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Day 5 Casting Round-Up


It's no surprise that Kim will be showing up this season (more precisely, tonight), but USA Today has a round-up of some of the other actors making an appearance or two.

And the one that just made my day: William Devane will be back as the kick-ass Secretary of Defense James Heller, formerly Jack Bauer's boss.

Also showing up will be another former kick-ass law enforcer: RoboCop. No, really. Peter Weller will be playing a "now-defected" counterterrorism agent. What that means I don't know, but it sounds like he could be hanging out on the other side of the tracks now, along with Vladimir Bierko, most likely the main villian behind the day (see below).

Other actors/characters mentioned in the story include:

•C. Thomas Howell. In the '80s, he was Ponyboy in The Outsiders and starred as a white guy posing black in Soul Man. Now he's Kim's friend whose training as a therapist comes in handy at CTU.

•Ray Wise. Now seen on the big screen in GoodNight, and Good Luck, he'll portray the vice president.

•Julian Sands. The British actor shows up as billionaire villain Vladimir Bierko.

One name missing from this list is Kim's beau, Chase. Will he show up, too?

And no, Dina Araz is not coming back. -- Jason Unger

Okay, so obviously Kim didn't come back during the 2 PM hour, like the USA Today article mentions. Newsday is reporting that she'll appear "within the next month" ... and that's apparently straight from Fox.

Within the next month is obviously vague enough that it could mean next week or in three weeks. So we dumb 24 bloggers will continue to say "tonight's the night for Kim!" every week.

Posted by Jason on February 13, 2006 10:43 AM
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