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24 Fodder

24: 3 PM - 4 PM: Jack Gets Pardoned

3 PM - 4 PM

The episode picks up right where the last one left off. Jack is running down the street trying to find Milo and Marilyn and passes the torched CTU van. He calls Bill with an update and then sets off to find the other two. Milo and Marilyn who both obviously never got the presidential award in high school for a mile run hide behind some dumpters and breath plenty loud for the bad guys to hear them. One of Phillips lackey's calls Phillip and lets him know that Jack has died with the house explosion. Phillip seems upset for a nano second and then wants to know about Marilyn. He tells Hacker (the henchman) that he needs her alive so that she can lead them to Gredenko. Milo decides that he can be as bad ass as Jack and hold off three gunmen with his one gun to allow Marilyn time to escape. Once he starts shooting and there is return fire, Marilyn freezes up and doesn't run which causes Milo to get shot in the arm. The baddies come and one takes Marilyn hostage while the other two are going to have open range practice on Milo. Jack IS a bad ass, and shoots the two guys on Milo and disarms the third one holding Marilyn hostage. hopefully Milo was taking notes.

Jack slams Marilyn up against the wall and demands to know why she set him up. She tells him that it was his father who was on the phone and that he has Josh and he told her that he would kill Josh if she didn't lead Jack to the wrong house. Jack actually seems suprised that his father is behind all of this. Jack gets Marilyn to tell him where Gredenko really is and he calls Bill to have him send a team there. Bill tells him he wants him on point but Jack says he has something "personal" to take care of and won't give Bill anymore information.

At CTU Morris is still experiencing some hangover from his pity party and doesn't feel like doing any work. Nadia comes over and tells him and Chloe about how Milo defended Marilyn and took a bullet for her and that they would like Morris to debrief him. Morris scoffs as this idea and says that it only adds insult to injury for him acting like a coward. Chloe tells him that he should either see the shrink on staff or call his sponser. Morris tells her he will be fine he just needs to get some air.

Jack explains to Marilyn that they will need to find out where Phillip is holding Josh before she will give him Gredenko's location. Phillip is at the hotel with Josh telling him how proud his father was of him and how he was excited that he would one day run the business. Josh looks less than pleased as this plan would ruin his dreams of underwater fire prevention. Jack gets Hacker to call Phillip and tell him that he has Marilyn but that she will not tell them Gredenko's location without getting Josh back. Phillip gets on the phone with Marilyn and threatens to kill Josh (who overhears this) but she holds firm. The phone goes back to Hacker and Phillip tells him his location. Josh tries to be sneaky and tell his grandfather that he is going downstairs to get a soda but Phillip pulls a gun and tells Josh that No one's life is worth the destruction of what he has built. Can't you feel the love in the Bauer family?

Skeezy Tom and Reed meet up in the boiler room for some make out sessions and Tom gives Reed the itinerary. Reed tells Tom that he needs him to authorize someone into the bunker. This person will kill Palmer and the blame will be put on Assad. Tom seems to stall and before anything else can happen he gets called by the president and he leaves. Tom meets up with Palmer who wants him to go over Assad's speech. He apologizes again and lets Tom know that he still values his opinions and that he hope he understands the decisions that he has had to make. Meanwhile, Gredenko is working hard to get the reposition on the next two cities that he wants to nuke.

Morris heads into a quickie mart and buys a pint of whiskey and some breathe mints. He goes around the corner and chugs the pint ( I have to say, I was quite impressed with this, considering how cheap the whiskey looked). After swallowing he immediately becomes Pukey McPukerson. Chloe calls and tells him to get back to work so he has a good cry and downs some breath mints and gets back to CTU. Jack and Marilyn get to the parking garage of the hotel and he has Marilyn put on a vest. He is the gentleman and turns away while she takes her shirt off. Morris goes in to see Milo in medical. Milo is feeling okay and he tells Morris that he is not a field agent that everything happened too fast. Morris tells him not to downplay what happened on account of him. Palmer likes Tom's suggestions to the speech that Assad is to give and he says that he hopes that Tom will be there. Tom promises and leaves.

Tom heads back to the boiler room and tells Reed that he has put in the request for the guy to get into the bunker. Reed leaves and Tom calls the head of the security and tells him that he has to meet with him immediately. Tom tells him that he will come to him and as he opens the door to the boiler room Reed hits him over the head with a flashlight. Tom tries to get Reed to cancel the plans and tells him that nothing is worth the president's life. Reed hits Tom again and knocks him. Reed calls up the security and tells him that he will not be needed. (NOTE: Tom has now redeemed himself and from here out will no longer be referred to as Skeezy Tom, well at least until the next episode)

The CTU gets together in the main room to oversee the raid on Gredenko's house. As soon as Morris sits down, Chloe asks him to step outside the room with her. Chloe tells Morris that she can smell the liquor on his breath and that she is going to tell Bill. Morris swears to her that he spit it out and that he is sober. He doesn't want to lose his job or her and he begs her not to tell Bill. Chloe agrees but only if he will call his sponser. They go back into the room and watch the TAC raid Gredenko's house. No one is home and Chloe texts Jack to let him know the sitch.

Jack Marilyn and Hacker enter the hotel room but it is empty. Phillip phones the room and it turns out he is on the roof of the building across the street. Jack tells him to let Josh go and he can have him instead. Phillip okays this plan and tells Jack to come alone and unarmed. Jack get CTU to come pick up Hacker, after Jack hits him a few times and he and Marilyn take off after Josh. At CTU, Milo pulls Chloe aside and asks her if she knows that Morris has been drinking. Chloe explains that he spit it out and she would know if he were drunk, she was married to him for 3 years. Milo doens't seem so sure, but Chloe explains that Morris is an alcoholic and that if he messes up again she will turn him in herself.

Jack leaves Marilyn in the stairwell to the roof and tells her to wait for Josh. They have a tender moment but decide that there isn't even enough time for quickie. Jack finds Phillip and the switch is made. Jack tells Josh that his mother is in the stairwell and to go to her. Phillip explains to Jack that once Gredenko found out about Phillips involvement in the assasination of Wayne Palmer, Gredenko blackmailed him. Phillip was forced to keep some of the suitcase nukes but had no idea that Gredenko had sold any to Fayed until the first one went off. Phillip gives some spill about how he is Patriot and Jack gets more pissed. Phillip places the blame on Jack saying that none of this would have ever have happened if Jack had stayed with the company. Jack tells Phillip that CTU didn't find Gredenko and Phillip says that the current situation is a waste then.

Phillip has Jack get on his knees and Phillip stands behind him with the gun at his head. He loads a bullet in the chamber and Jack tells him that he is sorry that he feels like Jack abandoned the family. Jack tells him that he just had to go his own way. Jack keeps sharing his feelings and yet no shots are fired. Jack gets a little angry that his father is letting him go on like this and turns around to find that his father is gone. Jack runs outside and finds a cell phone. A message on it says for Jack to call the number. Jack calls and the person on the other end is a mountain man. Actually it's former president Logan buts he's dressed up like a mountain man sporting the glued on beard and the flannel. He tells Jack that perhaps they should meet. Does this mean the return of pill poppin Martha is upon us?

Posted by Stacey on February 20, 2007 6:50 PM
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