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24 Fodder

24: 2 PM - 3 PM - Jack Goes House Hunting

2 PM - 3 PM

Fayed's helicopter that he escaped in lands at a river basin. He gets on the phone and calls up good ole former Russion General Gredenko. Gredenko was the one who got BJX to decommision the nukes. He of course has another motive for getting the bombs to the U.S. and he is rightly pissed that Fayed only has three nukes left. He tells Fayed that he will reprogram the delivery system. CTU is on top of this information as they have recovered part of an email linking Fayed to Gredenko. Seems the General wants to do some damage in America and that he is probably already in L.A. Morris and Jack arrive at CTU. Chloe rushes to be with Morris but he brushes her off. He is obviously upset at the task he performed for Fayed. Jack seems dismayed as he enters CTU for the first time in almost 2 years. Everyone stares at him. Jack approaches Bill and wants to know if his fly is down. Bill tells him he's good and that Gredenko in working with Fayed. Chloe and Jack share an awkward moment as she thanks him for saving Morris. She also tells him that she is really glad that Fayed did not kill him earlier that morning.

Phillip is in the morgue mourning for Graem by erasing numbers out of his cell phone. Jack comes in and tells him that he didn't want Graem to die. Phillip doesn't seem to believe him so Jack gets right to his point. He asks his dad about Gredenko. Phillip gets mad that Jack thinks he is involved. He tells Jack though that he will get in touch with some of the executives of the company and maybe Graem told them something that he was unaware of. Chloe goes in to try and comfort Morris but he is too busy having a pity party for himself she didn't get an invite. Phillip goes and calls Liddy his head of security and tells him to do whatever it takes to find Gredenko and kill him.

Bill meets with Jack and tells him that the toxicology report came back on his brother. It was in fact the pain serum that caused his heart attack. He tells Jack that Burke wrote in his report that Jack violated protocol and pointed a gun at Burke and then his brother. Jack confesses to messing up but that he stopped once he saw his father in the doorway. He tells Bill that he had no intentions of killing his brother. Bill who likes a good cover up tells Jack that he will alter the report. Jack balks at him and tells him to do it right, that he is willing to accept the consequences of his actions. Maybe he'll get to go back to China as punishment.

Palmer is working with Assad on his speech when he gets a call from VP Daniels. Daniels tells him how dissapointed he is in Palmer. He also tells Palmer that the rest of the cabinet feel the same way. Palmer tells him too bad. Assad warns Palmer that by going at this thing alone he may be alienating himself from his country. Reed and Skeezy Tom have a secret meeting in the boiler room. They make out like teenagers for a few minutes before getting down to business. Reed tells Tom that there are those who are willing to make sure that the President is removed from office before Americans are killed. Tom wants to know who is involved but Reed won't tell him. He asks Tom to get him the Presidents Itinerary for the speech that Assad is going to give.

Jack meets with Marilyn. Marilyn tells Jack that having a quickie in the CTU office right after she found out about her husbands death might look bad. Jack apologizes for what happened to Graem but Marilyn doesn't hold it against him. She tells Jack that she had wanted to leave Graem for a long time but he had threatened to take away Josh. Jack asks her if she knows anything about Gredenko. She tells Jack that she followed Graem one time because she thought that he was cheating on her and she wanted to use it against him in a custody battle. Instead she heard people speaking Russian inside of the house. She tells Jack that if they retrace her steps she might be able to remember the house.

Jack goes to tell Bill the plan and Phillip approaches Marilyn. He wants to know what is going on. Marilyn tells him about locating Gredenko's house. Phillip tells Marilyn that she should let him take Josh home with him as he will feel more comfortable in a familiar place. Marilyn tells him okay and thanks him for looking out for Josh and leaves with Jack. Bill sends Milo along in case there are any hard drives found. Phillip calls up Liddy and tells him to find a house somewhere in West L.A. and he will get Marilyn to lead Jack there. He tells Liddy that no harm can come to Marilyn because she can lead them to Gredenko.

Chloe goes to try and reason with Morris once again. She tells him that she needs help running tactical, but Morris is still busy at his party. She tells him in true Chloe form that he is really starting to piss her off. She then slaps him and tells him to get off his ass and start helping out. While in the car with Jack, Marilyn decides now is a good time to ask inappropriate questions about their relationship. She tells Jack that she thought about him while he was in China and that she had been thinking about him for the past 20 years. She thinks that it was Phillip that drove Jack to join the military and that's why he left. She wants to know though if he also left because of her. Jack tells her no. Their reunion is brought to a halt when Marilyn's cell phone rings. It's Phillip. He tells her not to let Jack know that it is him. He tells her that he killed Graem and that he will kill Josh if she doesn't take Jack to a specific address. He gives her the address. Phillip hangs up and tells Josh that the roads are all closed because of the nuke so they will go to a hotel for the night.

Jack and Marilyn pass the actual house where she remembered following Graem, but she keeps her mouth shut. Inside this house Gredenko talks about how the Russians wussed out during the cold war but that he will now have revenge on America and that the Arabs will take the fall. At CTU Morris goes to his desk ready to begin work. Chloe tells Bill that she can use his help. When Josh and Phillip arrive at the hotel, Josh tells Phillip that he knows that everyone is lying to him about his father. He wants to know if his father had something to do with the nukes. Phillip doesn't answer him.

Marilyn points out the house that Phillip told her about. Jack pulls over and prepares the TAC team. Marilyn tries to tell him the truth but Jack is too busy with the mission. Jack leads the TAC into the house, it's empty, except for a blinking red light and a package of C4. Jack yells at the team to get out and he jumps out a window as the house explodes. Marilyn is stunned. Milo realizes that they are about to be attacked and pulls Marilyn into the van. He takes off driving as another car starts to follow. The other car shoots out the tires and causes Milo to wreck the van. He grabs a gun and sets off the grenages inside the van and runs off with Marilyn. Phillips men follow behind. Jack wakes up from the explosion and calls for his men. No one answers and once again, Jack has contributed to the CTU TAC team body count.

Posted by Stacey on February 13, 2007 6:02 PM
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