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24 Review: 10 PM - 11 PM: The Man Behind the Curtain

President LoganPreviously on 24: last's hour's recap.

Surprise! Jack Bauer's not dead. In fact, he brings Bierko's body out of the rubble, and Curtis gets his two minutes of the show when Jack tells him to take Bierko into CTU. "Whatever you say, Jack." All of the nerve gas dissipated after the explosion, so we're all saved.

Now that the main story has been taken care of, something needs to happen for the next 8 hours and 57 minutes. Jack helps that plot change along, calling up Bill and telling him that he's pretty sure that Henderson is following a bigger horse. And Jack is scared. Boo-hoo.

Over at CTU, Karen tells VP Hammerhead that Homeland hasn't taken complete control yet -- and in fact, she realizes that CTU taking care of the nerve gas won't help their argument. Miles suggests that they get Audrey to sign a statement naming Bill as the guy who has screwed up the most (hello: Lynn McGill??) to get some leeway. Now that her torture session is over, Bill tells Audrey that Homeland is swallowing CTU, and she doesn't like it. Anymore than Jack's bimbo from this morning.

Henderson has obviously made it safely away from CTU, and he gets word that Wayne Palmer has made it away from the guys with rocket launchers. In fact, he's in the car with Aaron, and when they get back to the retreat, Wayne says that Evelyn, Martha's assistant, is his source.

Apparently, she'd been communicating with David about who is really behind the attacks. Long story short, Evelyn's daughter has been kidnapped by Henderson, and if she doesn't turn over the evidence she has pinning who is really behind everything, the girl will die. But she won't tell Wayne or Aaron what she knows until she gets her girl back.

Wayne calls up Jack to talk about the Evelyn situation. Jack thinks that Henderson is involved, so they decide to meet at a barn outside the city to make their plan.

Miles talks to Audrey about signing the statement, and after she reads over it, she says she would never sign it. Miles makes the point that the DoD would look bad if CTU wasn't specifically named, but she says she still won't sign it.

Jack calls up Audrey and tells her about the whole Wayne-Evelyn situation and says that he needs a satellite to cover where he's going, but Homeland Security is in the house, so it might be tough. Audrey tells him that VP Hammerhead is behind the overhaul, and Jack thinks that he may be the guy pulling Henderson's strings.

So what does Audrey do? She agrees to sign the statement, but only if Chloe can stay onboard under her wing. Karen agrees. Audrey signs it.

And yes, Henderson actually does have Evelyn's daughter, who apparently was spending the day with a terrorist babysitter, rather than at the ranch's play-room.

On their way out of the ranch, Aaron and Wayne run into Hammerhead. Wayne says that he was giving Aaron a memento from his president brother, but he's gotta jet because the body is being flown back to Washington. Hammerhead goes to Logan -- who has only had a few minutes of screen time in the past two eps -- to see if he knew that Wayne was there. Logan seems happy with Wayne's excuse.

Now that Homeland has taken over, pretty much everybody is getting canned, but Chloe isn't. When she finds out that Audrey is keeping her onboard -- and that Audrey had to sign that statement to make it so -- she gets upset, as does Bill, who will be taking all the blame. Bill grabs the Billpack -- the little brother to the Jackpack -- and leaves. Oh Bill -- we hope you'll be back.

Driving along, Evelyn gets a call from Henderson telling her where to meet to trade the evidence for the girl. Jack's on the line, so he tells Chloe to get the satellite ready at that location. Now here's what I don't get: what kind of evidence does Evelyn have? Obviously, it's got to be something physical, or else she can't trade it for her daughter (unless it's trading her life). But if it's something physical, either Evelyn doesn't know what it means (in which case she doesn't know who is really behind everything) or she'll still know who's in charge after she trades it away. So why does Henderson do this deal? Real life, he wouldn't.

Wayne and Evelyn make it to the barn and meet up with Jack, where Wayne (a former marine, we find out), wants to go and shoot the baddies holding Evelyn's girl. They set off to the plant where Henderson is, get there about one minute later, and start the op. Chloe gets the plant on satellite and helps Wayne and Jack take out a few baddies.

They're able to rescue Evelyn's daughter, but Henderson gets away. Jack wants to know if VP Hammerhead is behind everything, but Evelyn says no, and instead of telling us who is, we cut to Henderson on his phone. He's talking to his boss ... President Logan.

Now look, I've always been one to think that Logan is not as dumb as they make him out to be, but this seems a little silly. The guy's not evil, as far as I can tell.

What about the whole thing with Walt Cummings? It just seems so implausible. This whole really behind everything plot line can get a bit silly.

Sure, it makes sense that patriot Henderson will do whatever Logan says, but there's definitely an alterior motive here. I'm on the record saying that Logan's not a dummy, but a terrorist mastermind, and in the White House? Not even the writers of 24 would use that idea. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on April 3, 2006 10:01 PM
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I couldn't agree with you more. None of this makes any sense.

-- Posted by: Kelly Clarkson at April 4, 2006 1:07 PM

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