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24 Fodder

24: 11 AM - 12 PM - Jack Gets Punked

11 a.m.-12 p.m.

This hour starts out in the bunker with Karen confronting Tom once again about his schemes for world domination. She let's him know that she knows that he didn't have the president's permission to start up these detention centers. Tom claims to believe in the constitution, but he doesn't have a problem not adhering to it. He tells Karen that he is just looking out for the countries best interest. Once Karen leaves, Tom turns to his aide Reed, (hello Chad Lowe) and tells him that he needs Karen out of his way. Reed tells him he will get on it.

At CTU, Nadia discovers that she has limited access to certain files because she is of Middle Eastern descent. New security measures have been put in place, even at CTU. Nadia takes her concern to Bill because this will slow down her work. Bill seems pretty indifferent to the situation but tells her he will send a memo to those in charge. Nadia tells him that will take to0 long but Bill walks off.

At Graem's house, Jack is still torturing his brother. He pulls the bag off Graem's head and demands to know where their father is at, or the bag will go back on. Graem starts crying and telling Jack that he doesn't know. Jack approaches with the bag again, and Graem breaks down. He tells Jack that their father went to see Darren McCarthy. BJX had received some nukes from Dmitri the Russian guy and that they were supposed to dismantle them. BJX gave the job to McCarthy and McCarthy took the nukes and sold them to Fayed. Graem also throws in the fact that he didn't check out McCarthy's background very well before giving him the nuke job. Graem tells Jack that their father has a security team and that they are looking for McCarthy in Simi Valley at his office. They had hoped that they could take care of the problem without alerting the authorities. Jack leads Graem out of the house to the car, they pass Graem's wife and son and Graem tells them to stay put. Graem's wife however is more interested in undressing Jack with her eyes.

CTU somehow decides that they can track Fayed by using the technology that Fayed is using to track the fallout. Bill gets on the phone with Jack and Jack tells him about his father's involvement with BJX and the nukes. Graem is in the next seat complaining to Jack about how he has no loyalty towards his family and Jack tells him that he is the last person who should be talking about loyalty. Hmmm does Jack know something more......

The next scene which is simply used to take up a couple minutes of the hour, McCarthy is trying to find someone to reprogram the nukes. His hooker is complaining again. McCarthy pulls over and tells her to get out, but she decides that 7 million dollars is worth staying for.

At the detention center in DC, Sandra is watching Walid as he tries to get more information from his new group Club Terrorist. At CTU Morris is having trouble checking up on the list of detainees from DC because he needs the manifest from Nadia. Nadia of course can't get to it. Milo starts harrassing her about working harder and she tells him that she is backed up. Milo and his 5 year old temper go find Bill and ask why Nadia is being so slow. Bill tells him about her being flagged because she is Middle Eastern. Milo thinks it's stupid and tells Bill that Nadia has been in American since she was two years old. Bill still seems indifferent. Walid is making headway with his new friends. He finds out that one of them has smuggled in a cell phone and has been in contact with the terrorists. The FBI tells Walid to get the phone so that they can place a trace on it.

Reed approaches Tom and tells him that he will have the backing that he needs to get rid of Karen. Tom goes to Karen and tells her that he expects her to resign. She tells him that he has no merit for this and he tells her that he will show how she covered for Bill a year ago. Turns out CTU had Fayed in custody but Bill signed off on the release. Karen tells him that Fayed was not a prisoner at the time, but Tom says that Homeland covered it up and he has a list of people who are willing to testify against her. Karen tries to pull a reverse blackmail, but Tom tells her that he wants her resignation.

Jack arrives at McCarthy's office and has Chloe run all of the plates in the parking lot to see if they belong to McCarthy. They don't. Morris starts to complain that Nadia is being slow, so Milo covers for her by logging in with his ID on her computer. Jack breaks into McCarthy's office once the CTU back up arrives to keep watch on the parking lot. Jack checks McCarthy's computer, but the computer is busy electronically shredding files. Jack hears a noise and handcuffs Graem to a pole. Jack enters the copy room only to get knocked onto the ground by two men (yes the horror, Jack got knocked to the ground). The man is about to shoot him when in walks Jack's father Phillip and tells the man that Jack is his son and to let him up. Jack tells his father he was stupid for not alerting the authorities. Phillip tells him that he didn't want Graem to go to prison. Graem tells Jack that he has not cared for family since Terri died. Jack decides he has had enough of Graem and goes to beat his frustration out on him, but Phillip stops him and tells him that they will call CTU and work this out Jack's way.

