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24: 6 AM - 7 AM - Jack Takes a Bite out of Crime

6 a.m.-7 a.m.

The new season of 24 picks up 20 months after the events of Day 5. The U.S. has become a terrorist playground and has been the target of multiple bombings all across the nation. The day begins in the president's office. Karen and Tom are arguing over Tom's proposal to begin setting up detention centers throughout the U.S. to house those of Middle Eastern descent. Apparently Tom never paid much attention in goverment class to that whole section on the Contitution before he decided he wanted a career in politics. Karen and Tom both argue their points and then look to the president for his decision. The camera swings around and finds Wayne Palmer (brother of deceased president David Palmer) behind the desk. Wayne agrees with Karen to not go ahead with Tom's horrible plan for detention centers. Why? Not because it would be unconstitutional, but because he has another plan.

Over at CTU, Morris is arguing with Milo over this and that. Chloe approaches Nadia (CTU newcomer, played by Marisol Nichols) about a request that she received from Homeland. Of course Chloe needs to know what is going on. Nadia claims she cannot discuss and Chloe pulls the "remember-when-you-screwed-up-big-time-and-I-covered-for-you-so-don't-make-me-tell" card and gets Nadia to tell all. Turns out, President Palmer had negotiated Jack's release from the Chinese two days ago. That's good news right? Wrong. Jack is then to be traded with anti--terrorist guy Fayed for information on the whereabouts of terrorist guy Assad. According to 20 years of profiling and research, this guy Assad is the one behind the bombings. Fayed has been wanting to get his hands on Jack due to the fact that Fayed's brother died while Jack was "interrogating" him. Fayed also gets 25 million and access to CTU's satellites as part of this deal. Perhaps they should have thrown in the president's first child as well. Needless to say, Chloe is none too happy.

Somewhere in Suburbia a family is watching their next door neighbor get arrested by the FBI. The son is standing outside and goes back in when two guys start coming after him and calling him a terrorist. The dad from the watching from a far family goes over and breaks up the impending fight, and brings Ahmed home with him.

Before Bill and Curtis go to pick up Jack, Bill calls Karen. From this little phone call we learn that Bill and Karen are now married. Bill and Curtis go to the airport and await Jack's arrival. Jack comes out of the plane looking....well, hairy actually. The Chinese guy claims that Palmer paid a hefty price for Jack's freedom and he must be needed for something important. He also informs Bill that Jack has not spoken a single word since his capture. Bill and Curtis take Jack into the hanger and then drop the bomb on him. "Welcome Home" exlaims Bill, "we need you to sacrafice yourself". Actually Bill left out the welcome home bit. Jack seems to take it pretty well. The first words he utters is asking about Audrey and *then* Kim. Bill tells him that neither know about his release and he tells him to keep it that way, because he knows what is needed of him and can he wash up? After a shave and a change of clothes they are ready to go.

Tom is concerned that the president will back out on his plan to hand Jack over to Fayed, and he starts having things set in motion for the detention center. Karen finds out and calls him on it, but he stands his ground that it is needed.

Bill and Curtis take Jack to the drop point. Fayed calls Bill and tells him to handcuff Jack to the drainage gate. Bill complies and apologizes to Jack. Jack says that the reason he fought so hard to stay alive while in China was because his death would be meaningless, but now he can die for something. Bill and Curtis leave and Fayed takes Jack and puts him in a van. Fayed gets a call from one of his lackeys who tells him that there is a satellite pinpointed on their location. Turns out, Chloe and Morris have hacked into a private satellite and are trying to get a location on Jack. Fayed calls CTU and tells them about the satellite, Milo realizes that it is Chloe, and Morris shuts it down. Fayed says that he will think about giving up the location of Assad. Uh Oh, Jack might be dying for nothing. Nadia and Bill are super pissed, and Chloe tells them they can fire her it's her fault. They don't of course.

Fayed takes Jack to a holding room and straps him to a chair. He yaks on about how long he has been waiting for this moment and that oh snap, he's not the anti-terrorist guy, Assad is. CTU is about the kill the wrong guy. Now that Jack knows he gave his life for nothing, the torture can begin. Apparently we have nerve bundles in our shoulders and if you stab them with a sharp object, then it's not pleasant. I'm just guessing from the expression on Jack's face. Anywho, Fayed calls CTU and gives them Assad's coordinates so that CTU can go blow up that location. Jack memorizes the coordinates he hears Fayed giving Bill. Fayed gets an important phone call and leaves the room. The phone call is from Ahmed. He tells Fayed that his father was arrested by the FBI. Fayed tells him to get the package. Meanwhile Jack unplugs his heart monitor prompting the guard to come over and check on him. Jack takes this opportunity to bite the guy. Now let's be clear on this. Jack does not just take a little nibble out of the guys neck. Nope, Kiefer is clearly paying homage to his "Lost Boys" days. Jack rips the guys neck out and spits it on the floor. He gets the keys and gets loose. Fayed comes back to an empty room and he's not a happy terrorist.

Posted by Stacey on January 15, 2007 6:04 PM
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