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24 Review: 8 PM - 9 PM: Bring In the Cavalry

Audrey RainesPreviously on 24: last hour's recap.

Yep, Tony is dead. And Carlos Bernard gets yet another starring credit where he does nothing in the episode, except having his body covered up. And Henderson's out of CTU, a miracle escape in about 2 minutes. For a guy who was in a coma ... seven minutes ago ... he's in pretty good shape. So that lead is probably gone (but will probably come back).

However, there is a new lead (I'm feeling a story-of-the-hour coming on...), since Chloe was able to decrypt a file from Henderson's computer (presumably not the ones that were supposed to take a day to break) with a name ... Collette Stenger, aka Bierko's girl from last week. Apparently she's an intelligence broker who has met with Bierko a couple times in the past so many months. Interpol's got her at a local hotel, so Jack Bauer and Curtis head out to the hotel.

Logan's about to make a press statement to declare martial law in LA. Martha's still not down with it, and tells him that VP Gardner just wants it to happen so he can be the party's nominee for prez in the next election. Logan doesn't buy it, and makes the press statement.

The Homeland Security peeps, Karen and Miles, show up at CTU. They're really taking over, but don't tell the CTU folks that. Miles is looking for a workstation and asks Chloe if Edgar is using his ... ouch. Low blow, punk. Second low blow: he takes Chloe's keycard because they now outrank CTU. Double ouch.

Aaron gets a call from Wayne Palmer (!) about meeting him to share some information from the former prez. Wayne is my favorite supporting cast member. Just thought I would share that. Aaron agrees to meet Wayne at the ranch, but he thinks it is kind of weird. For a guy who played a big role in Season 3, and then wasn't mentioned at all in Season 4, it's great to see Wayne in the mix. And it really brings back the scandal-ridden Palmer family. If only Keith and Nicole showed up ... because every other Palmer is dead.

Collette heads out of the hotel to go meet Bierko and tells her boytoy Theo to meet her at the airport in 45 minutes. Sure, she may not be an average person, but it always amazes me how the idiotic public on 24 always has time for shopping, camping, clubbing and getting it on on days where the shit has hit the fan. Wouldn't you be watching your TV nonstop if 1) a former president had been assassinated (finally) 2) gunmen held up hostages at an airport 3) a high-ranking White House official died 4) people died at a mall from some unknown agent 5) a hospital was evacuated because of a terrorist threat 6) a visiting president was almost murdered in a missile attack 7) a bomb exploded a bunker at a major defense contractor .. and that's only what the public knows! Anyway, off my soapbox.

Bill figures out that Homeland Security isn't there to help CTU out, but to take it over. He gives in, but doesn't tell Audrey why the newbies are acting so aggressive.

Jack and Curtis arrive at Collette's hotel, where her room is empty. But she may have gone up to the roof, so they head up there, only to find that her boytoy Theo is in fact German intelligence undercover tracking her. Jack explains Collette's importance to him, but Theo won't give up her location or where he is meeting her because it will jeopardize his mission. So they head downstairs for a drink.

The folks at CTU have been told that the Germans won't make Theo talk, so Jack is left to play the "I don't work for CTU" card again. He tells Curtis to leave them alone together, but no, he won't torture him. Instead, Jack offers him the WET list, which has information about every known terrorist the US is tracking and Germany wants, in exchange for Collette. He agrees to the deal, but Chloe has to get it first.

Chloe manages to get her keycard back through the old spill-the-coffee-on-the-prick trick, making Miles leave Edgar's desk and pout all the way to the bathroom, then backdoors into the NSA's server and gets the list. She sends it to Jack, who will trade the list as soon as they get Collette. They head over to the airport, where the meet is supposed to happen in about 10 minutes. Good thing the Germans make fast cars.

Collette, driving a nice red Lexus hardtop convertible, gets to Bierko's location. He pays Collette her money, and then gets the schematics to some as-of-yet-still-unknown building. They pack up and head to a different base to launch the next attack.

VP Gardner is in control, or so he says. Wayne wants to make it through the blockade by the ranch (that is at least 20 miles away ... you'll see in a second) and it needs to be approved. Gardner approves it, and Wayne drives on through.

Jack and Theo are hanging out in the airport parking lot, waiting to trap Collette. But he gets a phone call from CTU -- Karen, Miles and Bill won't let him give up the WET list, but on speaker phone, Jack tells them it's the only way to save the people's lives. Collette pulls up, Theo hops out and goes over to her, and then Jack and Curtis and the crew move in to take Collette. Theo drives off with the WET list on a memory card.

In the car, Theo's about to upload the list to his German buddies (NINA MYERS??) when the memory card ... yes, the memory card ... blows up. Well, there goes that. Jack calls ... good timing ... to apologize for rigging it -- straight out of Inspector Gadget, I must say ("This memory card will self-destruct, in 20 seconds") -- and that he'll help rebuild the investigation.

Curtis tells Jack that Collette doesn't have any info on her, and apparently she was only a broker. She doesn't know what she was passing along besides schematics because they were encrypted. She does, however, know who wanted her to pass along the info to Bierko, and she'll tell Jack for full immunity. They start the process.

10 minutes later, Wayne's still driving. I thought the service road would be close to the ranch? Guess not. Suddenly, a van pulls out of nowhere and baddies shoot out Wayne's tires. His car flies into a ditch, he gets out and runs in a sewer alley. Guys with guns follow.

Collette gets her immunity and reveals who gave her the information to pass on ... Audrey Raines.

Alright, that was a good ending. Wayne Palmer kicks ass, and Audrey is actually a little interesting now.

Also, if the Spider-Man villian Hammerhead was being cast for a future Spidey film, I nominate Hal Gardner.

Question: is Curtis not Jack Bauer's bitch? Everytime Jack says jump, Curtis says "How high?" I mean, I would listen to Jack too, especially if he clubbed me earlier today, but seriously, the writers always make Curtis Jack's bitch. Where's Aisha Tyler when you need a Curtis subplot? -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on March 20, 2006 10:02 PM
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Has anyone noticed that the German intelligence guy is Desmond from Lost. By far and away the two best shows on TV. The others would be scared shitless by Jack. Not sure about Mr. Eko

-- Posted by: Denny Crane at March 21, 2006 12:10 AM

A Lost-24 crossover would be beautiful. Just imagine a Jack-Eko showdown. Oh ... my.

BTW, this was my favorite episode of the season. The Audrey twist was beautiful.

-- Posted by: mac at March 21, 2006 12:24 AM

Audrey can't be dirty...there's got to be another explanation!

Agent Rez's 24 Fanfiction

-- Posted by: AgentRez at March 21, 2006 2:18 AM

Agreed, Mac - the Audrey twist was awesome! Never saw that coming AT ALL. I loved seeing Jack choke her in the previews for next week. I've never been an Audrey fan, so this will be great fun. ;)

Speaking of a 24/Lost tie-in (loved seeing Desmond - so THAT'S where he went!), I was reading a story about 'Prison Break' yesterday, and the cast of that show loves 'Lost'. They think, for their series finale, that they should come up some kind of tunnel in the prison, and pop up out of a hatch into the jungle on 'Lost'. LOL! That's actually a cool idea!

-- Posted by: Sher at March 21, 2006 10:29 AM

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