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Kim Raver to Film Flick with Ben Stiller

Audrey RainesKim Raver, who plays Jack's former girlfriend Audrey Raines, will be starring alongside Ben Stiller and Carla Gugino in an upcoming flick, "Night at the Museum," slated for a holiday release, reports Reuters/Hollywood Reporter.

The 20th Century Fox project centers on a goodhearted but bumbling security guard (Stiller) who works at a natural history museum, where he accidentally trips an ancient curse that causes the creatures on display to come to life. Raver will play the ex-wife of Stiller's character.
I don't really have anything amusing to say about this, but for Kim's sake, let's hope this movie is more Zoolander and less Starsky & Hutch. -- Jason
Posted by Jason on January 18, 2006 12:27 PM
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Carla Gugino? She is cute, but she is the kiss of death. Maybe that's just on TV though. After all, Spy Kids was a success... and Ben Stiller is usually a big winner at the box office.

-- Posted by: Rachel at January 18, 2006 8:45 PM

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