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24 Fodder

24: 1 PM - 2 PM - Jack vs. Nuke

1 PM - 2 PM

We pick up from last weeks kidnapping of Morris with Jack in the chopper looking for the car that Morris is in. Chloe is trying to pull up a satellite image but she is too upset to work fast enough. Milo gets frustrasted at her slowness. Bill gets on the phone with Jack and tells him that Graem is dead. Jack seems to know that he caused it and Bill confirms that it was a heart attack most likely caused by the interrogation. Jack wusses out and gets Bill to tell Marilyn and her son Josh about Graem's death. Milo gets more frustrated and goes to Bill to complain about Chloe. Chloe claims she is fine and yells at Bill to let her do her work but Bill relieves her anyway. Milo gets on her computer to help Jack and Chloe goes and stands in a corner like she has been banished to time out.

The Hooker, I mean Rita, is driving McCarthy and Morris to meet up with Fayed. Morris tells them that CTU is already on their trail and at that moment McCarthy sees Jack's helicopter above them. He forces Rita to do some really bad woman driving and then they pull into an underpass at a major interchange. McCarthy gets out to find another car. Apparently a lot of people park their car under the underpass. Morris takes this alone time to tell Rita that CTU knows nothing about her. He also tells her that the 7 million they are collecting from Fayed in exchange for Morris is to arm 4 nuclear bombs. Rita seems a little unsure that she wants to be part of this. But she keeps Morris at gunpoint. 7 million is a lot for a hooker, I mean girl.

The three of them take off just as Jack's helicopter touches down. And the helicopter pilot has to show off by landing on an 18 wheeler instead of the road. Jack finds the empty car but CTU cannot trace the new car without knowing what kind it is. The TAC team shows up and Jack gets in. Fayed calls McCarthy and gives him the address of where to meet. McCarthy pulls over and enters the address into the GPS system. Once he is done Rita suddenly realizes how many pairs of shoes that 7 million dollars can buy and shoots McCarthy. She pushes his dead body onto the road and gets behind the wheel. Morris is overjoyed that she has done the right thing, but instead she tells him that since CTU knows nothing about her she will deliever Morris and collect the 7 million for herself.

At the bunker Palmer is telling skeezy Tom that he is sorry for rejecting his policy but he hopes that Tom can still support him. We learn here that it was Tom who came to Palmer and encouraged him to run for President and ran his campaign. Before the conversation can go any further, Palmer gets word that Assad has arrived from CTU. Tom goes to his office and tells Reed to draft his resignation letter. He no longer feels that he has any influence over the president and that he is no longer needed. He also does not feel that Palmer is fit to run the country like he once thought. Reed tries to talk him out of it, but Tom insists. Reed leaves and calls up some government guy named Carson. He tells Carson that Palmer has rejected Tom's policy and that Tom now plans to resign. Carson tell Reed that perhaps it is time to take the next step. Reed doesn't know if it will work without Tom because of the access that Tom has. Carson tells Reed to feel out Tom on the subject discreetly.

Marilyn arrives at CTU with Josh and Bill pulls her aside and tells her about her husband. The woman must have had some intense dislike for Graem because she doesn't even shed a tear. She guesses that Jack was the cause of it and doesn't seem real angry with Jack either. Meanwhile, Jack has found McCarthy's discarded body on the side of the road. A witness tells him that a woman was driving the car and that someone who looked liked Morris was with them. Jack finds McCarthy's cell and downloads the info to CTU to get the encrypted phone number from the last call that came into McCarthy. Rita takes Morris to the apartment building that Fayed is holed up at. She tells him that she is an associate of McCarthy's. She wants her 7 million. Fayed tells her she will get it once Morris programs the device for the Nukes. Morris refuses to do so and Fayed lays a punch on him. Morris still refuses and one of Fayed's lackey's starts beating Morris with a pipe. Giving your engineer brain damage is a great way to get something built. Milo is failing miserably at tracing the phone number so Chloe steps in to regain her job. She traces the number instantly and gets it to Jack.

Assad meets with Palmer and Palmer tells him that he has no plans of signing a peace agreement if another nuke goes off. In fact he will have no choice but to retaliate on those groups and governments who support Fayed. Palmer asks Assad to make an announcement aimed at the Islamic community asking for their help in bringing down Fayed. Assad tries to explain that the community will just think that Assad is being used as an American Puppet, but Palmer will not back down. Jack and team arrive at the apartment building but there are too many heat signatures in the building and they do not know which one Morris is in. Chloe creates a diversion by triggering the fire alarm. Fayed realizes that he has been found by CTU. Morris is still unwilling to cooperate. Fayed gets a drill and sticks into Morris's shoulder. Rita freaks out and tell Fayed to forget the money that she just wants to leave. Fayed says okay and shoots her dead. Fayed tells Morris that he will continue to drll into his body until he either goes into shock or bleeds to death and then he will simply find another engineer. Morris gives in.

Reed comes back to speak with Tom who is annoyed over the fact that Palmer is going to have Assad give a televised speech. He thinks that it will convey to America that terrorism works. Reed suggest ever so subtly that there are others who agree that the President is failing at his job and would like to see someone else take over the reigns. Tom seems shocked over this notion causing him to lose some of his skeeziness and he tells Reed that he hopes he is not talking about what he thinks he is talking about as that is grounds for treason. Reed decides not to say anything else.

CTU determines with the building evacuated which apartment still has heat signuatures coming from it. CTU moves in to break into the apartment. Morris works to get the device programmed and once he is done Fayed has him arm one of the bombs. Once armed Fayed tells his man to kill Morris. Morris jumps and whines that he did what Fayed asked him to do. The man shoves Morris to the floor and goes to shoot him in the back of the head. At that moment the door explodes open and in come the CTU TAC team. Fayed manages to escape unnoticed by the ENTIRE TAC team surrounding the building. Jack finds the nuke that has been left behind. It is armed to go off in about 3 minutes. He gets on the phone with Chloe who is also a demolitions and bombs expert and talks him through deactivating the bomb.

Morris tells Jack that he was forced to build the device that will now allow Fayed to activate all of the remaining nukes. Jack does not understand. How could someone be so weak that a little torture would be all that would cause them to break. He knows about withstanding torture, he spent months in a chinese prison. Tom gets wind of the fact that Fayed nows has the ability to arm all the nukes. He gets his skeeze on again as he calls up Reed and now wants to know more about what he was hoping that he wasn't referring to.

Posted by Stacey on February 13, 2007 4:09 PM
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