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Chloe Talks Her New Flick "Firewall"

Mary Lynn Rajskub and Harrison FordMary Lynn Rajskub is only lucky girl. Not only does she get to work with Jack Bauer, but also with Indiana Jones. Kick ass.

Mary Lynn talks about her new movie Firewall in an interview with IGN. I won't bore you with all the other stuff, but here's the 24-related news: she thinks she might have actually gotten the role in the movie because of being Chloe.

RAJSKUB: ... I had asked the director [Richard Loncraine] if he had seen 24, because I thought maybe that might help me get the job. He said, "No, but my kids have. They watch it. They told me that you were on it."

IGNFF: Perhaps it was his kids that helped change his mind?

RAJSKUB: It was. He said they said, "She's so cool, you have to have her!" That makes me so self conscious to hear that. I mean, I don't see myself as being that cool. It's sort of embarrassing, but girls and people see something like that in Chloe.

The movie looks interesting -- something about Indy having to break into a bank to steal some money under duress -- but here's my thing. I don't know if I'll be able to watch Chloe play someone other than ... Chloe.

Sort of like whenever I see Kiefer in a movie, I just expect him to be a total badass and start taking names. Anyone else have this problem? -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on February 8, 2006 9:24 AM
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