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24 Review: 9 PM - 10 PM: Sleeping with the Enemy

Jack BauerPreviously on 24: last hour's recap.

Alright, now this is just silly. I'm normally willing to give the show a break when it comes to stretching the real-time concept, at least if they try and make it seem like an hour-long ride takes at least a commercial break, but come on. Collete tells Jack Bauer that Audrey passed the information on to her, the hour ends, everyone at CTU knows about it, and then Jack is back at CTU from the airport in a grand span of 7 minutes. Puh-lease.

In any case, Bill has Audrey taken into custody -- under Jack's orders, which is funny, since doesn't Jack not work for CTU? Or does he this hour? I can't remember -- and Chloe starts looking into Audrey's activities for the past 18 months. Jack doesn't want Burke to torture Audrey, but Karen from Homeland isn't keen on the former Nina Myers lover (that's Jack) interrogating another former lover. But Jack says that if Audrey is innocent, her poppy the Secretary of Defense will have her head ... so Jack gets 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, a couple of kids are beating each other up in the street, and some cops happen to stroll on by, instead of getting donuts. Turns out they're with Bierko, and a bunch of baddies hope out, pop the cops, and take their car. Now they've got a police escort for the nerve gas to be delivered.

As Jack prepares to talk to Audrey, Chloe tells him that she find some info saying that Audrey and Walt Cummings stayed together in a hotel in Maryland (my home state) ... and in the same room. Which has been confirmed by the hotel manager. Who apparently takes phone calls on immediate notice at 12 midnight and can recognize a couple of folks from quite a few months back. Maybe CTU should hire this guy for office security -- he'd never let any baddies inside.

Anyway, Jack talks to Audrey about knowing either Henderson or Cummings ... she says she has met Cummings before, but doesn't say that she ever slept with him. Jack forces her to admit to it, then he throws over the table and grabs her by the throat. He stops .. and ends the interrogation. However, Karen isn't happy, and is going to send Burke in anyway.

New girl Shari comes in to take Edgar's place, and it turns out that she and creepy Miles have a history -- she accused him of sexual harrasment when they both worked in San Francisco, and he was given a warning, but never found guilty.

When Jack finds out that Burke is going to handle Audrey, he goes ape and gets the tazer from some security guards (white shirts now, btw).

Henderson, who must have had a car waiting outside of CTU when he escaped, is driving somewhere. He gets a call from one of the guys after Wayne Palmer saying that the prez's brother is still alive. "Kill him!" or something to that effect.

Speaking of Wayne, Aaron hasn't heard from him, so he goes to look for him. You know how Tony was often referred to as Soul Patch for his facial hair? Aaron should officially be dubbed "Neck Patch" for his patch ... on his neck.

Convinced that Audrey is innocent, Jack and Chloe start looking for a way to break Collete's immunity deal ... written twenty odd minutes ago. On the floor, Miles and Shari have a spat, but Chloe stands up for the newbie.

Bierko and the boys show up at a gas distribution center, shoot a few guys, and get the manager to start lowering the PSI so that the nerve gas can be put into the system without getting nulled. He says it'll take an hour, at least thirty minutes. He's got 15 ... go.

In the woods, Wayne, with a big-ass gun, almost shoots Aaron. Then they run. Then they get fired at with a rocket launcher. Then they get in the car, and drive away. But Wayne's knocked out, so he can't tell us what he wants to say.

Jack and Chloe find that Henderson and Collete have talked a few times over the past few months, so the deal can be made null. Burke stops torturing Audrey, and Collete tells Jack the schematics were for a gas distribution center. But which one? Shari, the new girl, knows that the pressure has to be lowered so the nerve gas won't become inert, and Chloe's Googles that information to find which center Bierko is at. Buchanan thanks Shari with a tap on the ass -- OK, nothing more than a tap on the shoulder -- and she gets weirded out. And Chloe makes a face.

Jack and Audrey kiss. And it's weeeiiird ... Audrey's lips are just like ... weird. Actually, this is a paraphrase of what my wife said after the kiss.

Curtis shows up. Him and Jack head in a copter over to the gas center, where they find Bierko's guys and kill most of them. But not soon enough, as Bierko releases the nerve gas. All of the canisters. He runs, and Jack's only got one opportunity to stop the gas -- to blow up the pipes.

Seriously, Jack, you're not supposed to smoke at a gas station. Can you imagine what will happen if you try and blow up a gas center? He sets the bombs -- which apparently he keeps in his JackPack (coming to stores near you this fall) -- and runs. He sees Bierko trying to get away (tangent: Bierko is no Marwan. Marwan would have released the nerve gas, killed the Russian prez, made dinner AND killed Kim Bauer by now. Who did Bierko get? Edgar. And a hobbit.) and heads after him.

Jack and Bierko fight against a car, and then everything blows up. And the show is over.

Now, Jack's not dead, obviously. If he was, this death would be worse than Tony's. But they didn't show him at all in the previews ... which features the return of everyone's favorite character all the other characters love-to-hate ... Evelyn. Who is behind it all.

Just kidding about her being behind it all. Or am I? But seriously, what will they do for the next 9 hours now that all the nerve gas has been released? -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on March 28, 2006 6:17 PM
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