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24 Fodder

Waiting For the First 10 Minutes

Jack BauerYou know how in the promos for Day 5, Fox has been saying that the first ten minutes of the season are going to be explosive? I think it's fair to say that it's not just marketing shtick: the show has a history of intense openings, with the torture scenes in Days 1 and 2, the infected body dropped off in Day 3, and the train crash in Day 4.

Rick Kushman, writing in the Sacramento Bee, says that the first 10 minutes of the season are the "best start to 24 ever."

You know those ads for Fox's "24" that say this is the wildest, most adrenaline-laced season yet? And they say don't miss the first 10 minutes?

They're right. Actually, they undersell it. Seriously. Best start to "24" ever.

I've been trying to keep myself spoiler-free regarding the season (which is fairly difficult considering I'm blogging about the show), but I do know that this season will be more Jack-centric, hopefully more of a return to Day 1's focus than Day 4's constantly-sending-Jack-into-the-field routine. And that's confirmed by executive producer Howard Gordon, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.
"I can tell you that this year, we've actually decided to go smaller with the story line as compared to last season," Gordon says. "We'll see a collision between Jack's former self and his current self. And he'll be at the center of the action as opposed to on the outside looking in as he has the past few seasons."
I'm anxiously waiting. -- Jason

Posted by Jason on January 12, 2006 8:39 AM
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