Please don't cancel...

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The official first week of the fall season is over. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty wiped -- and I haven't even caught up with my DVR. This season, I've managed to take on more new TV shows than any season in recent memory. That said, I know it's only a matter of time before one of the networks rips my heart from my chest and pulls the plug. While I still can, I would like to put in my pleas for the following shows...

Please don't cancel...

How the show even squeaked by its first season is beyond me. It's not a show that I planned to enjoy, but yes, I look forward to every week. The cast is incredibly talented, which means it has to be a boatload of money to produce. Last season, NBC also ran episodes on Saturdays, which may have helped out the show's viewership. I know it really helped me to keep up. This season, not so much. Also weird that it's sandwiched after two hours of The Biggest Loser.

The Event
Apparently, I am the only person that enjoyed this pilot. However, since I'm really the only person whose happiness I care about (OK -- there are a few others), I need this show to stay on the air. I understand that it was overhyped, and NBC is even giving the show the coveted second-run spot on Saturday nights. Maybe people will actually tune in. I hope so, because, I really need to see where it's going. Jason Ritter, Blair Underwood and the last 30 minutes of the pilot have me intrigued. I'm hanging in NBC. Please do me the same courtesy.

The Good Guys
The mustache commands your respect. Also, are there two more likable leads? Fox seems to be burying this show where no one can find it. They did that to another Hanks when the show was called Bosom Buddies. Wonder whatever happened to that guy...

One of the guys from The Shield has managed to create the least-watched original show FX has had in a long while. The show isn't as gritty, but there's something about it that's very entertaining. Then again, I will watch Donal Logue in anything. The guy is fan-f'ing-tastic. Many know him from Grounded for Life. He was also in an awesome flick called The Tao of Steve. The short-lived show The Knights of Prosperity was also a gem -- that no one watched.

Are there any new (or returning) shows that you fear getting the axe? Sound off below.

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