Comic Books Promote 'The Event'

© NBC/Mario Perez  

One of the shows I am really looking forward to this fall is The Event. C'mon NBC; redeem thyself!

The show has an extremely likable cast, featuring Jason Ritter, Blair Underwood and Laura Innes. Ritter plays Sean Walker, a man investigating the disappearance of his girlfriend. Instead, he discovers a global conspiracy, which intertwines a ton of interesting characters.

To help push the show, NBC has announced a partnership with DC Comics, which will produce six digital comic books, available through the DC Comics App. Now, they won't be comics based on the show, but will follow the whole "event" theme.

"In the comic book world, an 'event comic' signifies a storyline so big that its repercussions can be felt across multiple books for years to come. Event titles like Identity Crisis and Final Crisis were among the most requested comics when we launched our digital comics app," said Steve Rotterdam, senior VP of sales & marketing at DC Comics. "We're thrilled that NBC's promotion provides fans with the chance to discover or re-discover our past events, while anticipation builds for The Event's premiere."

Starting September 6th, look for Event-related promotions in the following titles:

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths
  • Identity Crisis
  • Infinite Crisis
  • 52 # 1
  • Final Crisis # 1
  • Blackest Night 0

The titles are all freebies, assuming you have that app. The Event kicks off Monday, September 20 at 9:00 p.m. (EST) on NBC.

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