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24 Fodder

9 AM - 10 AM: Blown Away

Derek HuxleyAfter the two-hour premiere Sunday night, they hit us again with two more hours. As much as I love 24 (and I really do), I don't know if I can dedicate two hours a night to it. So while the four hour premiere was great, I'm happy for it to go on a weekly schedule. OK, maybe if they played it a few nights a week, or one hour every night...

In the 9 AM hour, the airport is the place to be. Diane's outside and can't get inside the terminal to find Derek, but she wants to tell CTU about her life with Jack, how they met, his favorite dinner, etc. Inside the terminal, the terrorists kill a hostage who tries to make a phone call, and then they take away everybody's phones and pagers and decide to open up a Radio Shack. Jack's hanging around in Chevensky's office, when some of the bad guys come in looking for their contact. They can't find him (I thought his body was lying there?), and when they leave the room, Jack hops up on a luggage rack, removes the ceiling piece, and crawls around in the air ducts.

The head terrorista Beresch calls a cop outside, telling him that they're wearing explosive vests, so don't come in! I don't know how he got the cop's cell phone number -- is there a special good guy/bad guy phone book that us normal folks don't know about? I always wondered that. At CTU, they decide to lower the security level around the summit since the Russian prez landed safely, but then they get a call that a body was found where Chloe previously said -- it's Palmer's assassin's body. Then the phone rings... it's Jack. He tells Bill that he's inside the airport and that gunmen are holding hostages, demanding that Logan do what they say. Jack can provide intel to CTU, but Bill won't have any of it, telling Jack to leave. Of course, Bill gives in (Jack is always right), and Jack sends photos of the terrorists from his cell phone, which may as well be a real high-tech camera, since the pictures are so clear. Sprint must love 24. Anyway, Jack asks Bill to watch out for Derek and Diane, and we get that shot of Audrey looking confused (another woman? nooo).

Down at the ranch, Mike and Walt (bad guy!) grab Logan from his chat with the Russian prez to tell him about the situation at the airport, which they think has something to do with the summit. Well, Walt knows what it has do to with... but he won't tell. Bastard. At CTU, Edgar and all are having a problem figuring out how to identify the terrorists from the pictures taken by Jack's cell phone. Save us, Chloe, save us! So she gets released to help. That was a pretty quick time in lock-up. They figure out who Beresch is -- something to do with a former Soviet state -- while he appears in a video demanding that the summit is called off. Logan gets po'ed at the request and tells anyone who will listen to take care of the problem.

Curtis and the CTU crew arrive at the airport, where he meets Diane, who tells them that Derek is inside. Jack overhears this and grabs his trusty binoculars (why does he carry these? is he secretly a voyeur?) and pinpoints Derek in the crowd of hostages. He feels crappy that Derek is in the crowd, and promises Diane he'll get him out. Meanwhile, Bill's talking to Logan, who is adament that the situation be resolved before the signing of the treaty. Chloe gets Beresch's phone number from his call to the police officer, and Bill drunk dials him. OK, it wasn't a drunk dial, but he wants to cut a deal with Beresch. As you can probably imagine, the bad guy says no, and hangs up. Maybe they should sic the Crank Yankers on him.

Beresch grabs a hostage and blows him away on camera for all to see. Apparently the digital camera they have also has is connected to some sort of wireless device, which can upload the film instantaneously (sorry, this is the tech-geek talking). I'd like to find out where they get one of those -- that'd be a great birthday present. Beresch then grabs Derek from out of the crowd and threatens to blow him away in 15 minutes if Logan doesn't call off the summit. Diane sees the feed on the mobile car booth thing and gets upset, and Jack wants Curtis and his team to bust in as soon as possible to save Derek. Good going Jack. Maybe it's time for a commercial.

Back from the break, the First Lady is getting all worked up about today's events, and she's sure that they have something to do with Palmer's call to her. She tells her assistant Evelyn to cover for her while she tries to figure out where her medication is (or, how the Palmer call was altered cough Walt cough). Jack rings up CTU and surprisingly gets connected to Chloe (apparently, Jack has yet to figure out that it doesn't matter how illegal the things are that you do, they always still need you at CTU.. which is odd considering Jack's history, but whatever). He sends a pic of one of the bad guys' vests and they realize there is a remote detonation device on it, so Chloe starts looking for the model and frequency so Jack can set it off with his mighty cell phone. Spenser helps, knowing he won't get any nookie if he doesn't.

Aaron, our favorite Secret Service guy, goes to get the First Lady for an appearance, but she's gone, trying to find out how to get into the archive room to find a transcript of David Palmer's call to her. She goes into the men's room, interrupting a guy who is taking a leak. She wants his security card to get into the archive room, and she threatens to scream as she unbuttons her shirt if he won't give her the card. He does. She leaves.

CTU's not ready to go in for the attack yet, and Beresch calls up Bill giving him one more chance. As he gets ready to kill Derek, Chloe and Spenser figure out the detonator info, and Jack blows up one of the terrorists, causing some panic. Bill lectures Jack about blowing up bad guys, gives him one of those disappointed parent looks, and then they move on. Then Bill tells Logan about the explosion, why it happened, etc. and Walt hears that Jack is inside the airport providing intel to CTU. Uh oh...

Aaron finds the First Lady in the archive room and takes her out, but not before she gets what she wanted -- a printed transcript of Palmer's call to her. Walt calls big-bad guy Nathanson to tell him that Jack is inside providing intel, and then finds out that Martha was in the archive room (oops). Just as Curtis's team is about to barge in, Beresch gets the news and sends a really loud noise to Jack's phone. Curtis calls off the op, and Beresch gets on the loudspeaker, calling for Jack to come out come out wherever he is, or Derek is dead. Jack shows, and instead of killing him, they take him hostage. Bad idea terrorists... if you want to take Jack out, do it when you have the chance. Don't give him another minute to breathe, or else he will get you. He always does. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on January 23, 2006 7:40 PM
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