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24 Fodder

24: 3 PM - 4 PM: Jack Changes Clothes

3 PM - 4 PM

This episode was definately lacking in the action category till the very end, hopefully it is setting us up for something good next week. Getting to it, we start with Gredenko who arrives at an abandoned airport and gets a call from Fayed. After some chit chat it is decided that the "let's blow up America" plan will happen in about 2 hours. Gredenko is annoyed with Fayed and is super happy that the US will be blaming the terrorist attacks on the "Arabs". At the bunker the ambassador of a middle eastern country arrives and is introduced to Assad. The guy takes offense to this even though a few hours earlier he had told Palmer that he fully believes that what Assad is doing is honest. Palmer tells the ambassdor that he needs Assad to help him find the nukes and that he hopes the speech will help. He then decides to threaten the ambassador by telling him he will bomb his country if the nukes are not found and another one goes off. AND it would be helpful if he made some kind of statement as well. Palmer also looks for Tom who is busy being held captive in the boiler room.

Morris is still having some trouble getting back into the groove of things and gets some looks from Chloe. Jack calls in to Bill and tells him about Logan's offer to help find Gredenko. Bill tells Jack about the deal that Logan made and how he is on house arrest out in Hidden Valley and that the public knows nothing of his treason. Jack is not pleased with this news. Jack tells Marilyn and Josh to go back to CTU because it will be safer since Phillip is on the loose. Jack tells Josh that he will explain soon enough the truth about all that has been going on. Reed leads security guy Carson, aka assasin, into the bunker. His briefcase gets a once over and he is allowed to pass. Reed explains to Carson that he had to restrain Tom because he was going to turn them in. He tells Carson that he has no idea if Tom changed his mind half way through or was against them from the beginning and just trying to collect evidence. Carson tells Reed it would probably be a good idea to have Tom commit suicide, but Reed needs Tom for more make out sessions and convinces Carson that Tom will come around once VP Daniels is in the Presidential position. Carson starts to build a bomb that will take out the president and Assad and Assad will be blamed for it. Reed leaves Carson to his chemistry and goes to send some emails from Tom's computer. One of Palmer's aides comes looking for Tom and Reed lies to her about his whereabouts.

Chloe sees Morris falling off on his tasks and asks if he is okay. He tells that he helped a terrorsit build a bomb earlier but that he is feeling quite dandy, thanks for asking. Chloe wants to know if he called his sponser and he tells her that he did. When Morris walks away she goes through his PDA and finds the number for his sponser and calls and leaves a message. Nadia confronts Chloe about Morris's work but she tells her that he is fine.

Jack meets up with Logan and cuts out the small talk. He assumes Logan wants some kind of deal for the help he is providing but Logan says that's not what he is out for and that Jack just might be suprised by the fact that he has actually changed. He stil has contacts and can help Jack. He has been getting security updates so he knows what the situation is. Logan tells Jack that their hope lies in a Russion Consul General named Markov. This guy is Gredenko's liason. Jack think this is BS because CTU already talked to this man. Logan tells him Markov lied but that he can make Markov talk, if he can meet with him face to face. Markov owes him one for not turning him in on his previous terrorist conspiracy and his help with the killing of Wayne Palmer. Jack calls up Palmer knowing that it's simple to reach the President. He explains the situaiton to Palmer and tells him that he needs an exec order to get Logan released long enough to go meet with Markov. Palmer doesn't like this idea too much seeing as how Logan had his brother killed. Jack tells him that he thinks it is personal redemption that Logan is seeking rather than a bargain. Palmer wants to talk to Logan and Logan tells him that he has one up on Markov and that Markov will talk to him. He has experience dealing with these types of criminals. Palmer tells him that he will personally hunt him down if he tries to escape, and that he will never forgive him for what he did. Logan tells him that it's okay.

At the airport a truck arrives carrying US missle launchers that will be used for the nukes. At CTU Bill gives a briefing on Markov and tells Morris that he is letting Chloe take over his work on decoding the Russian intel. Morris stands up and addresses the whole room with how he can still do his job. Nadia disagrees but Bill allows him to keep working. Reed goes in to check on Carson and seems like he is having some second thoughts but instead tells Carson that it is all just starting to sink in. Nadia tries to find errors in Morris's work and shows Chloe a report that is incomplete. Chloe tells Nadia that that is how the report is always turned in and that the part that is missing is only filled out when needed. Nadia thinks Chloe is covering for Morris, but Chloe tells her to back off. Chloe goes to Morris and asks him once again if he has been drinking and he adamantly tells her that he hasn't and that Nadia is just trying to make him look stupid.

Logan pulls out a suit to wear and he also pulls out an american flag pin. He looks at a picture of him and Martha and wonders how she and Aaron are making out. He then gets all creepy and starts quoting the bible to himself as a form of a pep talk. Jack changes into a suit (he's had three wardrobe changes since the day began, must be a new record. Now if he would only go take a piss or eat some food) so that he looks like the secret service. He calls Bill and Bill tells him that there are no red flags on Markov and he wonders if Logan is lying. Jack sees a highlighted passage in Logan's bible and tells him that they have no choice. Chloe gets a call from the sponsrr and she tells Chloe that she has not been Morris's sponser in 3 years.

Chloe bursts into the mens and starts yelling at Morris. She opens the door and Morris pulls his pants up and stumbles out of the stall clearly confused at Chloe. Chloe tells him about the phone call from his sponser and he tells her that the woman is right, he has a new sponser and that he did call him. He tells Chloe to check his phone if she doesn't believe him. Chloe gets flustered and leaves the restroom. Morris pulls out the cheap bottle of whiskey and takes off the top. He pauses a moment before pouring the rest of it down the drain. Has he been drinking on it?

Palmer signs the order to release Logan and wants his assistant to find Tom ASAP. Tom is in the boiler room and starts to cough. Reed comes over to clean his cut and Tom tells him that he is just as horrible as Fayed. Reed wants to know if Tom has been against him from the start and Tom tells him that he has. Carson gives Reed a PDA and the cassette player that is now the bomb. He tells Reed that the kill radius is ten feet and gives him the code to put into the phone to detonate the bomb.

Reed enters the room where the speech will be held. He acts as though he is checking out the podium and attaches the bomb to the inside shelf. Assad and Palmer arrive and Palmer tells Assad to go to the podium and get comfortable. Assad thanks Palmer for taking a risk (the writers must have learned the word foreshadowing the day they wrote the script). Palmer pulls Reed aside and wants to know where Tom is. Reed tells him that he will find him. Tom turns one of the pressure valves in the boiler room setting off an alarm. Carson runs over and resets the valve before any damage can be done and threatens Tom if he does it again. Reed steps outside the press room and activates the bomb while looking through the window, he then steps aside and waits for it to go off.

Inside the press room, Assad notices a liquid dripping from the podium and sees a red light flashing, he yells out BOMB but it is too late. The room explodes. A secret service agent tries to jump in front of Palmer. Agents enter the room and begin searching through the bodies, including Assad's (though it is not clear if he is dead or not), they find Palmer who appears to be unconcious, but definately bloody.

Posted by Stacey on February 27, 2007 6:42 PM
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