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24 Review: 1 AM - 2 AM: Hitting Rock Bottom

President LoganPreviously on 24: last week's recap.

Where are we: Henderson's got the evidence, Logan is still in charge and has asked Heller to resign, and Audrey is bleeding.

Okay, so Audrey's not dead, just very badly wounded. Jack helps clean her up a bit, and when Heller calls on one of his guys' cell phones, Jack gets all pissy at the Sec. of Defense for not doing what Jack said.

But they're still going after Henderson, with some help from Chloe, who is working at Bill's place, even though his computer sucks. Sir. She finds him not too far away from where Jack is -- which is odd because he had a head start. Henderson isn't destroying the evidence because he needs some leverage should Logan ever want to get rid of him -- like he did Walt Cummings. Oooh, so his death wasn't a suicide after all. Good stuff.

Jack manages to catch up with Henderson, smashing his car into some barn and starting a firefight. Henderson -- who is supposedly prepared for anything -- runs out of bullets. He can't run, cuz Jack still has bullets. But if Jack shoots him, then Heller will die. Huh? Apparently Heller is being tailed by Henderson's endless supply of goons in a black helicopter, and if he doesn't check in with them every 15 minutes, they'll kill Heller.

Chloe connects Jack to Heller's phone, who confirms that there is a helicopter following him. In fact, they've got a laser scope pointed on him -- which doesn't make any sense, since it isn't yet time for Henderson to check in, and those guys don't know that he has been caught. So basically they just gave up any chance they had at avoiding being seen ... being in a helicopter at 1 AM, and all. Right.

Heller doesn't want Jack to let Henderson go, but Jack gives in. Heller doesn't give him the option, though, and drives his car right off of a cliff and into the bottom of a lake. And that's the end of him. Jack gets pissed at Henderson when Heller kills himself, and Audrey -- who actually acted very well, IMHO -- gets understandably pissed, at wants Henderson dead. Jack doesn't, because Henderson isn't Ryan Chappelle.

Meanwhile, Logan's got a bald buddy, who seems to be telling him what to do. Now who is this guy? He says that Martha has to be taken care of, because Aaron was telling her secrets. Logan says he'll handle it.

Speaking of Martha, she wants to know what happened to Aaron, and the agents aren't telling her, but Logan wants to. So they take her into some sort of room, where she panics.

Chloe finds that Henderson dropped off the recording to some car, which headed back to the airport, before the party started. Jack heads back to the airport, while Curtis is on his way to rescue Audrey and take in Henderson, handcuffed and knocked out. Jack gives Audrey a gun and tells her not to talk to Henderson (which, of course, she does when he wakes up).

The CTU/Homeland folks figure out that Chloe is gone -- partially thanks to sexual harrassment Shari, who gives up that Chloe said Logan was in on it all. Karen is now starting to understand what is going on ... sort of.

Logan comes into the room where Martha is being held, and says that the guy who killed David Palmer worked for him. She obviously gets pretty upset, but won't say anything for the sake of the nation.

The bad guys mull over world domination again, with their Bluetooth headsets. The head Bluetooth guy talks to Logan on the phone, who says that Martha won't present a problem.

At the barn, Henderson wakes up and tries to rattle Audrey, telling her that her father could be alive. She should call someone on the phone to find out -- but she doesn't, knowing that Henderson's goons would pick up the call and find him. But they're almost there anyway -- and Curtis isn't -- so she runs, deciding not to kill Henderson. And then the goons actually get there, free Henderson, and chase Audrey, but Curtis arrives, kills the nameless guys, and captures Henderson,

Jack's at the airport, where Chloe tells him that a diplomatic flight is about to take off (at 2 AM?), and the only way he can get onto the runway is to jump on top of a fuel truck on it's way in. OK ...

After the break, Jack's hiding on another truck, when he calls Bill, who has been trying to stop the plane from leaving. He can't, and Chloe can't figure out who is onboard.

Annoying Miles has figured out that Chloe is logged onto CTU's system, and he tracks her to Bill's house. They get a team sent over there to pick her up. Meanwhile, Karen chats with Mike Novick, who says that weird things have been going on at the ranch. So Karen calls up Bill and gives him a heads up that Chloe is coming to be picked up.

Martha hits the bottle.

Jack disguises himself as a piece of luggage to get on board the plane. And that's what happened folks. Hope you liked the pictures throughout the recap.

In all seriousness, it was a pretty good episode. But I don't understand the plane thing. Who is on there? And why did the previews have it appear to be a regular old flight, at 2 AM, and the British car driving by? -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on April 24, 2006 10:29 PM
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With all the advanced technology, you'd think that Jack would have have made a copy of the recording by playing it on a third party's voicemail. Or Henderson could have recorded Logan say for 10th time, "this recording directly implicates me...."

-- Posted by: neuman212 at April 25, 2006 10:01 AM

Yeah! His PDA can blow up explosives, but he doesn't have a voice recorder on his cell phone? Even mine has one of those!

Or Chloe could probably figure out some way to do it. But then again, this is the 24-verse, so common sense can sometimes be thrown out the window.

-- Posted by: junger at April 25, 2006 10:04 AM

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