Graem doesn't like the sound of that and nods to Phillips guards who suddenly pull out guns and become Graems guards. Graem takes Jack's cell phone so he can't call CTU. No worries though, Jack will find another cell hidden in a plate of spaghetti. At the dentention cener Walid pulls some slick sleight of hand moves and gets the cell phone. He calls into CTU and they get the trace on the phone. He erases the phone call and heads back over to his pals.

Karen goes in to see Palmer and she tells him that she is quitting. Palmer tells her that she can't and asks if this has something to do with Tom. Instead of saying no, she tells that she would rather not talk about it. Smart girl. Palmer knows something is up but eventually tells her okay. She asks to be transferred back to CTU in CA, and Palmer tells her he will do it.

McCarthy checks into a hotel where he cannot be found. Chloe discovers that the numbers that the terrorist guy in the dentention center has been dialing is to a website that gives updates on terrorist activity. He himself, is not a terrorist. The guy realizes that his cell has been jacked and the group starts to attack Walid. The guards and Sandra run into the holding area and go to Walid's aide. He tells her that he is okay, but he clearly isn't.

Graem and his men take Jack and his dad out of the building, As they pass the CTU van, both men have been shot in the head. Jack and Phillip are put into a van. Graem gets into another car and tells the two guards to call him when it's done.

Posted by Stacey on January 30, 2007 6:47 PM
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Graem is going to have a very, very bad day ...

-- Posted by: mac at January 30, 2007 7:51 PM

I found this episode very weak and possibly the worst yet of Day 6. After the previous week's shock of seeing the man behind Day 5's entire dealings; Logan's master turning out to be Jack's brother, I was expecting a bit more, but instead some very poor acting. I know this Graem bloke was faking it, but "get all anal about it" and also the way Jack acts, you can tell so clearly sometimes, that its so scripted. by this i mean, lines are recited without any real acting behind it. "what we're doing is better than what your people are doing" graem said, instantly followed by, "what EXACTly are you doing" just did not come off very well. and this is infecting all characters. and finally, suddenly the tables turn and jack is taken hostage by his brother, some goon behind him is looking around while holding a gun to his head, kinda Lost style; shouldn't a captive be more forceful, taking more of a stance.typical weak ending though, jack just looking around some van thinking, arr heck. (yank tribute).
furthermore, CTU staff still constantly bitching between each other, non-stop. I'm just waiting for Jack to become main suspect (as per every other season) and become the hunted. the fact that he suddenly came back from China all F'd up and now is back in full swing is very weak also. its like nothing happened, he just came back and got on with it. im glad curtis has gone, he really was a drag, and my last gripe..wayne palmer as president-just does not fit.although logan took a whole season to accept, he fitted profile of a usa president. it still feels as if palmer is just hanging around as an advisor for logon or david P.
as a hardened 24 viewer, i can really see that day 6, so far (perhaps it will change) is just a seamless carry-on from day 5. straight back into it, boom, high alert. jack back, past forgotten. and now 24 more episodes of fk ups, mishaps, internal bitching, everyone holding their heads in their hands. the writers use every known terrorist plot in the world today, nerve gas, virus, nuclear & now suicide bombers. but the suicide bomber bit, didn;t last long. now its back to the nukes; they';ve got 1, boom. :(, arr heck they got 5 more. bummer. same old raz. now jack is running around looking for nukes. again. differnt though, cos these fit into a suitcase. budda bing. i know, 24 can be viewed as boring cos its the same, but u can say, if u love this fast paced, terrorist hunting jazz its wicked. but day 6 could have been done at a new angle, something more about jack and him in china, coming back, hiding away, then after 2 episodes perhaps, boom boom all over usa. but jack stepping off plane, and saying, lets do it, just erases the whole china thing, which ended so fantastically day 5 (the kidnapping). perhaps they will do Lost style flashbacks...Lost fails in that respect, and 24 will suffer from it IMO. each season since Day 1, takes at least 12 hrs to get any pace, but perhaps that is cos ur already 12 hrs in, one must just start to accept it as it is. opinions? Jim.

-- Posted by: James at January 31, 2007 3:36 AM

I agree. I think leaving out any follow up or even a LOST style flashback to Jack's stay in China was kinda weak. I also want to know what Palmer gave the Chinese to get him out of prison. The guy told Bill that Palmer paid a high price for Jack's release. Maybe that high price is going to come back and bite Palmer in the ass later on. Day 7 perhaps?

-- Posted by: Stacey at February 6, 2007 7:37 PM

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