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24 Fodder

10 AM - 11 AM: Signed, Sealed and ... Canisters?

Lynn McGillIt's the final episode of the four episode premiere, and the one where you just know stuff is going to go down. Let's hop right in.

Last time on 24, Jack had just surrendered to Beresch and his crew, coming down from the air ducts to save Derek's life. CTU can't reach Jack, so the rescue op has to be called off and thought over. Beresch wants to know what CTU's rescue plan is, and Jack tells him so that Derek won't be shot. Beresch says that Logan is "weak" and can't handle the loss of innocent life, so he'll have to cave into the demands. In the "that would never happen in real life" moment, Beresch decides not to kill Derek and instead blows away another hostage on camera ... but not the first guy that one of his goonies grabs... interesting.

Logan, watching the murder unfold on the feed, considers pushing off the summit, but interestingly, Walt says not to. In another area of the ranch, Martha hides the transcript of the Palmer call in her bra, hoping to tell her hubby about it after the signing of the treaty. Rudy of the shire (Lynn Mcgill) shows up at CTU from District, acting all power-trippy, telling Buchanan to call him Mr. McGill and taking Bill's office. You know they don't want us to like him right off the bat... but I've got a feeling about this guy. If he can lead Frodo all the way to Mordor, then he's good in my book.

Beresch wants Jack to call CTU and revise the rescue op so the bad guys will be ready to gun down the good guys when they barge in. But Jack's in a flank-2 position, I repeat, a flank-2 position. Come on Bill, I noticed this right away, can't you figure it out? Lynn wants to go over the operation before it goes down, calling Bill up to his (whose his?) office.

Mike tells Logan that CTU has been in contact with Jack and that the operation will go down, but the prez is still a bit unsure of it all. He tells the Russian prez that an operation is close to being mounted at the airport, and that the treaty signing will happen. Walt gets all tough-faced with Martha's assistant Evelyn about what the First Lady has been doing, and tells her that if "sensitive security documents" are lost or stolen, it'll basically be all Evelyn's fault. She caves in and tells Walt that the transcript is in the First Lady's shirt. Or blouse. Whatever women call their shirts. The summit starts, but Logan and the team are trying to stretch out their speeches so that the rescue op will happen before the treaty is signed. He even talks about the hostage situation, and Bill wants them to stretch out everything before the signing even more, but Mike says no way, Billy boy.

Meanwhile, Lynn has a lot of questions for Bill, mostly about the revised attack plan. They definitely set this character up to be someone who can't handle the 24-verse. He takes his time doing things, can't make snap decisions, and likes to dot all the i's and cross all the t's. We'll see how his character changes over the course of the season. Lynn wants to take a look at the phone transcripts from Jack and see if there's anything fishy. Bill lets him, mostly it seems to get him out of the way. Turns out that Lynn fires most of the people who work for him. At least that's what Chloe's boytoy Spenser says.

At the airport, the bad guys find Chevensky's body and take a keycard off of him. One of the terrorists passes the card to a hostage -- the hostage that Beresch earlier said not to bring over to kill -- which Jack notices. The guy is a man in a yellow tie, not to be confused with the man in the yellow hat. Jack's cell phone rings, and its Curtis letting him know that CTU is ready to move in, and they are waiting for the go-ahead. Jack is forced to tell them to go, repeating he's in a flank-2 position. Lynn comes rushing down from Bill's office, telling them to call off the op and explaining that flank-2 is an older code for being under duress.

Beresch and the baddies wait for CTU to detonate a wall and barge in, so when they don't, Beresch gets nervous and makes Jack call CTU to find out what's happening. Buchanan says there's a malfunction with the explosives, but the op'll happen soon. Meanwhile, Logan and Russian prez sign the treaty, and big-bad guy Nathanson calls Beresch to tell him to kill all the hostages. CTU busts in from a side entrance but explodes the previously mentioned wall, causing all the baddies to shoot into open space. Curtis and crew take out the terrorists, and Jack manages to break off his handcuffs, grab a gun, and get in on the fun. He notices Beresch about to pop himself, so he shoots him in the hand to keep him alive. But that doesn't stop him from blowing up a nearby vest, killing himself. No big loss, I guess.

The gang is able to secure the terminal, and Jack and Derek have a moment together and embrace in a loving hug. It seems like so far this season is all about moments, especially with Jack. What's the deal? Logan announces the success of the operation to the press -- which seems a bit pre-mature, especially since you never know what could happen. Whatever, Logan basks in the glory for a moment, but then after leaving the stage, he meets up with Martha, who wants to tell him about the transcript. He doesn't want to have his moment ruined, so he says they'll talk about it later.

Back at CTU, Lynn and Bill have a moment, too, but Lynn still wants Jack brought in as a suspect in Palmer's murder. Curtis goes to bring him in, when Jack tells him about the man with the yellow tie who was given the keycard. Curtis says he'll look into it, while the yellow tie man shows up at some sort of warehouse near the airport where he meets up with a few of his compadres, climbs into a big pit with a big box, slides in the keycard and studies a bunch of canisters in the box. They get checked for radioativity, then they start taking them out. He gives a ring to Nathanson to let him know that everything is going according to the plan.

Bad guy Walt (it always seems to end with him, doesn't it?) sneaks up on Martha, covering her mouth with some chloroform and taking the transcript from her. This dude is one bad guy, isn't he? You'd think they'd do background checks on these people, but apparently they don't. Guess that's what you get. -- Jason Unger

Posted by Jason on January 24, 2006 2:30 PM
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Sure As Shooting an interesting read and hugely interpreted perceptiveness.

-- Posted by: Debt Consolidation at April 6, 2009 1:53 PM

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