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24 Review: 3 AM - 4 AM: Finger on the Button

President LoganPreviously on 24: last hour's recap.

After last week's iffy episode, I was hoping that this hour would be better. It was definitely better than last week ... not the best hour, but it could have been worse. The quick analysis is that it wasn't really the story that was great -- it was the actors. Seeing Logan contemplate his own death, and really coming to terms with what he has been involved in, was powerful. And seeing Jack and Audrey together was nice, but let's not reveal everything up front.

When we last left off, Logan was planning on shooting down Jack's plane, which is on its way down back to the airport now that he's got the recording from the co-pilot. CTU is going to send a team (namely Curtis, who needs something to do) over to pick Jack up and get the recording. Before that, though, Curtis heads into CTU med and tells Audrey that her dad isn't dead -- he managed to survive his crash off the road. Miles wants to know why Bill and Chloe are back and working at CTU, but Karen won't tell her. He throws a tantrum.

Meanwhile, Logan's bald friend Graham says that they can fake a distress call from the plane -- one that means that the plane is hijacked and being used as a weapon against buildings -- and that the president will be compelled to shoot the plane down. No sooner does Mike Novick hear that a distress call is coming from the plane, and Logan fakes well not knowing what the exact code is, despite being told minutes earlier by Graham.

The two of them talk to a military guy ... who looks a lot like Tim Meadows ... who says that the plane needs to be shot down. Logan acts reluctant, but says it has to be done. Mike is worried, because he doesn't think Jack would use the plane to kill people. Karen finds out about the shoot-down order and tells Jack, who tells the co-pilot to start descending and asks Bill to find area suitable to land on.

The F-18 is on its way to shoot down Jack's plane, which is trying to land on a stretch of highway. The CGI here is just pretty bad, by the way. The military guy tells Logan that the plane is in a landing position, but Logan tells him to shoot it down anyway. Mike pleads with Logan to abort, and Logan finally does. The plane lands, almost crashing into an overpass. All of the passengers run out the back door, but Jack pulls open the emergency exit and runs.

Curtis and his car get to the plane and Jack hops in, but the car can't leave the area because of the marines blocking it off. Curtis sweet talks his way out of there, and they head back to CTU.

At the office, Miles really wants to be in the loop and know what is going on with Chloe and Bill. Karen can't hold him off for much longer, so she tells him everything that is going on. But they can't talk for too long, because Bierko (remember him?) is being transferred. Because it apparently makes sense for them to transfer him at 3 AM to a different facility. OK, away from an easy terrorist target like CTU, I can understand, but at 3 AM? They're just asking for trouble.

Bierko heads out of CTU and into a van, with a bunch of suspicious things going on, like the way he's looking at the driver. Something is going to happen, obviously. He's probably called in Marwan's goons for some help.

Now this is where Logan's acting gets good. As he deals with the fact that he is going to go down in flames, you can just see the emotion on his face. And it just gets better. He pulls down a box from his shelf, and inside -- not surprisingly -- is a gun. He's going to pop himself, and after a "I know we were right" conversation with Graham (who suggests the president off himself), you just know he's going to do it. It's a bold moment.

Jack and Curtis get to CTU, and after passing the recording off to Chloe, Jack goes to see Audrey. It's actually a pretty telling moment between the two ... good emotion, good dynamics. Almost as good as when Kim first came back.

After the commercial, Logan goes to say what-will-be his last goodbyes to Martha. She's still out of it, but that doesn't stop her from ripping into him, and their marriage. Logan leaves the room without saying goodbye. He pours himself a drink in his office, but before he can kill himself, the phone rings. It's Miles, saying that he'll take care of the recording, presumably in exchange for a favor or two later. Logan's obviously in favor of this, signs off on it, and then puts the gun away.

Miles goes into the situation room to bug Chloe, who doesn't realize that he's up to something ... namely, erasing the recording with some sort of magnetic device. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on May 9, 2006 6:12 PM
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Mile and President Logan need to burn. The ghost of Edgar Stiles should return to exact his revenge on those sniveling government fools.


-- Posted by: mac at May 10, 2006 2:27 PM

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