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24: 12 PM - 1 PM - Jack Shows Some Brotherly Love

12 PM- 1 PM

We start out in the bunker with Palmer watching the news reports on the nuclear blast. Skeezy Tom enters glowing with evilness from Karen's resignation. Palmer sees the glow and wants to know why Karen quit. Palmer thinks Tom had something to do with it, but of course Tom denies all. Tom tells Palmer that perhaps Karen quit because she knew that she could not stop his new plan for the administration. Not only is Tom skeezy but he's a cocky bastard as well. Palmer still doesn't think the plan is a good idea because of that whole constitution thing, but Tom spits out a slimy argument and Palmer tells him that he wants his cabinet to convene. Tom thinks this means a slam dunk for him. Tom leaves and let's Reed know that Palmer wants his cabinet to meet and that means that he is ready to sign his document.

Karen is leaving the bunker and is talking with Bill. She tells him that she quit but she won't tell him why. Bill is confused but she tells him that she will tell him about it when she gets to CTU. Bill continues to try and get an answer out of her but she hangs up the phone. When he rings back she ignores his call. Bill gets distracted when Chloe let's him know that the support teams sent out to help Jack have not called in nor has Jack.

Graem heads home and begins to erase all of his hard drives. Locked up in van, Phillip tells Jack some sob story about how all he ever did in life was for Jack and that he just wanted Jack to be happy, but once Jack left all he had left was Graem so he felt that he needed to protect him. Jack doesn't return the love. The van pulls up to some freshly dug graves and orders the men out. Phillip tells the guys that he will pay them double whatever Graem is paying them. The men order Jack and his dad to their knees but Phillip refuses to comply, he rushes toward one of the guards and pushes his arm with the gun up. The other guard is distracted and Jack grabs his gun and shoots the guy his father is fighting. Phillip gets the gun and shoots the other guard. Jack yells at his father telling him that he needed to question the guy. The good news is, Jack is able to get a new cell.

Jack calls Bill and tells him about Graem. He wants a team sent to Graems house along with a torture kit. Fun times are in store for Graem. McCarthy places a call to Fayed letting him know that he found someone to arm the nukes but that the person will need some persuading done. He tells Fayed that he is sending a picture of the person. CTU manages to intercept this call with their magic computers and upload the picture to their screen. The picture is badly corrupted but Morris can write an entire program in 20 seconds that will restore the image. He gets to work.

The CTU team pull up at Graem's house while he is inside dumping his hard drives. Marilyn wants to know what is going on but he tells her nothing to be concerned about. At that time, the CTU team and Jack break down the doors and surround Graem. Graem pulls a gun but he gives it up, and Jack has him taken into custody and prepared for "questioning". He also tells the team to upload all of the computer info to CTU. There will be someone there who can write another program in 20 seconds to recover that lost material. Jack and Marilyn head off into the kitchen for a quickie. Afterwards she wants to know if Graem really did try and kill Phillip and Jack. Jack tells her it's true and about his involvement with the Nukes. Marilyn wants to leave so Jack has her taken back to CTU. She stops outside and asks Phillip if its true and his silence is her confirmation.

Aagent Burke sets up the camera to monitor Graem's body temperature. Graem starts telling Jack that he has no idea where McCarthy is. Burke tells Jack that Graem is lying about something. Jack gets out the needles. At CTU Milo tells Chloe that Morris's brother was taken to the hospital in critical condition from radiation from the blast. Chloe wants to tell Morris but Milo needs him to finish the image restoration. Chloe tells Morris anyway. He seems confused that his brother would be in Valencia and calls the hospital to get some information. He cannot get through and gets up to leave. Chloe manages to convince him to stay and finish the image.

Graem still won't talk so Burke injects him with some pain inducing serum. Jack gets all weird and brotherly when he sees Graem in pain and starts hugging him and trying to convince him to just tell the truth. Graem still won't talk so Burke ups the dosage. Graem starts to spasm and Jack gets even more weird about comforting his brother. Jack orders more serum and that's when Graem cracks. He confesses to Jack that it was he who was behind David Palmer's assasination as well as Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler's. Jack falls back into a chair not believing what he is hearing. Graem goes on to tell him that he was he who also pulled Jack out of hiding to take the fall for the president's death and that it wasn't the first time that he had tried to kill Jack. Jack suddenly freaks out and knocks Graem's chair over. He pulls a gun on Burke and tells him to up the dosage and he then points a gun at Graem's head. He is about to shoot Graem, which he rightfully deserves, when Jack looks up and sees his father standing in the doorway. Jack backs off. Not to worry, someone else has bad plans for Graem.

Sandra is at the hospital talking with Walid when Palmer calls her. She tells him that the people at the detention center are not terrorists and that they actually may be able to help if they were not scared of being harmed by the same people who are supposed to protect them. At CTU Morris is still working on the image. That 20 second program is taking longer than he thought. Jack calls Bill and tells him about Graem. Again. Bill sends a helicopter for Jack. Jack tells his dad that's it's not his fault what Graem became. Phillip seems more sorry for losing time with Jack than what just happened with Graem. Jack asks Phillip to go back to CTU. Because you know, that's where all the cool people go.

Morris finally gets the last part of the image to restore and it will take a few minutes for it to sharpen so he leaves to go check on his brother. On Air Force One the VP Noah Daniels gets on the phone with Tom and tells him how glad he is that Palmer is going to sign the plan. He didn't think that the president had the stomach to sign it into effect. The president gets on the call and tells everyone that he thinks that the Muslim community is the countries best line of defense. Tom jumps in with an arguement but Palmer holds his ground telling everyone in the room and VP Daniels on the phone that he is not going to sign it. Now that's a true Hellmouth principal for you.

CTU is waiting on the image to become clear and when it does they are completely blown away. The engineer that McCarthy has found is MORRIS. Chloe gets on the phone with Morris and Bill and Jack get patched through. They tell Morris that his brother is not really sick that it was just a set-up and to get back to CTU. Morris goes to turn his car around when McCarthy pulls up and starts shooting. CTU can hear the gun fire and then they hear McCarthy order Morris into the car. Chloe goes to pull up the satellite to get his location. McCarthy calls Fayed and let's him know that he is only delivering Morris to him but that he will have to make Morris coorperate.

Phillip goes in to talk with Graem before he leaves for CTU. Phillip tells him that he did a good job and Graem tells him to be proud that the plan is working. Jack has no idea about his father's involvement. Phillip seems unsure that Graem will be able to handle the interrogations to follow and injects Graem with a full dose of the pain serum. Graem goes into convulsions and Phillip holds his hand over his mouth. Once Graem is dead, Phillip kisses him on top of the head and starts yelling that Graem is having convulsions. The team rush in, but it's too late. The father has already killed the son.

Posted by Stacey on February 6, 2007 6:34 PM
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