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24 Fodder

5 PM - 6 PM: Containment

Tony AlmeidaPreviously on 24: last week's recap.

Tony Almeida is awake! But he wants to know about Michelle... so that will be pretty awkward. The doctor tells Bill to lie to him because the stress might kill him, so he does. And we feel bad for Tony, especially since he wants Michelle to know that he's okay.

The attack on the Suvarovs motorcade is getting cleaned up, when Martha spills the beans to Aaron... sort of. She says that Logan knew about the attack, but in her crazy mind you never know if Aaron believed her. He wants to know why Logan would let an attack happen, and Marty is just shocked. They're about to get picked up by a chopper to head back to the ranch.

One of Bierko's baddies is on his way to "purchase" Lynn's keycard from skeezy sister and her boyfriend. Yeah, like they'll make it out alive.

Jack Bauer calls up CTU on his way out from Omicron and tells them that Henderson is involved and just tried to blow him up. Chloe finds out that some hard drive info is being sent to Henderson's home computer from Omicron, and Jack says he'll go to Henderson's home by himself, since Robocop thinks Jack is dead. Henderson's driving in his car and calls up Buenos Aires to get access to his safe deposit box.

Curtis finds a blueprint of some building's ventilation system on the body of one of the terrorists, with a timestamp of 18:00. The analysts get right on trying to match it up with buildings in the area.

Thanks to his Wolverine-level healing factor, Tony unplugs himself from his IV and wanders around to try and find some news on Michelle. The side of his face is pretty burned, but other than that, he's doing pretty good. Until he logs on to the computer and searches for Michelle's name ... and comes up with a DECEASED notice. Bill and the doctor come in just as Tony sees the screen and try to calm him.

The Suvarovs and Marty and Aaron arrive back at the ranch, and Martha's po'ed at her hubby... again. Of course, this time she almost died, so it's pretty understandable. But to top it off, the Russian prez has some questions for Logan, mainly about Martha's behavior. Logan tells him that she's got depression and he lets it slide.

Lynn wants to make a phone call and has to ask Bill for permission. He says it's a personal issue, and Bill can check out the number if need be, but Bill says he doesn't need to. He calls up his sister and tells her he needs his keycard, but her boyfriend is going to sell it to Bierko's baddie for all the coke in the world, or at least as much as $20k can buy.

Evelyn (!) won't let the prez in to see Martha, since she doesn't want to have visitors, especially not him. Damn you Evelyn, always causing problems for everyone.

Edgar matches the ventilation blueprint to a hospital and they are told to evacuate. But it may be too late, since another one of Bierko's baddies is dressed as an orderly and putting a canister underneath a stretcher. Curtis heads over to the hospital with a crew.

Jack gets to the Henderson house, where he sees Henderson's wife Miriam. Somewhat taking her hostage, he tries to extract information from her, but she doesn't know anything. Jack sits down at the computer to try and find something.

Aaron appears in Martha's room, per her request. She thanks him for saving her life, and then the two hold hands. Mike walks in and sees this, and Aaron is in hot water, but swears that nothing happened and it meant nothing.

Bierko's evil orderly sees Curtis and the CTU crew arrive at the hospital and block the entrances to the sub-basement, but Bierko tells him where to find another entrance down there. And he can't chicken out, since the distraction has to work.

At CTU, Bierko is finally identified. The Russian intelligence databases point to him as a financier and most likely point-caller of the attacks.

Chloe finds a shadow drive on Henderson's computer with some phone numbers on it. But it's password protected, and Miriam doesn't know (or won't tell Jack) the password.

At the hospital, the head security guy points out an orderly on camera that no one knows, and Edgar IDs him as a hostile, so Curtis heads after him. Evil orderly is already in the basement and has armed the nerve gas canister. He's about to get away when Curtis shoots him. They find the nerve gas and call in the chemical response team to handle it. They don't want to move it, since it could be rigged to go off upon movement.

Meanwhile, Henderson comes home and gets a pistol-whip from Jack. Miriam doesn't believe he's doing anything bad, so Jack has her look inside his suitcase, which contains a lot of cash money. She gets a little upset, but Henderson won't talk, so Jack shoots his wife in the leg ... and he still won't talk. Bring 'em in to CTU!

Curtis finds a timer with one minute left on the body of the baddie, and since they don't have time to deactivate the canister, they decide to run with it all the way to the containment area in the CTU truck. They make it just in time and ecure the nerve gas.

Bierko's other baddie is hanging with Lynn's sister and skeezy boyfriend. Well, actually, they're tied up and getting shot in the back of the head. And having the keycard taken.

And there's still one more action-packed hour. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on March 6, 2006 10:01 PM
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