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24 Review: 12 AM - 1 AM: The Evidence

Audrey RainesPreviously on 24: last week's recap.

Where are we? Jack's got the recording. Heller is going to confront Logan about it. Henderson is still driving.

One of the things that's becoming obvious is that, even though Logan may officially be in charge, it looks more and more like Henderson is running the show. He bugs Logan for status checks on Bauer, and Logan continues to give away his involvement with his weird actions. One is checking in with CTU (Homeland Security?) every so often, pressuring them to find Jack.

Karen and Miles decide that if they can't find Audrey or Jack, they'll use Chloe to find them. And you just know she's going to make that face again.

Meanwhile, Jack Bauer and Wayne Palmer are driving in their cop car when they pull over to meet with Bill, who evidently had been contacted by Jack some time between the firefight and now to meet them. Jack has Bill take Wayne somewhere safe, and he heads over to Van Nuys to meet with Audrey and Heller.

Heller's plane lands and Audrey asks him to take a walk, when Jack comes rolling up to the runway. Heller's a little pissed about Jack getting involved with Audrey, especially since there is a warrant out for his arrest, but hey, he's already landed, so let's have crumpets. Jack plays the recording for Heller, who isn't surprised. He says he'll go see Logan about it.

Right after he leaves the building, Heller comes back inside and decks Jack. He doesn't want the evidence released in a way that the country will be destroyed politically, but says he'll get Logan to resign quietly. Audrey and Jack get tied up, and Heller goes on his way.

After the break, Chloe misses out on a meeting in the situation room, and asks sexual harrassment Shari why she wasn't invited. Shari says she can't say, but it has to do with her helping Audrey drop the tracer. Of course, Karen and Miles are listening in on their conversation, and when Chloe goes to call Audrey, she realizes she's been played, and is arrested.

When they find where Audrey is, Karen calls the president, who tells her not to let the CTU team pick her up -- he'll send the military. In actuality, he's sending Henderson and his never-ending supply of goons. Karen calls up Mike Novick, who we haven't seen for awhile, to inquire about Logan sending the military. He goes to talk to VP Hammerhead about it, who doesn't know why but trusts Logan's judgement. Ever the curious cat, Novick calls up a general to ask about the command -- there isn't one.

So he goes to confront Logan, who uses that "I'm the president!" line again, and says that he's having a special ops team pick up Jack to keep it off the books from the Chinese. Break.

At CTU, Chloe's in lock-up and Miles is asking her questions. She steals his keycard and manages to slip away, but not before getting caught by Shari. Chloe threatens to make her see a doc about her sexual harrassment thing if she rats on her.

At the ranch, Martha wants Chucky to come to bed, but she's interrupted by a call from Heller, who will be there in five minutes. He tells Martha it's some martial law/joint chiefs issue, so she heads out. He calls up Henderson, who is getting into one of those black helicopters that seem to be available anytime a bad guy needs one. He'll be at Van Nuys before the end of the hour, I bet.

Martha isn't happy with Logan's answer, and goes to talk to her love-bunny Aaron. He won't tell her exactly what is happening, but if she meets him at the stables, they can make love in the hay and then he will tell her.

Heller arrives, and confronts Logan about the recording. Logan admits to most of it, and Heller wants him to resign in time for the morning newscycle. He'll even get Hammerhead in the room so he can tell him first.

Chloe, using her spy skills, manages to get out of CTU and drive over to Bill's house. Wow, Bill has a nice house. So that's where my tax dollars are going. They go to set up a workstation so she can help Jack and Audrey. Bill rocks.

Outside of the ranch, Martha waits for Aaron by the stables, but he doesn't show. She calls his cell phone and hears ringing right by her. It's his phone ... on the ground. And it's the 24 fan line! Woo-hoo. Tangent: At this commercial break and after the show was over, I called the number like 10 times. Kept on getting a mailbox full message. Darn.

At Van Nuys, Jack manages to burn his restraints off using a hot pipe and then frees Audrey. Jack heads out and gets the recording from Heller's guy, but their party gets interrupted by the black helicopter. They shoot a bunch of goons, the detail guy gets killed, and Jack chases Henderson inside the building. He's got Audrey, who is bleeding pretty badly from her arm. Henderson trades Audrey for the recording and runs away, breaking into a car.

VP Hammerhead shows up in Logan's office wanting to know what the deal is. As he is about to tell Gardner, Logan gets a call from Henderson saying that he has the recording. Instead of announcing his resignation, Logan tells Hammerhead that he has asked Heller to step down because of some crazy theory about Logan being involved with everything that has happened. When Logan asks Heller for the evidence, he has none.

And then there are a ton of little boxes on the screen. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on April 18, 2006 1:36 PM
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Great review ! I'm still chuckling...

"we're gonna need a bigger boat "

-- Posted by: thinng at April 20, 2006 8:01 PM

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