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24 Fodder

24: 10 AM - 11 AM - Jack's Family Tree

10 a.m.-11 a.m.

The episode opens with Palmer and crew watching news footage of the nuclear explosion in Valencia. Luckily the wind is blowing the radiation away from the more populated areas. Karen tells the president that there are four more nukes out there somewhere. The secret service decide that it's time to move everyone to the underground bunker. Palmer tells Karen and Tom that he still wants to give a speech to the public even if he is underground. At CTU, Milo informs everyone that all of their fileld agents have been killed in the blast. Not that it matters, they still have Jack.

Karen gives Bill a call to make sure everything is A-okay there at CTU. Bill tells her about everyone being dead but that they cannot confirm whether or not Fayed was killed in the explosion as well. Chloe is feeling depressed about the news that Curtis was killed. She tells Morris that Jack must have quit because he had to kill his friend. Morris tries to console her, but she's not really having any of that.

Fayed is on the phone talking to a man named Darren McCarthy. This guy is in the know for bomb makers. Fayed tells him that his man was killed in the blast and that he needs the name of someone else who can create the device that Marcus built and that same person needs to be able to activate his remaining four bombs. Darren tells him no, Fayed offers him more money, Darren says he'll see what he can do. He might know someone.

Jack is wandering around the same neighbor that Fayed is driving in looking like someone just stole his puppy. A man approaches him because no one will help him with the helicopter that is stuck on a house roof. Jack rushes over and climbs up the side of the house and roof like he's spiderman. A helicopter is resting on it's side about to fall off. Jack tells the man that it was knocked out of the air by the energy waves created from the nuke. The man asks Jack if that's what really caused this and Jack looks at him like he's stupid. Jack gets the co-pilot out of the helicopter and it then crashes to the ground and explodes. The rescued co-pilot decides that since his family lives in Valencia that he should head there. Jack tells his friend that he should stop him. Jack gets on the phone with Bill who tells him about the other four bombs, and Jack tells him that after what has happened that he's back. And just like that, Jack is re-hired to CTU for like the hundreth time.

In the bunker Palmer has received a list of countries that could be responsible for all that is happening. They of course say that they are not involved. The Admiral suggests that they should just bomb all the countries for good measure. Palmer disagrees saying that they should only attack the enemy. Karen informs them that the engineer Numair was killed in the blast and that the bomb was meant for a more populated area. Fayed is still driving around with the other four nukes in his car. Assad also arrives at CTU and tells Bill that he really is here to help and pledges his loyalty, but Bill still refuses to shake his hand.

Bill lets Assad know about the other four nukes. Assad seems shocked at this notion and tells Bill that he had no idea that Fayed had nuclear firepower. He tells Bill that he does know that Fayed had been in contact with a Russian named Dmitri Gredenko. Chloe starts doing research on this Dmitiri guy. Morris has a list of all the people that Dmitri had been in contact with. It just so happens that the chairman for BJX Technologies is on that list. The chairman is Philip Bauer, Jack's dad. Bill gives Jack a call to let him know about his dad. Jack tells Bill that he would rather question his father himself. It will be a good ice breaker because Jack hasn't spoken to him in nine years.

Back at the dentention center that Walid is being held at, the FBI guys tell Sandra that they are going to wire Walid in hope that he can get some information from Salim and his group of thugs. Walid goes over to ask Salim if he knows anything about the attacks. Salim ignores him and the FBI guys come in and take Walid into the bathroom. They rough Walid up and put the wire on him. They tell Walid to mention Fayed's name. They make a show of accusing Walid of having something in his wallet and give him a cut under his eye. Sandra is pissed. Walid comes out of the bathroom and Salim tries to talk to him, but Walid walks away.

Jack phones his father's house and the man servant Sam gets on the phone. Sam tells Jack that his father left suddenly and left his cell phone. Jack wants to know where Gray is. The head of security at Jack Seniors house hears this conversation and calls Graem Bauer, Jack's brother, who is also the head of the corporation who got President Logan to conspire with terrorists. Graem confirms that it was he who handed Jack over to the Chinese and he complains that he should have just had him killed. Jack calls up Graem who acts all suprised that Jack is alive. He tells Jack that he and his father tried to get him out. Jack seems like he appreciates it and tells him thanks. Graem tells Jack that he has no idea where their father is, but that he will try and find out and call him back. Jack calls Chloe and gets Graem's address.

Graem arrives home and tells his wife Marilyn and his son that Jack is alive. Marilyn gets a wistful expression on her face and Graem accuses her of still being in love with Jack. Seems Marilyn and Jack used to have a thing before she married Graem. At the bunker Palmer and Tom are arguing over the speech. Should they call it a nuke or not, the american public is not that dumb. Skeezy Tom wants to be more aggressive but Palmer decides they need to be calm. Meanwhile, McCarthy is picking up his hooker, Rita who wants to get out of town. He tells her that there is more money to be collected and that they are staying a while longer. McCarthy calls to tell Fayed that he will have someone who can do the job within the hour.

At CTU Nadia tells Bill that she is convinced that Assad really does want to do good. Bill goes to Assad and tells him that he is going to be sent to DC. He thanks him for his help and this time offers to shake his hand, which Assad accepts. Milo learns about Walid being wired and that this might lead them to Fayed. At the detention center Walid is sitting alone on a bench looking pretty pitiful. Salim approaches and at first Walid doesn't want to talk. He finally tells Salim that the guards took Fayed's phone number from his wallet. Walid is allowed to join Club Terrorist.

Jack shows up on Graems doorstep. Graem hugs him and introduces his son and Marilyn gets that wistful look again. Jack doesn't care, he just wants to know where their father is. Graem keeps avoiding the subject and leads Jack into his study where they can talk. Once in the study, Jack knocks Graem out. He locks the door and ties Graem to a chair. He starts to choke Graem and tells him that he will hurt him if he doesn't give him dad's location. Graem tells Jack that he is hurting him and Jack tells him that he's not yet.

Palmer is about to give his speech and he tells Tom that he doesn't want the public to see how scared he is. Tom tells him that bravado would be no more commendable than fear. Palmer decides he should take a shower first becuase he just got skeeze all over him. Jack continues to ask Graem about their father. He continues to deny knowing where he is. Jack gets bored and puts a plastic bag over Graem's head and starts to suffocate him.

Posted by Stacey on January 23, 2007 6:23 PM
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Is 24 so good this year that everyone is left speechless??? Come on, doesn't anyone one else want to want to shower after a Tom scene?

-- Posted by: Stacey at January 25, 2007 8:56 PM

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