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24 Fodder

24: 9 AM - 10 AM - Jack Quits

9 a.m.-10 a.m.

Bills learns that Numair, the guy who builds bombs for a living, is unaccounted for. Milo asks Morris to help with the search, but Morris tells him he is working on a task for Chloe. Milo asks Chloe about the tasks, and she tells him that Morris is lying. Milo tells Morris to get to work. Karen is warning Palmer that a suitcase nuke could possibly kill thousands of people depending on where it is denotated. Palmer's reply: "Get me Jack Bauer".

Jack is back with Curtis and Assad. Curtis keeps reminding Jack and Assad that Assad is the enemy. Palmer calls Jack and tells him that he needs him to take charge of this operation. Jack tells him that he doesn't think he can do it anymore, that he has helped enough. Palmer pleads with him that he is needed and Jack agrees to continue to help out. Jack asks Curtis to please work with Assad that they do need his help. Curtis takes offense and asks Jack just what exactly the Chinese did to him. Jack replies that they taught him about peace and compassion for his fellow man. That's why he has all of these whip marks on his body. Jack actually doesn't reply and Assad walks up telling him that he recovered the message "visitor" from Masheer's PDA. Visitor is code for Nuke. Once Assad leaves, Jack asks Curtis if there is something that he needs to know about him and Assad, do they have a history. Curtis denies any, but Jack puts a call into to Chloe to look into the situation.

Ray has the device and calls Ahmed. Ahmed tells him to take the device to Fayed, but Ray refuses, he tells Ahmed that he has to let someone go. Jillian gets let go, and calls Ray once she is out of the house. Ray tells her NOT to call the police. Like a woman ever listened to a man. Jillian promptly calls the police once she is off the phone with Ray.

Chloe sees Milo and Morris arguing again and decides to put an end to this little lover's spat. She tells Milo, that yes they slept together a couple of times, and saw a couple of movies, but it's over. She tells Morris to get over his jealousy because she picked him. Now that that's cleared up.

Bill get's Jillian's call (those police channels move fast) and puts her call into Jack. She explains to Jack about the hostage situation at her house and drops Fayed's name. Jack knows it's for real. Curtis gets pissed again, because now Assad is going to come with them on a tactical mission. Palmer meets with some Middle Eastern Ambassador who tells him that he believes that even though Assad has caused death and destruction in his past that he fully trusts that Assad is trying to bring peace within the terrorist cells. Palmer once again calls Jack and asks to speak with Assad. Okay for those of you who Tivo'd this episode, go back to this scene and watch Curtis's face. It is absolutely hilarious, and he makes it many times, it's even better than the faces that Chloe makes. Palmer tells Assad that if he fully cooperates with catching Fayed and bringing about his peace that he will be pardoned for all of his past crimes. Assad is cool with this and tells Palmer he wants it in writing.

Skeezy Tom intercepts a call from Sandra when she is trying to reach Palmer. He refuses to put her through and Sandra tells him that she is holding him personally responsible to anything that happens to Walid. Walid is now done with his cavity search and is in the yard looking for some water. Salim, the guy he helped, offers him some and asks Walid if he told them anything. Walid of course says no, and Salim replies that "they will all pay". Walid over hears him speaking with another man, and though he doesn't speak Arabic he knows something is going down. Ray arrives at the warehouse and gives the package to Fayed. Fayed is not happy and calls Ahmed. He instructs Ahmed to kill Scott, and he intends to keep Ray as a bargaining chip if needed. Unfortunately Ray isn't going to make it that far.

Jack and team pull up to the Wallace's house. Inside, Scott wants to know why Ahmed is not letting him go. Ahmed tells him to get down on his knees and turn around. He puts the gun to his head and tells him he is sorry. Jack and team storm the house and Ahmed starts shooting at them. An agent shoots Ahmed. All hope of getting Fayed's address are killed again. But wait, young Scott remembers the address and gives it to Jack. Jack calls it in to Bill.

Sandra manages to get a visit with Walid at the detention center. He tells her the Arabic phrase that he heard being repeated. He tells her to call it in, that it might be important. Sandra seems more worried about Walid. Walid tells her to quit being a lawyer and to get the info passed on. They then get it on. And by get it on, I mean they kiss and she leaves.

Jack gives Assad his pardon papers and Curtis makes that face again. Jack tells him that it wasn't their decision and Curtis seemingly is okay with it. Jillian returns home and Jack tells her that they will do their best to save her husband. Jack gets a call from Chloe and not good news. Turns out that in Desert Storm, Curtis's men were captured by Assads men and beheaded. No wonder Curtis keeps making that face. Jack races outside and finds Curtis holding a gun to Assad's head. Jack draw his weapon and tells Curtis to put the gun down. Curtis says that he can't let this animal live. The tension mounts and wait for it, wait for it.....Jack shoots Curtis in the neck!!!!

Jack drops his gun and grabs his head, obviously in shock that he just killed his friend. He stumbles over to a tree and vomits and begins to cry. A TAC team is approaching the warehouse where Fayed's men are preparing the nuke. Bill calls Jack and tells him that it's not his fault that he did what he had to do. Jack tells him to tell the President that he is sorry but he cannot do this job anymore, and hangs up on Bill. Back in the warehouse, Numair finishes the bomb and sees the TAC team approaching. All hell breaks loose. Ray yells for the man not to detonate the nuke but too late.

From Jack's vantage point leaning against the tree he can see the mushroom cloud in the sky. Palmer's office is silent as everyone watches the horror unfold. Milo comes in with the Arabic phrase that Walid overheard at the detention center. Nadia translates it as "five visitors".

Posted by Stacey on January 16, 2007 7:21 PM
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