to help. Jack reluctantly agrees. Logan goes in and meets with Markov. He gets right to the point and asks him where Gredenko is. Markov tells Logan that he has no idea. That while it is true that they were once friends that they have not spoken in a year. Logan threatens Markov with turning over the tapes that would incriminate him and his involvement with the sentox gas from 2 years ago, but Markov still claims that he has no idea. Logan says okay and leaves. Logan meets back up with Jack and tells him that Markov is definately lying about not knowing where Gredenko is.

Markov calls up Gredenko (gee didn't see that one coming) and tells him that CTU has linked him to the terrorists but not to worry that it will be too late once they figure anything out definately. Jack has the limo pull around the back of the consulate and calls up Chloe. He tells her to create a 60 second power outage so that he can get back into the consulate and that she cannot tell Bill. Logan tells Jack that it's too dangerous. He would be doing the same thing that got him thrown into the Chinese prison, only this time it would be a Russian prison. Karen is at the airport waiting for transfer when she gets a call from Bill. He tells her about Palmer and she tells him that she has to go back. She can still pull her resignation because it hasn't been processed yet. Daniels tells Lisa that he wants to put Tom's plan into action when he learns that Tom has implemented someone other than Assad in the assasinaiton attempt. Daniels goes in to see Tom who has been telling one of the agents what happened. The agent does not believe Tom but Daniels wants some time alone with him. Daniels tells Tom that no matter what really happened, he needs the public to believe that it was Assad so that he can use Tom's security plan. Tom knows that it needs to be used, but he's still not down with blaming Assad. Daniels tells the agent he wants to see the report before it goes to the attorney general.

Jack breaks into the consulate and finds Markov. He tells Markov to tell him where Gredenko is, but Markov is more concerned with the fact that Jack is breaking international law. Jacks wails on Markov for a few and then tells the agents outside of the door that he is holding Markov hostage. Jack calls up Bill and let's him know what he has done. He wants Bill to alert the White House. Bill tells Jack to get out, but refuses until he has the answers that he wants. Lisa lets Daniels know that she has his statement for tv and that Karen Hayes is returning to her post. She also lets the VP know that the reason she stepped down is because she opposed Tom's proposal. Daniels gets a call from Bill letting him know about the situation at the Russian Consulate, while on this call Daniels gets a call from the Russian President Suvarov. Bill tells Daniels to stall him. Daniels tells Suvarov what is going on, but Suvarov tells him to have his agent surrender and to go through the proper channels.

Jack continues to beat up Markov and Markov tells him that he has not talked to Gredenko since he landed on U.S. soil. Jack now knows he is lying because Jack never told him he was in America. Jack decides that hitting Markov isn't enough so he cuts off the tip of his finger with cigar cutters. He then pulls out his gun and threatens to shoot Markov. Markov finally caves and tells Jack that Gredenko is somewhere in Shadow Valley with arial drones that will launch the nukes in 2 hours. Jack decides that one last punch is needed. Jack then decides to do the dumbest thing he has done all day long. Jack decides that he will be able to just walk out the front door. As soon as he gets near the door it explodes open and the Russian agents take Jack hostage. Markov tells them to not let anyone near him.

Daniel's makes a live address to the nation and blames Assad for what happened. He also says that becuase of this, some civil liberties may be suspended. Nadia and Chloe are worried that they have not heard from Jack. Morris intercepts a message sent to Moscow from the consulate letting them know that they have an american hostage. Bill holds off telling the VP and prepares to possibly take the consulate by force. The things they do for Jack.

Jack begs the guy who is watching over him to call CTU. He tells him what is going on and that he has to help stop the nukes. The guy finally agrees and goes out into the hallway to call. Again, why didn't he just call while in the room with Jack?? Anywho as soon as Bill picks up the phone, the guy gets shot in the back of the head by one of the other Russian Agents.

Next week looks like we do see the return of Martha and her man Aaron for a little face to face time with Logan. Martha is going to need a whole bottle of prescription pills after that hour.

Posted by Stacey on March 6, 2007 3:05 PM
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Judging by the lack of comments here, I'm not the only one so sick of this show. I think they should kill Jack and put us all out of our misery! (Not that the character is miserable, but the show has become that way.)

-- Posted by: TV Goddess at March 6, 2007 7:46 PM

I agree with Stacey's review -- Jack was a total dumb@%* for not calling CTU while he was in the room with Markov. Then, he could've gotten diplomatic immunity to leave the embassy without getting practically killed! What a goof! (Come on Jack--we expect better from our "superheroes"!)

-- Posted by: Lou at March 7, 2007 1:57 PM

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