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24: 4 AM - 5 AM - The Final Attack

Chloe O'BrienPreviously on 24: last hour's recap.

So Logan's not going to kill himself, thanks to the last-minute save from Miles. But when Jack finds out about this ... ooh ooh is he going to be upset. He doesn't have to wait too long, since the team is going to present the evidence to the Attorney General right away. When they go to prep the recording, they find out that it's not working. Karen freaks, Chloe freaks, and Jack freaks.

Chloe realizes that Miles came in, and Jack goes after him, knocking out a security guard and putting the strangle-hold on Miles. But Miles is on his way out -- at 4 AM -- to head over to the president's ranch, now that he's been upgraded. Karen has words for him and gives him a bitch slap, but nothing else eventful happens ... and Miles leaves.

Conveniently, the president calls Karen to ask about her call scheduled with the AG -- she tells him it's been cancelled and was a mistake. Logan says he's dropping the charges against Jack, since the "evidence" is not as strong as it was. Now the plan is just to off Jack whenever he leaves CTU.

Unsurprisingly, Bierko escapes from his completely unnecessary transfer, and he's got some nerve gas -- one canister.

At the ranch, Martha finds Aaron's cell phone, but no Aaron, who is actually in a stable getting the beat-down from Logan's goons. The prez comes in, asks Aaron to forget what he's heard -- besides, it's all hearsay anyway -- and Aaron tells him that he loves David Palmer, not him. Basically. So Logan leaves Aaron to be taken care of by a guard.

In order to find Bierko, CTU's gotta enlist the help of Henderson. Jack doesn't like it, but goes along with it. However, they don't offer him immunity -- basically, Jack will help him and wife Miriam disappear like he did from the Chinese. Henderson spews a classic line about hiding a little farther away from LA than Jack did. Yeah, good idea. He gives up some names, and Chloe finds that one of them just pulled a Tony Soprano "call on the pay phone" bit. Jack and Henderson head out to meet him.

Martha sees a car pulling up to the stables, follows it, and sees an agent trying to throw Aaron into the trunk. She intervenes, gets a gun pointed at her, and then Aaron attacks the agent. Martha grabs his gun and shoots the goon, killing him. Then Martha and Aaron make out. Well, they wish.

At Bierko's contact's house, Curtis gets his one line of the show: "You got it, Jack." Henderson goes in by himself to meet the contact, telling him to dump all his data onto a drive because CTU is outside. The team heads in, Jack shoots the contact, Curtis gets shot ("You shot me! You shot me in the arm!"), and Henderson surrenders. He tells Jack they shouldn't have come in because he was about to get all of the information decrypted and on a hard drive. Now they'll have to break the code. Robert Langdon, anyone?

Unsurprisingly, Chloe does break the encryption, and finds that Bierko's got documents on a Russian nuclear sub, parked in the port of Los Angeles (not seen since the classic end of Season One). And the sub's got NON-nuclear weapons on board.

Jack gets on the phone with the ranking US officer on the ship, who goes to secure the area. But when he lifts the hatch to see outside, Bierko pops him. They drop the last nerve gas canister in, shut the door, and then like 37 seconds later everyone on board is dead. Even Edgar lasted longer than those guys. Bierko and his goons head in, gas masks on, and get into the weapon computer system.

So, with two hours left, Jack will have to stop an armed sub and the president? That's a lot to ask of this guy.

Will he do it? Find out next week, same Bauer-channel, different Bauer-time (8 PM EST for a two-hour finale!). -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on May 17, 2006 12:11 PM
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Nice review...but I thought Henderson told Jack that the sub did NOT have nukes, just a certain type of missile that could cause significant damage to a number of city blocks. (I'm paraphrasing of course.) Oh well, it really doesn't matter since Jack will save the day anyway.

-- Posted by: JoePike at May 17, 2006 1:54 PM

Joe, you are right! My bad, non-nuclear it is. Thanks for the catch!

-- Posted by: junger at May 17, 2006 2:40 PM

great film and actors

All i have to say

-- Posted by: Hiwote Tadesse at June 14, 2006 12:32 PM

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