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24 Fodder

24: 8 AM - 9 AM - Jack Makes Friends with a Terrorist

8 a.m.-9 a.m.

The episode picks up with Jack jumping into the car with Assad so that they can keep chasing the subway bomber's handler (Masheer). Jack and Assad believe that Masheer will lead them to Fayed. Actually, Masheer is getting a phone call from Fayed while Jack and Assad are thinking this, and Fayed tells him to go to another location. Over at CTU, Bill gets confirmation that it was in fact Jack who stopped the bomber on the subway and that he is now working with Assad. But no one has heard from Jack since the President decided that Jack may not be in the right frame of mind since his stay in China, and that this whole Assad guy being the good guy is a bunch of hooey.

Fayed decides to give the President a call (I swear, anyone can just ring this guy up) and tells him that, haha I fooled you, and now I want 110 terrorist prisoners to be released from Palmdale within the hour, or else he is going to blow more things and people up. Palmer of course doesn't trust him, but he doesn't have a lot of choice. Karen and Tom tell Palmer that Fayed won't stop even if he gets what he wants, Palmer agrees but he needs to buy time for Jack to find Fayed. Jack and Assad are finding it increasingly more difficult to follow Masheer due to lack of traffic on the road. Jack tells Assad that they need CTU's help and that CTU can track the guy on their satellites. Assad thinks this is a bad idea since they did try and blow him up. Jack prevails and wins the argument and calls into CTU.

Jack calls Chloe and tells her that he needs a satellite to track Masheer. Unfortunately that will take 10 minutes to get up and running and that's too long for Jack. Bill tells Curtis to go out and meet up with Jack. Curtis is not happy that they are working with Assad (hmmm could there be a backstory??)

Jack decides he has another plan. He gets out of Assad's car and goes up to a man getting ready to get into his jeep. He pushes the man aside and tells him to stay down (what guy would really try and take Jack Bauer). Jack races the Jeep along and collides into the car that Masheer is driving. Jack jumps out of the jeep and starts freaking out on Masheer telling him it's his fault. Assad pulls up and says that he saw the whole thing and that it was Jack's fault. Jack gets more pissed and leaves the scene. Assad offers Masheer a ride, because of course they are headed in the same direction. Assad, while getting in the car, dials Jack's cell phone and put into the side pocket of the car on mute. Jack (who is in the car with Curtis now) and CTU are able to hear Assad and Masheer's conversation. Meanwhile Fayed is happy because things are moving along at Palmdale with the release of the prisoners.

Over at the Wallace's house Ahmed, has taken Scott back over to his parent's house. He tells Scott's mom (Jillian) to yell for her husband Ray. She does so, and Ahmed takes them into the living room. He instructs Jillian to bandage up his leg wound (from where the guy he killed threw him into a glass table). He tells Ray that he is going to take a package to a man named Marcus and he will get something in return from Marcus. Ray is then to call him for further directions. If Ray doesn't do this then Ahmed will kill his family.

In Curtis's car, he and Jack are listening to Assad say road names out loud so that they can follow. Curtis wants to know how Jack can work with a known terrorist. Jack tells him that he doesn't know what he thinks anymore, and that it is no longer their call. Curtis darkly says "we'll see about that". The President is watching the prisoners at Palmdale get lined up to get on the buses. One of these prisoner's names is Numair.

Tom (this guy completely skeezes me out) comes in to tell Palmer that his sister has been arrested for deleting the personnel files. Sandra is being held at one of the detention centers (I thought they didn't give the okay on this plan??) Palmer calls his sister and is pissed. He tells her that she is being released and that he doesn't have time for this. Sandra tells Palmer that she wants Walid (head of the I.A.A. and her boy toy) to be released. Palmer refuses and tells her that if he is innocent then he has nothing to worry about. Speaking of Walid, while being processed and getting ready for his cavity search (no joke) another man (Salim) is being harrassed. Walid steps in and ends up getting hit and taken to an interrogation room.

Assad drops Masheer off at his specified location. Assad joins up with Jack and Curtis. Curtis has his men take Assad away and put him in the car, treating him like a prisoner. Jack promises Assad that he will take care of him. Meanwhile Chloe has the address the man went to on satellite. Chloe follows Masheer into a storage compartment. Curtis and his TAC team follow. When Masheer opens the door to the storage room it is filled with C-4. Masheer sees one of Curtis's men and starts shooting at him, and then men start shooting back. Apparently these men did not learn in TAC training that C-4 is an explosive. Perhaps they thought it was crates of some kind of energy bar. Masheer has had enough with the shooting and let's loose a grenade blowing himself up, the energy bars, and his computer.

Meanwhile, Ray Wallace is delivering Ahmed's package to Marcus. Marcus tells him that it's not enough money for the device. Ray calls Ahmed and he tells him there is no more money and to obtain the device by whatever means nessecary. Ray takes this literally and kills the man by slamming his head into the floor a bunch of times. Since Fayed has not been captured, Palmer issues the orders for the Palmdale men to be put on the plane. Chloe manages to salvage the last opened document on the laptop. The document is written in Arabic and Russion. Jack calls Assad over to help them read it. Curtis gets a look on his face. Assad recognizes the drawings as a nuclear detonator. Curtis takes this opportunity to grab Assad, yelling that he knew about this all along. Jack pulls Curtis off and Assad says that "Sovetel 3" is written at the bottom of the screen. Nadia knows that this is a Russian suitcase nuke and that there is only one of them left and only one man who knows how to program one to work. That man is Numair, one of the Palmdale prisoners getting ready to be released. Fayed sure is a smart terrorist.

Palmer has the guardsmen try and locate Numair on the plane. Of course he's not there. On the side of the road a few miles away, the same bus that was used to transport the prisoners to the airfield is pulled over on the side of the road. The driver has been shot in the head, and the sergeant tells Numair he can come out of hiding, that Fayed is waiting for him.

Posted by Stacey on January 16, 2007 6:31 PM
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