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24 Fodder

6 PM - 7 PM: Gassed

Edgar StilesPreviously on 24: last hour's recap.

It's the secound hour of a two-part evening, and while the first episode was pretty good, this one's a classic. For many reasons. The scary part is ... the episode could have been even better. But in classic 24 fashion, the hour can't take you exactly where you think it will. There have to have some surprises along the way.

Now that Bierko's baddie has finished off Lynn's skeezy sister and boyfriend, he's got to re-program the CTU keycard so that he can gain access. You'd think that CTU would have better security than just a simple keycard ... but nah. Apparently the million moles and attacks in the office over the past 5 days haven't taught them anything.

Speaking of CTU, Bill and Audrey chat it up with Logan, letting them know that Henderson is their only lead ... and then Kim Bauer shows up. Ooooh! Kim! We knew she'd be in this hour, but to show up so early ... classic. She and her weirdo psychologist/boyfriend are just hanging out, and Audrey doesn't know what to do.

She calls up Jack Bauer, who lets her tell Kim that he's alive. In the car, Henderson says that he and his wife have watched Kim and we find out that Chase left her. That dog. So Audrey goes to Kim (do we know if they've ever met before?) and tells her that Jack is alive. Her reaction is just kind of weird ... not excitement, not really upset, just there. Methinks her boyfriend has brainwashed her.

The vice president (Hal Gardner ... any Green Lantern fans out there?) has arrived at the ranch after Logan called for him, and he's proposing that they take pre-emptive action and declare martial law in LA, without Congressional approval. Mike's not down with that, but Logan considers it. Oooh, tension.

Jack arrives at CTU with Henderson, who apparently is involved with the nerve gas scene "for the good of the country." Bierko's baddie with Lynn's keycard also shows up at CTU, and checks right in. He also manages to bring in a briefcase without having it x-rayed or checked or anything. Come on. This is just silly. Even the guy who tried to kill Jack way back when had to get one of those lego-guns that can pass through the x-ray machine and be put together later. There's no way that the dumb guards at CTU thought that this guy was McGill and he just had his lunch in that briefcase.

Henderson gets set up to be tortured, truth-serumed, or whatever, when the moment we've been waiting for finally arrives. Jack goes to see Kim ... and it's not exactly what I thought would happen. It's a pretty awkward moment, and Kim in no way accepts Jack right away. She's pretty pissed that she wasn't told that he was alive. Her psych-boyfriend tries to interject, and we're all just cheering for Jack to pop him right then and there, but he doesn't, although the boyfriend does leave the room so they can talk.

While Bierko's baddie finds an air duct to release the nerve gas inside CTU, Tony wants to find out who was behind the attacks this morning, and Bill tells him that Christopher Henderson is somehow involved. Tony doesn't seem totally pissed, but tells Bill to get the bad guys and not let Henderson cut a deal.

Audrey has to interrupt Jack and Kim's reunion because Henderson is ready to be dealt with, and Jack tells Kim not to leave because he wants to tell her more. Audrey thinks that Kim's boyfriend is also her doctor, which is just a little weird.

Henderson won't talk at all, and is set to be tortured "for his country" or something like that. Jack's down with that, but it seems like he's not sure that Henderson will ever break.

At the ranch, Mike approaches Martha, who is outside smoking a cig, still pissed off about almost getting killed. He tells her that Logan needs her help, but she's not stupid ... Mike is up to something. He admits that he doesn't think VP Gardner's plan is a good one and that Martha can influence him otherwise. So Martha goes to see Logan and they have a chat about him being president and her being the first lady. And they make up. Sort of.

Carrie, the nameless tech who was fired a couple of weeks ago by Lynn, sees something weird on her system in the basement and tells Edgar. Actually, it's Bierko's baddie, who has shut down the air ventilation system. Edgar tells her to go check it out ... so she does. When she gets down to the basement, she sees the nerve gas canister, but she doesn't see Bierko's baddie, who kills her. Nice to know you Carrie! Bierko's baddie finishes arming the canister and sets it to go off ... surprise, surprise ... right before the episode will end.

Bill tells Lynn that his sister and her boyfriend's bodies were found killed by a professional. It's now that Lynn realizes the keycard missing is important, so he tells Bill. Chloe finds that Lynn's keycard was used to get into CTU not too long ago. They order a lockdown, and you know the shit is going to hit the fan. Jack's busy trying to get Henderson to talk when Bill tells him that there's a baddie inside CTU, and they've got him on camera.

Jack heads out after the guy, realizes that he's got a walkie-talkie (stolen from a now deceased guard), and tricks him into thinking he's safe. Of course, no one is safe around Jack Bauer, and the baddie gets shot after he realizes he's been played and tries to shoot Jack. Jack finds the countdown timer on him and realizes that there's nerve gas in the building. Bill orders an evacuation, and Edgar, who has gone to find Carrie, calls up Chloe to tell her that Carrie is dead. Chloe tells him to high-tail it out of there.

Everyone is running while Chloe is trying to find the rooms that can be locked down. Thankfully, the situation room can be. Henderson gets moved to a medical room that can be closed off. Jack, Chloe, Audrey, Bill, Kim, her psych-boyfriend and a couple of others make it into the situation room and lock it down. One woman gets stuck outside. And then another. And they're both dead.

And then... Edgar. He's on the floor walking to the situation room ... and then he keels over. And Chloe cries.

The episode ends with a silent countdown, and we've lost one of our favs ... Edgar Stiles. Great episode. Suprises, twists and gut-wrenching emotions. Sure, the reunion between Jack and Kim could have been better, but only better in the "we want them to be happy" sort of way. Not in the 24-way. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on March 6, 2006 10:18 PM
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Godspeed Edgar. Godspeed.

-- Posted by: mac at March 9, 2006 11:30 AM

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