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24: Dennis Haysbert Not Happy with Day 5

David PalmerEveryone knows at this point -- and the 24 people love to remind us -- that in the 24-verse, no one is safe. Not even former president David Palmer, who was killed in the opening minutes of this season.

With all that he's given to the show, it's not surprising that Dennis Haysbert would be slightly upset about his character's demise, but he has some harsh words for the way the season has played out, says the Chicago Tribune.

Speaking of "24's" presidential types, the actor who played president David Palmer on the show, Dennis Haysbert, said in a recent interview that he’s unhappy with all the "carnage" this season on "24," which killed off many regular characters, including his.

"You have to constantly stunt to get people to watch, because every relationship that Jack has had, from Season 1, all those people are gone," said Haysbert, who added that he "just didn’t think it was right" to kill his character at the start of the current season. Removing so many characters, Haysbert says, creates "this man against the world thing, and it becomes a bit cartoonish, not plausible."

"At every turn, for better or for worse, the producers sought to destroy these relationships [that Bauer had], and consequently turn the show into something that it didn’t start out being. … I think it makes for a weaker show," Haysbert says.

"I'm frustrated for them,” Haysbert says of his former "24" colleagues. "I look at it and I go, 'My God, how many more people can you kill?'"

He's definitely got a point there, similar to my shock for the sake of shock gripe.

I want to give Haysbert the benefit of the doubt and think that's he's not bitter about his character getting killed (especially with the crappy storylines that he had toward the end of the his run), but I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

He's right about 24 being a relationship show. During the first season, it wasn't just Jack against the world ... it dealt a lot with family issues, whether it was the Bauers, Palmers or even the Drazens, and relationship issues at work. But now (especially with the evil Logan reveal) it's Jack vs. the world nearly all the time, with the exception of the Kim and Audrey episodes. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on April 10, 2006 12:57 PM
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my name is geoffrey, am 20 and living in Uganda- Africa. i love 24 because of alot of things that it really brings out to this new age. but am with Dennis on this one that signing off the ditto regular characters in David palmer, Michele, Edgar, and the others is it's self got alot suspense it leaves in 24 viewers around the world.
though i must tell David that he should not forget that the show 24 is roughly about that, "suspense" to the biggest percentage, so before we begin to complain about the out comes of this new season, lets just take one moment and let these extra-ordinary producers, directors and the entire 24 crew do what they do best.
for the record, i have not watched Day 5 yet, but am following it from this site, because see down here in UG we haven't got hold of the DVDs of day 5 yet, sad hah!thanks for 24!!!!!!!!!

-- Posted by: wabwire geoffrey at April 12, 2006 6:41 AM

I agree with Dennis out here, 24 should be renamed to "Jack Bauer" since in season 5 he is the only one who survives miraculously and the rest of the characters are killed. I was surprised Audrey & Chloe made it out in this season. David, Michelle, Tony and even poor Edgar!!! Give me a break. I was disappointed with season 5 especially with the dragging last 2 hours. The bierko escape was not at all required. Lets see how season 6 pans out.

-- Posted by: Renny Nanaiah at June 11, 2006 9:10 AM

I agree with what Dennis Haysbert said. They pretty much killed off my 3 favorite characters (other than Jack) in one season. Jack, Kim, Aaron, and Mike are just about the only people who have survived from season 1(other than minor characters who never returned). Hopefully season 6 won't have any more "suprises".

-- Posted by: Drake Babis at September 11, 2006 4:49 PM

If Dennis Haysbert new that Allstate Insurance is being prosecuted by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for the biggest age discrimination case in U.S. history, he would hang his head in shame.

October 20, 2006
Judge Says Jury Must Hear Age Bias Case Against Allstate

A federal district judge in St. Louis ruled yesterday that a jury must hear evidence on whether the Allstate Insurance Company discriminated against older insurance agents when it adopted a plan seven years ago to cut costs and streamline the company’s operations.

Allstate had been arguing for years that the case was groundless and should be dismissed.

In the decision, Federal District Judge E. Richard Webber said that lawyers for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had presented strong enough evidence of discrimination that “a reasonable jury could find” that Allstate violated anti-discrimination laws. He said that in arguing for a dismissal, Allstate had “not presented sufficient evidence to rebut this claim.”

The judge said that the government would have to prove in court that Allstate had acted improperly.

The judge did not set a date for a trial, but government lawyers said the timing of a trial could be part of a conference with both sides that he has scheduled for today.

Michael J. Trevino, a spokesman for Allstate, said that the company’s treatment of its agents was appropriate and legal. “We continue to believe our agent reorganization program was lawful and did not discriminate against any individual because of age or any other factor,” he said. “We’re disappointed with the judge’s ruling.”

Felix Miller, a senior trial lawyer for the E.E.O.C., said that government lawyers “fully expect to be able to prove” that Allstate’s policy was improper.

Allstate agents began complaining to the federal agency of age discrimination shortly after the company decided in 1999 to dismiss nearly 6,500 career agents and offer them jobs as independent contractors. The agents said that 94 percent of those dismissed were 40 years old or older.

The E.E.O.C. determined in September 2000 that the insurer had violated anti-discrimination laws by requiring those agents who chose to become independent contractors to sign a wavier promising that they would not sue the company. Employment lawyers said companies may require such waivers, but not as a condition of future employment. The agency said the waiver was a form of illegal retaliation.

Negotiations between the E.E.O.C. and Allstate over the compensation of the agents broke down and the agency filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the company in late 2001. The agents had already filed their own civil lawsuit in August of that year contending that Allstate had illegally stripped them of employee benefits and pushed them out because of their age. Allstate denied the assertions.

A federal judge in Philadelphia combined the two lawsuits, and that case is still pending. Two years ago the government agency filed the age discrimination lawsuit that Judge Webber ruled on yesterday.

Robert Johnson, the lawyer in charge of the E.E.O.C.’s St. Louis office, said the judge’s decision “was a landmark ruling in the development of age discrimination law.”

In an interview, Mr. Johnson said it was would be one of the first cases to go to trial after a United States Supreme Court decision last year that broadened the basis for age discrimination claims.

Copyright 2006 The New York Times Company

-- Posted by: Allstate Agent at October 21, 2006 1:40 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 9:06 PM

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