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24 Fodder

How Do You 24?

Kiefer SutherlandEveryone addicted to 24 has their own viewing habits and quirks. For me, the lights have to be off. If the lights are on, I'm not nearly as zoned in as I could be. I also require ample space to stand up, pace around, and basically embaress myself around anyone watching the show with me for the first time.

New York Newsday profiles how 26-year-old public relations executive Ryan Silbert and his buddies watch the show, with their "Jack Bauer Power Hour."

Now, about 20 "24" addicts hunker down on the floor of his apartment for good fun, food, drink and TV watching. One of Silbert's good buddies, James Pincow, 26, an importer of specialty foods, has been along on the "24" ride since the beginning and does the lion's share of the food prep.

"We're the only people who don't mind Sunday nights and going back to work on Monday because we know '24' is on."

But don't be late to the gig warns Pincow. "We're pretty serious about it. After 9, the door does not get answered. Phones are turned off, and bathroom breaks are allowed only during commercials."

As for the menu, it's an elaborate affair, especially for the premiere. A sampling: Homeland Security Salad. Mixed greens, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes with Asiago Caesar dressing

Cruise Missile Asparagus. Asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon and grilled with olive oil

Jack Bauer Mussel Power. Steamed mussels in a traditional Asian chile-cilantro broth with risotto

That sounds a little fancier than the chips or cookies I'm normally eating, but maybe I'll ask my wife to start making Homeland Security Salad.

How do you 24? Let me know either by email or, even better, post a comment below! -- Jason

Posted by Jason on January 11, 2006 11:26 AM
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