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Dennis Haysbert Talks Politics, David Palmer

haysbert.jpgDennis Haysbert spoke before the Congressional Black Caucus Wednesday night, according to the Washington Post, talking about things that, well, a president (or presidential candidate) might discuss.

And as he took the podium for a Q&A at a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner Wednesday, he fielded the kinds of questions you'd expect to go to a candidate -- prison reform, voting rights, drug rehabilitation -- and he was more than prepared to answer.

"I'm very pro-military," he said in that deep and reassuring rumble. "I don't like the way they're deployed."

The article says that people come up to him on the street and identify him as President Palmer and ask him to considering running for office.

In terms of his death this year, Haysbert says that Palmer is definitely dead ... unless the writers of Dallas have anything to say about it: "Oh yeah," he said sadly. "Unless it turns out Jack Bauer is just having a dream." -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on February 10, 2006 9:13 AM
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