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24 Fodder

Movie Decision Coming Soon

Day 1 CastThere's been a lot of news going around recently about a possible 24 movie, but I'm having trouble confirming whether or not it is green-lighted, or the plans are just being made as to when it would be done, etc.

CinemaBlend is saying that the plan is to shoot the movie after Season 5 is done, but before shooting Season 6. But executive producer Howard Gordon says that nothing has been finalized.

But Gordon isn’t sure if it’s happening yet. He’s still waiting on a decision from Fox. He doesn’t even say if they have a script. Instead, he says, "I wouldn't put stock in anything just yet, but I think there will be news in short order."
My thing about a movie version is that they'd really have to come up with something creative to make it work. Making it not real-time definitely loses one of the best aspects of the show, but a two-hour terrorist threat is silly.

What might work best is if they back-up the series some and either make a prequel to the show set sometime before Season 1, or had a really good in-between seasons story, sort of like the video game. Doing a prequel to Season 1 would be classic. They could bring back Nina, Teri, Kim, DP, Tony, etc.

How about 24: Operation Nightfall? That would be awesome. And wouldn't have to adhere to the real-time aspects. We could even bring back Victor Drazen. And Stephen Saunders. Ooh, ooh, and Mandy.

Oh, 24, sign me up now. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on February 3, 2006 9:06 AM
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3+ hour films are popular at the moment, alot could be done in that time frame.

-- Posted by: Tom at February 4, 2006 12:50 PM

Sure, three-hour long movies aren't as rare as they used to be, but you've got to think about the audience of this movie: we're not used to an entire season wrapped up in three hours. It just wouldn't be realistic, and it wouldn't have all the twists, turns and surprises that we're used to with 24. If they take the plot of the movie out of the "general continuity" of the show, then they don't need the real-time format.

For example, we already know what has happened with Operation Nightfall, but we don't know how it happened. Could be pretty interesting.

-- Posted by: junger at February 6, 2006 9:43 AM

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