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Cast Chats About Bathroom Breaks, Nixon and ... Chloe

Chloe and JackKiefer, Tony, Chloe and Logan all made appearances at Tuesday's winter meeting of the Television Critics Association, talking about the future of the show, what scenes hit the cutting room floor, and Chloe as an "acquired taste," as recapped in The StarPhoenix. Most of the interview is the same old spiel, the character is developing, they'll do it as long as they can, blah blah blah, but here's a great gem that I (and many others) would love to see.

Sutherland insists that, despite appearance, Jack Bauer does take time out of his busy day to do the things everyone else does during the course of a day.

"In every year, I have eaten at least once and (the producers) cut it out. I even used the bathroom once. And they cut that out. And I've fallen asleep, too, in every scene. I've been sitting in a surveillance car and fallen asleep. They cut that out. You really need to take that up with the producers. We've tried.''

I've never seen this in the deleted scenes on the DVDs! Maybe Season 5 should have a blooper reel with all of these scenes in it. That'd be classic.

Gregory Itzin, the man who currently sits in the Oval Office (at least in the 24-verse), talks a bit about comparisons to Richard Nixon, and even if he's modeling the character after the former prez.

"The Nixon thing is just genetics," Itzin says. "The receding hairline sort of plays into it."
Itzin has not looked to any real Washington, D.C., figures for inspiration, he says.

"I'm not modeling myself after anyone. When I was first approached, they said they weren't sure where the character was going. I gave them choices from semi-strong leader of men to abject coward, and they always kept writing for the coward.

"I suppose it's a luxury to think about parallels to leaders of the past. I know that when I do something (like) this" - he holds up his arms - "it's sort of reminiscent of this'' - he holds up his arms and forms the "V" sign with his fingers - "but that's not really intentional. That's just genetics again."

He sure does act like the guy.

And finally, what interview could be complete without some awkwardness from Chloe.

24 producer Howard Gordon said, in the beginning, Chloe was "kind of an acquired taste."

Rajskub says that in this, 24's fifth season, her third, she is finally coming into her own.

"I'm on fire," Rajskub said, in a toneless voice so devoid of emotion it's hard to tell if she's kidding or acting in character. "On-screen and off-screen. I'm getting guys after me. I'm attracted to guys. And guns. I mean, I wasn't brought up that way. But . . . I feel good. I'm getting in touch with my anger, as well. I think that'll be big this year."

Classic Chloe. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on January 19, 2006 8:03 AM
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