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24 Fodder

4 PM - 5 PM: Firestarters

Chloe O'BrienPreviously on 24: last week's recap.

This week on 24: Martha is up to her shenanigans again. The prez doesn't know that she and Aaron are in the Suvarov's limo, but that won't last long. What he (and Mike) do know is where Bierko's guys will attack the limo, which everyone seems to know (it must be those bloggers!). And then he finds out that Martha is in the car ... uh oh ... and calls her up in the limo-phone. It's mostly a one-sided conversation, with Logan getting upset and trying to figure out a way for Martha to get out of the car, but she won't have any of it, despite obviously being nervous about the situation. He doesn't want to stop the motorcade, because then the Suvarovs will know something is happening and then Bierko won't kill them and release the gas.

At CTU, Lynn's breakdown is continuing. He wants Edgar to tell him what is happening with Audrey (who wants to meet Edgar in the server room) and then starts getting loud and saying that he wants everything that is happening mirrored to his system (he must have a pretty good computer to handle everything that is happening at CTU).

Chloe and Audrey meet up in a server room I don't think we've ever seen before, where Audrey calls Jack, who is on his way to Omicron. Nosy as ever, she wants to know about Jack Bauer and Christopher Henderson, the senior VP of Omicron. Henderson recruited Jack to CTU, but Jack when led the investigation against some CTU folks who were dirty (see season one for some details), Henderson was named but never found guilty of being bad. So they aren't exactly on good terms.

In the limo, Martha's getting more nervous and asks Aaron if there have been any changes to their route to the airport. The Suvarovs (and Aaron) think the question is a little weird, but then again, so is Martha.

After the break, Lynn fires Carrie, a never-seen-before CTU worker who actually gets her 15 seconds of fame (like Howard Bern!). Now we know what Spenser was talking about way back when (remember Spenser?). When he sees that Chloe isn't at her desk, Lynn goes looking for her and finds her with Audrey. He gets pissed, but Audrey says she has Chloe working on some DoD assignment. Lynn lets it slip, but barely. She's actually just put Jack into the Omicron system so he can enter the building.

Jack arrives at Omicron and has to get thumb scanned upon his arrival. Do they do this for everyone? The UPS guy? The guy delivering Chinese for lunch? He heads over to Henderson's office, where his secretary is in the way. Take her out, Jack! Guess not. He gets Audrey to call the secretary away from her desk, and then slips into Henderson's office, where he promptly gets zapped by a stun gun. Henderson gives Jack some smelling salts and grabs his gun, and then they have tea and crumpets, talking about old times and how Henderson didn't really think Jack was dead.

Apparently, no one seems to know that it was nerve gas released at the mall, and Henderson is surprised to find out that it was from his company. He swears he didn't have any involvement in it and says he'll help Jack out. They're going to head across campus to where the nerve gas was developed.

Edgar sees a lot of chatter on the NSA channels about a possible attack on the Suvarov's route to the airport, but when he and Chloe go to tell Lynn about it, Lynn will have none of it. Curtis suggests that Lynn do something, but even he can't convince Samwise. Then Audrey tries to say something, but you just know he isn't going to listen to her.

So she gathers Chloe and Edgar because, for some reason, official notices to the Secret Service have to come thru Lynn. So Chloe's going to hack into his system and Edgar will cover for her. Now is she not the daughter of the Secretary of Defense? Why not just call dad and have him notify them? Or why not just call them yourself? This is a really implausible scenario for what needs to be done.

Audrey catches up with Curtis and asks him to invoke Section 112, which would declare Lynn mentally unfit to lead. And since Bill's locked up, Curtis is second-in-command and can do it. He seems pretty cautious about taking those measures, so we'll see what happens.

At the ranch, it's decision-making time. And Logan ... well, we know he isn't very good at doing that. But he seems to come to the conclusion that, if he doesn't want innocents to be killed (wait... didn't he want that a couple hours ago?), Martha will have to die. He asks Mike to pray with him, and Mike is a bit nervous at first, but the two get on their knees and pray.

Lynn has Edgar's and Chloe's systems shut down and brings in the red-shirts to take them into custody, but Curtis defends them. The red-shirts are ordered to take down Curtis, but he threatens taking his gun out, and they halt. Curtis invokes Section 112 and relieves Lynn of his duty under. He orders that Bill be released from custody and put back in charge. After the break, Bill is out and they notify the Secret Service about the attack on the Suvarovs. And then they call Logan ... who just doesn't know what to do. He doesn't respond when told of the threat, and Mike covers it up, saying that he's speechless because Martha is in the limo.

In the car, Aaron gets word of the attack and orders the motorcade high-tail it, but it's too late. Two of the cops on bikes get taken out, and a guy with an over-the-shoulder rocket launcher takes out the front of the limo. Martha and the Suvarovs cower, and Aaron... is Aaron dead? Holy shit. They killed Aaron! OK, thankfully he's still alive, and has just enough to fire a couple rounds into the baddies trying to shoot into the bullet-proof glass of the limo. And the guy who has the massive flamethrower! Where do you get one of those?

Tangent: If Aaron was to die, I think that there would be more uproar from the show's fans than any other character, save maybe Chloe. Thoughts?

The police arrive at the scene pretty quickly and inform Logan that Martha and the Suvarovs are alive, but shaken. But Bierko's gonna be pissed...

Meanwhile, after the longest walk ever across the campus of Omicron, Jack and Henderson arrive at the bunker where the nerve gas was developed. They're chit-chatting about Henderson being dirty, and he says that he was framed... maybe by Nina Myers! or George Mason! What a shout-out to long-time 24 watchers. Anyway, they pull up a computer file about the scientists who worked on the nerve gas, and they all apparently died under mysterious circumstances. Jack wants to upload the info to CTU, but Henderson says a tech is needed, so he goes out to grab someone from IT. Weird...

Jack picks up the phone to call over to CTU, but the line is dead. And so is the other phone in the room. Oh shit. Something's happening. Jack is getting played. The door's locked, and there's a notebook bomb (take that, suitcase bomb. Notebook bombs are the iPod nano of portable bombs) sitting on the table. Henderson's outside, on the phone with some woman (Tina Myers?) saying that CTU won't be able to pin the nerve gas on them. And Jack'll be dead in a minute anyway. Oh, how little you know Mr. Bauer.

Using his ingenious intellect, Jack puts the notebook bomb in between two of the doors, pushes some file cabinets up against the doors, and then hides in a convenient hole in the ground. Henderson detonates the bomb from his car, driving away from the scene. Jack makes it out, alive. You so smart.

And Logan gets a call from Bierko, who isn't too happy that the Suvarovs weren't killed. People are going to die. And next week, they'll have even more time to kill, since it's a two-hour block. With Tony! And Kim! For real! -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on March 3, 2006 11:57 AM
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This is the first time I've ever visited this site. Good job on the plot points for the episodes.

I'm glad to see that Tony's going to be back --- I was beginning to think they had just forgotten he was there.

-- Posted by: Agent0042 at February 28, 2006 4:31 PM

I would have paid good money to see Curtis pistol-whip Samwise.

-- Posted by: mac at February 28, 2006 11:07 PM

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