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Chloe Talks Edgar, Love, and Lord of the Rings

ChloeMary Lynn Rajskub, who plays our favorite analyst with a personality disorder, talks about Day 5 and her upcoming work in an interview with TV Guide. Not so much to note in this interview, but we do find out a few things.


Rajskub: Well, I do start in the field in the first couple episodes, and I have a hot boyfriend, and I do get some gun action early on.

You know you were waiting for that Chloe-Edgar kiss last season, and it just never happened. She talks about that too. Now, now. Do you know about the Chloe-Edgar fans out there?
Rajskub: What are they doing? I guess a few folks want you two kids to hook up. Me, I don't. Dude is so not worthy.
Rajskub: Thank you very much. I think he's worthy, I just think that would kind of ruin it. I like that people are even thinking that's a possibility, but for me, I see it like we are actually friends, even though I'm totally mean to him all the time. But that's only because I want him to be better. I watch out for him. He's not going to still be whining about Ma getting killed last season by the melted-down nuclear reactor, is he?
Rajskub: No, I think he's learned to live with it.

On her new co-worker this year, Sean Astin (aka Rudy of the shire), Mary Lynn dishes a bit. From where you sit, who is the most interesting new character this season?
Rajskub: You know who I've been working a lot with lately is Sean Astin, because he's done a lot of stuff with us in the CTU. I thought that was really interesting casting because he looks kind of boyish, and they cast him to be the top authority over [CTU director] Bill Buchanan, who is an older man and very authoritative. All of the sudden this young guy comes in during the middle of this crisis, and they gave him the name Lynn McGill, so we're all like, "Who is this guy?" I love how they sort of cast against type like that. I couldn't believe it when I saw they named this new hot shot "Lynn."
Rajskub: I love that! For being such a serious show, there are little moments like that. "We're going to put a guy named Lynn in charge of everybody!" Does Sean regale you with bawdy Lord of the Rings backstage anecdotes?
Rajskub: He doesn't really talk about it that much — and nobody really asks him. You haven't even seen any of the Lord of the Rings, have you! To be fair, I haven't; they're all just so damn long.
Rajskub: I couldn't agree with you more. They're really long!

Oh Chloe, how we love thee. -- Jason

Posted by Jason on January 13, 2006 8:27 AM
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