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Jean Smart Talks Martha, Jack Bauer and ... Plot Twists

smart.jpgI have to admit: before this season of 24, I'd never heard of Jean Smart. I was never a fan of Frasier, and I never watched Designing Women. But so far this season, I'm understanding why so many people were happy when word came out that she was joining the cast.

The Washington Post has this AP story covering the inspiration for the character and where Martha will be going the rest of the day. Smart says that if the character is going to be killed (they're currently shooting the 17th and 18th episodes, and she's made it that far), she wants to take out folks with her.

"I just hope if she goes, she goes in a real big way and takes a few people with her," Smart laughs, noting her teenage son, Connor, is "disappointed I haven't shot anybody yet."
The story also reveals that the producers' influence for the character was Martha Mitchell.
The troubled and troublesome Martha Logan has been compared to Martha Mitchell, the outspoken wife of Nixon-era attorney general John Mitchell, who was trashed as delusional for not keeping her mouth shut during the Watergate scandal.

Although the producers acknowledge that influence, Smart says it didn't really figure into her interpretation.

On her separation from working with Kiefer so far, Martha leaves it up to our imagination what would happen if Jack Bauer showed up in her bedroom.
Maybe Martha will at least get to talk to Bauer on the phone?

"I'd love to. You never know," Smart says.

Or if logistics allow, maybe he'll burst into her bedroom?

"Oh, Wow," Smart grins. "Don't tease me."

The real kicker of the story, however, has nothing to do with Jean or Martha. Apparently a bunch of what happens during the day is going to be undone or re-focused, according to co-executive producer Howard Gordon.
In fact, the following day, co-executive producer Howard Gordon announced the writing team had just come up with "something that actually reverses very much where we were going."

He explained they're re-scripting the final four episodes because "what's wonderful about this show is the end usually lies somewhere that's not in the obvious places."

Could this be the ever-elusive death of Jack? Or maybe the return of David Palmer? I doubt it ... but you never know. -- Jason Unger (I was just about to type "Jack Bauer." Keep dreaming)

Posted by Jason on February 15, 2006 10:46 AM
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