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24 Review: 11 PM - 12 AM: Mission Impossible

Chloe O'BrienPreviously on 24: last hour's recap.

So Logan's the bad guy. Or at least he's responsible for/complicit in a bunch of the stuff that has happened so far today. Alright, I don't know if I believe it, but I'm willing to see what they'll do with it.

Wayne, Jack Bauer, Evelyn and her daughter are all in the car (whose car is this? tangent: CTU's car insurance provider must hate Jack Bauer. Or love him, in a sick insurance-type way.) driving to retrieve the evidence showing Logan's involved, which is a recording of a phone call between Logan and Henderson. It's in a safe deposit box at a local bank, but before they get there, they pull over to a motel right off the road.

As Wayne heads into the motel to grab a room -- and the bank manager's home address (?) -- Jack calls up Audrey and tells her about Logan's involvement. He says that she's probably going to have to call her pops, the Secretary of Defense (woo-hoo!), and have him get involved in all this. Wayne gets a room at the motel, and they drag Evelyn, who has been shot, into the room. Jack plays doctor on her leg but she says she'll be fine, so he and Wayne head off to the manager's home.

Logan and Henderson chat about Evelyn, with Logan seeming both strong as well as following Henderson's lead. Over at CTU, Karen is starting to think that taking over CTU may not have been the best idea. But that thought gets interrupted when Logan calls for her, telling her that finding Jack Bauer is now their number one priority, since the prez has new information linking Bauer to the murder of David Palmer. Karen wants to know where the info has come from, but Logan doesn't say. Way to blow your cover, buddy.

Miles is pretty sure that Audrey will contact Jack when she finds out about the warrant, so he suggests tailing her. Audrey heads out to "get some sleep" and Karen has a tracker placed on her car so she can be followed.

Jack and Wayne hop over the fence at the bank manager's home, where Jack pulls out another miracle device from the Jackpack, which prevents their security system from going off. Wayne isn't keen on breaking in and taking the guy hostage, but Jack says that he probably wouldn't believe their story anyway. They get in, take the guy hostage, and tie up his wife with four neckties.

From her car (must be a rental, right?), Audrey calls up her dad -- Secretary Heller. Seeing this guy back on the show is great. William Devane is just a hardcore actor, and he plays Heller great. Sort of what old Jack Bauer might be like, but with a little more class. Anyway, he's on a plane on the way back from Japan, and Audrey asks him to stop in LA -- he's only an hour out -- because it's an emergency. He tells his assistant they're stopping in LA, and to keep it off the manifest.

Audrey stops at a gas station -- still open in the middle of martial law? with other customers? -- and fills up with her DoD Gold Card. Over the phone, Chloe tells her how to check for trackers, and she finds one on her tire. Doing her best secret agent spy thing, Audrey takes the tracker off and places it on some sort of utility truck. Gotcha, homeland fools!

At the ranch, Logan and Aaron are hanging out when VP Hammerhead wants to know about the warrant for Bauer. Logan tells Aaron to scram and tells Gardner the same junk about having new evidence linking Jack to Palmer's death. They almost come to blows, but Logan has to give a press conference ... at 11:30 at night. Which doesn't make any sense, since they should be giving one during the 11 'o clock news, not during Jay Leno.

At the motel, Evelyn's daughter goes to the bathroom to wash the blood off her hands and gets all emotional. She starts crying, and when Evelyn hears her, she tries to get up and walk over to the bathroom. Bad idea. She falls over and passes out. The daughter calls 911, where the 911 operator, obviously working with Henderson, makes the girl say the mom's full name over the phoneline, where it promptly gets picked up by Henderson.

After the break, Logan is giving the press conference, saying that the terrorism for the day is over. Aaron and Martha have another awkward moment inside. Jean Smart is just too good.

As Jack and Wayne pull up to the bank, Aaron calls Jack on his phone and tells him about the warrant. Jack says that the president is behind all of the day's events ... and you just have this feeling that Aaron isn't going to make it out of the ranch alive. We'll see what happens.

Inside the bank, the manager opens up the vault and all the necessary doors for Jack to get the evidence, but they have to wait five minutes for something or the other to happen. The manager recognizes Wayne, who has to divulge everything that's going on and why they took him hostage. The manager seems to be down with that, which really makes you wonder if they needed to take him hostage at all.

As the paramedics work on Evelyn, RoboCop busts down the motel room door and shoots them, making Evelyn tell him where Jack is. He then calls over to Logan, who is having a makeout session with his wife, who suddenly likes him again. Martha doesn't understand why things need to "get done" if the attacks are over, but Logan says it has something to do with his radio speech for the morning.

The Homeland peeps find Audrey on the satellite, and Chloe gets word from crazy Shari that the satellite priority is wacky.

At the bank, Jack gets the recording, which has Logan talking to Henderson about killing David Palmer. Logan didn't want Palmer murdered, but Henderson said it had to be done. Meanwhile, Henderson's boys show up outside the bank, and Jack identifies three of them using his JackScope, pulled from the neverending Jackpack. So they decide to trip the bank's silent alarm, which will cause the cops to come and a firefight to break out. They're going to try and make it out when everybody starts shooting.

And then ... it's Chloe time, Mission Impossible-style. What great music! It's totally out of place for 24 to have such "spy" music playing, but it's great. She goes into the server room to screw with the satellite that Miles and Karen are using to track Audrey.

When the picture starts getting filled with static, Miles notices Chloe is gone and rushes to the server room. But she's not there -- she's coming out of the bathroom. Miles wants to know what she's doing, and she snarks him with a line about filing a report.

As the cops come to the bank, a firefight does indeed break out, and the bank manager gets shot as the boys go outside. THey make it to a police car, but the manager dies as Jack and Wayne drive off. Jack calls up Audrey, who is waiting for her dad at the airport. And they talk about taking down the president of the United States ... an almost impossible mission. And the episode is over.

Overall, great episode. Story-of-the-hour with the bank, yes, but at least it advanced the plot in an interesting way.

I feel bad for the bank manager's wife. Her hubby is dead, and she's still tied up. Hope someone comes to rescue her. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on April 12, 2006 10:51 AM
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