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What Will Jack Do Tomorrow?

Making phone calls If it isn't mourning the loss of his wife, finding out who tried to kill the president, crying, or hiding forever, then Jack Bauer is catching up on his sleep and making a hell of a lot of apologectic phone calls to good people he's beat up (necessarily) on the day after ... well, today.

The Christian Science Monitor has a great list of what Jack's tomorrow looks like. Some of my favs:

11 a.m. Paperwork. Jack has, in the previous 28 hours, destroyed approximately $10 million worth of civilian property (vehicles, mostly); you had better believe there are forms that need filling out.

3 p.m. Awkward apologetic phone calls to various people he attacked, beat up, or threatened yesterday who turned out to be entirely innocent.

4 p.m. More awkward phone calls. There were a lot of people.

6 p.m. Orders Chinese food for dinner. A slight problem arises when Jack believes that the deliveryman is actually an assassin sent by the Chinese Embassy. Mental note made for another awkward phone call for tomorrow.

7 p.m. Gets spruced up for date with beautiful woman he met at 5 p.m. yesterday, during hostage crisis.

Gotta love it. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on February 2, 2006 1:35 PM
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