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24 Fodder

24: 7 AM - 8 AM - Jack Plays Hero, Again

7 a.m.-8 a.m.

Fayed is more than a little unhappy that Jack has escaped. Fayed and his men start searching the tunnels. Jack is hidden under a grate and the men bypass him. Fayed's men warn him that there is more at stake than finding Jack. Fayed agrees and calls off the search. Jack makes it outside and finds a car. Inside the car is a cell phone (how conveniant). Jack calls Bill and tells him that Assad is not the terrorist, and that he needs to call off the attack. Bill explains that he cannot call off the attack. Only Palmer can. Jack tells Bill to put him through to Palmer. Jack is also hot wiring the car while he on this phone call, multi-tasking is a requirement of a CTU agent. Bill puts Jack through to Palmer. Jack explains what Fayed told him about Assad being the good guy and coming to the U.S. to get backing to stop the terrorist attacks. Karen and Tom don't believe it. Those 20 years of research proves it all. Karen then makes the offhanded remark that perhaps because of Jack's recent rounds of torture in China, that he is delusional. Tom jumps on the bandwagon as well and tells Palmer not to let his friendship with Jack cloud his judgement. Palmer agrees with the go ahead on the attack of Assad. Now look what you forced Jack to do.

Jack uses the cell phones GPS service to put in the coordinates for Assad's location. Because he failed at hot wiring the car, he finds the keys in the visor. Seriously, people do not really leave their keys in the visor of their car when they step away from it. We then switchto Ahmed at his friends house (The Wallace's). Ahmed gets a call from Fayed asking him if he has gotten the package. Ahmed has not. Fayed instructs him to go home and get it. Ahmed makes up an excuse about his uncle coming to the house to get him. Ahmed's friend offers him his necklace as a good luck charm (yes, I just threw up in my mouth a little writing that), but Ahmed tells him that he might need it one day and that he should keep it.

At CTU the gang is watching the helicopter approach Assad's location. Meanwhile, Jack finds Assad's hidey home and goes in. Assad recognizes Jack and tells him to put his hands up and to lose the piece. Jack explains to Assad that the house is bugged with a transponder. Assad tells him that the house has been searched and it's clean. Jack tells him then that one of his men must have it on them. Assad's men start yelling to not trust Jack. Jack explains that they are all about to die if they do not get out of the house. Assad tells the men to empty their pockets. One man tries to escape but is grabbed. Turns out he's the narc. Jack, Assad, and the the betrayer run out of the house right before it is destroyed by the missiles.

Sandra Palmer (yep Wayne's sister) is an attorney and gets a visit from the FBI. They want her personnel records on the Islamic-American Allegiance. She refuses and tells them that unles they have a warrant they need to leave. Mad, she calls her brother ( Is it really this easy to talk to the president?) Sandra tells Wayne what happened. He tries to undermine it and she tells him that he should look into Tom. She doesn't trust Tom. Who does? Well apparently Palmer because he takes Tom's side.

Bill calls Palmer and tells him that Assad's body is not among the blown up. Fayed goes into a warehouse where one of his followers is waiting and being strapped with a C-4 vest. Fayed hugs him (WTF?? The man is wearing explosives) and tells him that his family will know of his sacrafice. Yeah, I'm sure they will be real proud.

Jack and Assad break into an empty house. Jack says he needs to change, and Assad sees him take his shirt off. Assad sees the whip marks, burns, and scars covering Jack's body. Clearly this man has been through hell. At CTU, Chloe has found a satellite picture of the house Assad was hiding in, right before it blew up. In the picture, she sees Jack leading Assad to safety. She shows it to Bill, who believes that Jack is right. He decides to keep the picture a secret. Back at the house, Jack sticks a pen into the betrayers open wound, trying to get him to tell them where Fayed is. Jack suddently stops and tells Assad that the man doesn't know anything, he can see it in his eyes. Jack looks quite disturbed. Assad looks at Jack knowing why Jack cannot torture the man, and takes the task on himself. He sticks a knife into the guy prompting the guy to tell him what he knows. Assad at least is nice enough to finish him off. Assad tells Jack that they need to leave. Jack says to Assad that he doesn't know how to do this anymore. Assad tells him that it will come back to him.

Back at Sandra's office, the FBI return with a warrant. As they go to the media room to recover the personnel files, Sandra gets on another computer and erases the files, putting them through an electronic shredder. She tells the FBI she has done this, and she is promptly arrested for obstructing evidence. Those agents have balls for arresting the presidents sister and the head of the I.A.A.

Back in surburbia, Ahmed goes to his house and cuts a hole in the dry wall to retrieve the package. The same man who tried to attack him earlier enters the house and gives Ahmed a good thrashing. In the end, Ahmed pulls a gun and shoots the guy dead (I never imagined seeing Kumar do this). His friend who wanted to give him the necklace comes over and sees the dead guy. He also sees that Ahmed is hurt. He offers to call the police and Ahmed pulls the gun on him. He tells him that he doesn't want to hurt him. His friends wants to know why he would do this to him, they are friends. Ahmed tells them they aren't friends, that he cannot even pronounce his name correctly.

Jack and Assad make it to the place that the betrayer told him about. They see the bomber and the handler. They follow the pair onto the subway. Jack tells Assad that he will take care of the bomber and for Assad to follow the handler, that he will lead him to Fayed. Jack boards the subway and tells the ticket guy that he is a federal agent and to not let on that he knows. He points out the bomber (stupid) and the ticket guy gets all jumpy and keeps looking at the bomber. The bomber figures it out and gets ready to detonate. Jack grabs him and they fight for a few. Right as the bomber gets ready to set it off, Jack kicks him through the train door and he explodes on the tracks. Jack pulls the emergency break and takes off down the tracks. Meanwhile, the handler has pulled up outside of the station and reports to Fayed that there was no explosion. Fayed tells him that this is okay, because all of the OTHER bombs went off as planned.

CTU finds out that a passenger on the subway identified the man who saved them as Jack Bauer. Bill tells everyone that he wants a visual from the subway cameras that it was in fact Jack. CTU also manages to intercept a call between the handler and Fayed. Palmer knows now that Jack was right all along. Jack gets a call from Assad who still has a tale on the handler. Jack tells him to stay with him and that he will catch up. This might be their only lead to Fayed.

Posted by Stacey on January 15, 2007 7:08 PM
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